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time for the part where I enjoy some superficial shit in my life, but really….. when you get older, nothing really matters anymore.
the jewelry and bling? yeah it’s luxury shit, superficial, but 1. that’s my job, that’s my grind. I love it, but I’m not ONLY about that. this blog is my/our lifestyle that the jewelry game has afforded us to be blessed to do when I’m not posting pics of our custom made swag. 2. there is a lot of emotion and love that goes into giving someone some jewelry sometimes….

anyways; you get to an age where, it’s only about your family and real true loved ones, as you grow older you will grow apart from people. (do you remember my bit on fake homies?) ok, well when you get married, it’s you 2 against the world! when you have a kid, it’s not about you at all anymore…. it all about the child and making sure you take part as a good parent and worry about your kid being a decent person in society….. so if and when you can enjoy some of the finer things that hard work can pay for. DO IT!

I’m not poppin bottles like I used to, I’m not even spending money like I used to. I keep contemplating on copping another crazy whip, but eh, fuck it. I ordered the new body 991 porsche carrera S and that’s good enough for me…. the 7, the panamera is already OD to some, but calmer than my “myspace” days….

so a friend of mine needed to use my car because he wanted to be low key but be in luxury…. and the panamera is still being fixed…. and he’s NOT driving the prius. so I been whipping around the phantom drophead for the past couple days. It’s been 3 years since I sold my 4 door phantom and it’s nice, BUT only for a few days out of the month, this is NOT a car I want to drive everyday. in almost 4 years, I barely put 3000 miles a year on my Rolls.

there couldn’t be 2 more polar opposites in cars, let alone sedans.
1 is a 7 liter V12 and the other a 98 horsepower 1.8 liter.
but that shit gets 50 + mpg and the Rolls gets 7 or 8 in the city!
every so often though, you gotta just roll out and drive around with no destination. fuck what gas costs, real shit. I drove to the beach, down crenshaw…. but really, I know Nic don’t even like or care about that shit. She’s a porsche/bmw type woman and of course she likes the Prius, but I think I like it a bit more. lol

77 degrees in LA yesterday, top down, mashing down the 10 west bumping Makaveli and The Weeknd

there were video shoots this week that I missed, so called hot parties that I missed out on and some shows from the newest hot rapper, etc…
but I chilled with my lady and my fam, I don’t give a shit about those parties…. BUT if and when I actually do step out of the house, then I’m gonna make sure I have a good time, but really this picture above is what I live for…. a nice ass meal in a nice ass restaurant with an ocean front view with the love of my life and IN MY CITY… oh yeah, sippin some Perrier Jouet with my lunch don’t hurt either #salute

I also saw 4 movies in the past week, here’s my ratings on them
tower heist – 7 out of 10
50/50 – 8 out of 10
In Time – 6.8 out of 10
and last night I watched “Like Crazy” (super indy hipster emo love story) and I give that a 8.4 out of 10
but again, that’s what we love to do…. watch movies! that and chillin with my big homey Cartoon this week(he gives me motivation always to be better in life, as a man and just being better in everything)… exchanging crazy stories with my boys from Worldstar in a fancy ass fucking hotel while drinking freshly squeezed juice and some Rose eating some room service, fucking with jewels and talking shit….. chilling with my wife in bed and watching whatever the fuck we want on cable or whatever we want to order. After a hard day at work and after killing some baked crab hand rolls from Koi

in the meantime…. even though it doesn’t matter

what should I do with all this? lol
you know damn well all of that is being drank, drunk, gurped(bay)
it was just a fresh ass picture so I had to post it haha

I used to worry about Dolce Gabbana fits and other shit, I just don’t give a fuck. My diamond supply and KR3W denim is all good…. I have a few nice suits that I wear on rare occasion and that is beyond good enough for me. I don’t care about the latest kicks so much anymore, if I’m out and I see something I like, I cop, if not, Supra or Vans sends it to me (yes I have to be humble and know that I’m very fortunate. I’m thankful)

all people see is the flossing….. but the crazy thing is? I’m barely flossing. If I really wanted to be the tiny dick dude, It’d be on like a casino in las vegas. this shit I post on here is real life and what I can’t or don’t post on here? shitttt, it’d be like, OK, now you’re just being a super dicknose (I will never ever use the other D word that only true busters use)

sucker for love? naw, hopeless romantic? maybe. but if you don’t have some kind of love in your life, then you missed it. these fancy ass pictures are just some shit to get your attention. eating good is no fun if you have nobody that you love to share that with.

remember, I sent out a tweet yesterday that said “just having access is a privilege” that shit is true life… i.e. knowing someone powerful or famous and having access to ask him for some knowledge, NOT MONEY is priceless. really though, if you are famous and aren’t rich, what the fuck are you doing with your life? You have a million followers on twitter but can’t pay your rent? wait RENT? WTF? exactly…. you’re best friends with a famous rapper so you’re on now? DO SOMETHING WITH THAT RELATIONSHIP DUNCE! because fuck the fame, make money so you and your fam can live comfortably without any extra struggle…. shit is chess! not checkers, you are not going to waste a huge relationship over some punk ass small change…. People thought I sold pics to TMZ, like really? are you fucking kidding me? do you know how many pics would be out there then? There ain’t a price you can put on my friendships with these people I know and work with…. know your position! it takes years, decades, maybe a lifetime to just gain “access” to certain things. I have some nice materialistic things, yeah? cool. nobody cares except the thirst buckets…. what I’m saying is that I have a powerful blog. it took a long time to build and get to where I am right now and I’m not even up at a level that is unreachable. I just know that many people read this blog daily, weekly, monthly…. so I try to make it worthwhile. but I also know that having access to your eyes and ears means, I can’t abuse it. power is nothing without control. I check myself everyday so I don’t become off balanced.

peace and enjoy your weekend!


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