New Year, New Jesus Piece

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since we have mastered one piece and sold more of that design than anyone else has…. we had to add another option/style of Jesus piece to the catalog.

classic shit never dies like Levis jeans…. they invented denim, but still thousands of other companies manufacture jeans…. I like A.P.C. selvedge denim, but even they took their current slim leg design and inspiration from ones that came before them. But you have to make it better somehow, add a little touch here and there….

with that said,
we bring you the Bezel Set crowned thorns on the OG Jesus Piece
this is the Baby Jesus size (medium)


and the last pic is the comparison between a full size vs. baby

and then….

Malice from the Clipses OG Jesus

some more OG pics


and you see Kelis Rocking Nas’s OG Jesus with the kufi crown

well, we’re making both sizes now, doubt we’ll make a micro due to the bezel set thorns, but I love this style just as much and maybe more than the other one….. obviously inquire within.
this one weighs a little bit more and has a carat more in diamonds than the original one we’ve been selling… but in the full size I think it’ll be a lot more due to those big bezel set diamonds

2012, we just continue, everyone thinks we wash this away, we do that differently…. but really, stop playing games with your mind (but whatever works) fuck a resolution, just work hard and make it happen. make it a good year

we got a new piece!
so peace

p.s. I had a very relaxed chill new years eve, I’ll blog that soon hopefully and I was glad to bring it in with my friends and fam who were in town, most of my boys were out of town…. but it was nice and calm

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