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I had a photoshoot today for my 2010 7 series (f02, we past e serial letters now lol) and….
I don’t think I’ve posted pics of my new 7 series since I’ve got it…. mostly because I’ve never had a car in over a decade that was natural…. it’s been 5 months and I’ve been riding grown man style on stocks! but you know I gotta get the Platinum Touch!

well today was day 1 or part 1…. the IF and IF collab! Internally Flawless & I-Forged

so today I got some feet for this bitch! and some new shoes….
thanks Vince & Peter at I-Forged Wheels. and thank you Falken Tires!
the wheels I got are called “Phantom” from the VIP series line and they are 1000% 3 piece forged wheels… built the right way! brushed face with a chrome lip (haven’t had chrome in a little while now)
set up is as follows:
22″ x 9″ in the front (2.5″ lip) 255/30ZR/22
22″ x 11″ in the rear (4.5″ lip) 285/25ZR/22
Falken has a thicker tire, so a 265/295 staggered set up woulda been a little too wide and right now it rides fucking perfect!


I had Platinum take off the badges, paint the reflectors all white and then next week gonna have them paint some of the accents and moldings black or white according to the schemes…. and still figuring out the grill. I just need the air suspension drop module to come in to get it to sit more righteous cuz I may want to slam this bitch VIP styles!

I did find the front bumper kit I’m definitely rolling with and it’s BMW OEM… the M Sport grill is shown below and that shit is VICIOUS!

This 7 reminds me of my old M5 with the black contrasted accents and wheels… but I don’t want that look this time, I want a more luxury look, so I’ll freak the front huge grills a lil somethin
but then again, I may say fuck it and paint all the accents black except for areas that need to be body paint matched….storm trooper’d out and make it look luxury/aggressive so I can be swimmin in the streets like I’m Shamooo! YEH BUDDY I’M GOOOD!

and the week wouldn’t be truly complete without some be@rbricks in my life right?
got a couple new 1000%’s to add to my collection
the Stussy in White was only made for employees of the Japan Stussy store and there were only 300 made. shits rare and a must have for me….
the Loopwheeler is stupid fresh and comes with a removeable jogging type suit!


took his hoody part off

thanks again Won Hee!

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