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Friday, I had a ton of work to finish and I’ve been busy like an idiot, otherwise I woulda shot out to Seattle for the Sea Fair with my homiez out there. I’ve only hit Seattle twice this year, but need to spend more time out there as that’s where 4 of my big clients reside at the moment.

I got it in with my family this weekend; honestly unless it’s a funeral, I swear I never see my cousins (other side of the family, the jewish/mixed side lol). so me and my girl went over there to see my aunt and my family…. it was good to catch up with everyone and see how everyone’s doing. it’s crazy because these were my baby cousins, but they’re 30 years old now! that’s not even much younger than I am, but when I was a kid, I remember them being born, so it’s crazy. I’m upset my little cousins Carol and Jenny didn’t come out, but its all good, I’ll just make an effort to meet up with them separately.

good news?
still got a long way to go. hopefully his kidney levels get much better so they can go in and remove that tumor and we can start chemotherapy treatments….. sigh. but it’s amazing. strong ass koreans!

celebrated later that night by seeing “THE OTHER GUYS” and fuck, that shit was funny as fuck! I mean, for the year, this was the funniest movie of the year easily and Hot Tub Time Machine was fucking funny as hell to, but not as great as this was. Will Ferrell is hit or miss with me, but this was his better films. I didn’t care much for Mark Wahlberg, but at least he tried…. after this one cat at this random open mic stand up comic night, I can never look at my friend the same again smh lol…. mark when acting is always out of breath and is always answering a question or starts his lines by asking a question lol…. shit…. anways, thank god Century City has assigned seating now, I will be visiting that theater more often now. Also century city doesn’t have a bunch of kids running around like the grove does.

I NEED A HANDY MAN TO INSTALL 4 SHELVES (72″ EACH LONG AND 12″ DEEP) and I already have the shelves and the brackets. I just need someone with a drill, a stud finder, screws (wood and studs) and a leveler (balancer) and about 1 hour max of their time!

people who still think the bearbrick hobby is lame, should peep out the ebay auction for the chanel bearbrick going for $20,000 us dollars…. do some research…
btw, early this morning, I lost and got sniped on a Colette 10 year anniversary Be@rbrick 1000%… FUCK! oh well, I’ll get one soon

I’m debating whether or not to cop another 4 foot companion, but I want to build this wall 1st! then I’m copping another one.

I got a lot of work to finish and I’m again doing a lightweight garage sale, slanging kicks, clothes and xbox’s etc to clear out more space for my 2nd bedroom, etc…

this week will be a grind week.
gotta hit the bay this weekend and then off to Magic in Las Vegas,
so I gotta get right asap…
making myself a small BB chain for the trip with my BB logo (thanks Jorge)

peace everyone
don’t watch me, watch TV….. but stay away from that movie “Lovely Bones” that shit sucked! forgot to talk about that, but I rather not

p.s. a few weeks ago, my homey Tila asked me where she could get a good deal on a new lambo….
I didn’t think she was all the way serious as she hasn’t had a whip in 6 months (she had a 2008 M6 convertible) and so I usually send her to George at Platinum Motosport to rent something, but I guess she was…. I told her to hit up Beverly Hills Lambo as the spot where me and Homicide got our lambos ended up being a sham dealership (keuylian motors) this girl Norma was too good to be true…. ANYWAYS! Tila ended up getting a powder blue lambo LP570 and how do I know? smh…. while waiting for my food I saw she got pulled over in it by police on TMZ….

anyways, good luck, but damn…. I remember you asking about mine when I had it and thank god I didn’t sell it to you, because then I wouldn’t have got my CA lemon law money. #purpledrankmeetup lol

p.s. p.s.
true blood was pretty damn good… but next week will be crazy!
entourage is picking up speed a little bit, but I’m prepared to be disappointed… but meanwhile, nice remix of La Roux at the end… good shit Scott! shout out to my boy Scott Vener who is the music supervisor on the show

Jersey Shore was wack this week, hopefully it’ll get better…
speaking of reality tv, I gotta film my cameo for TK aka Terry Kennedy’s new show and I got a meeting with Sony TV this week…. get me out of MTV! naw just kidding… I love MTV and my late checks

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