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I mean yesterday was a normal day at work… then a normal day on the block….

it wasn’t until around 8pm (over an hour past my store’s closing time) and even though it’s after business hours, I still cater to any VIP’s…. so Sean Kingston calls me… (well technically I’ve changed my # a few times… so he hit me on twitter…. “HIT ME BACK ASAP!” and so I DM’d him and he hit me within 3 minutes…. told me that Justin and Him wanted to get grills made…. I told him, why didn’t you ask Kenny Hamilton for my #???? and if anything I’ve known Scooter for over 5 years…. a good time before he even discovered Justin Bieber…..

anyways, I packed up my shit, luckily I had my grill mold kit inside my car… headed over to the studio (crazy thing is the Stereotypes have the studio space next door to them, so its all love both ways)

got there and I knew it was only a matter of time before I got to link with Bieber…. I have made jewels for Paris, Kim K, Tom Cruise, Drake, Michael Jackson, so many others…. is Justin Bieber weirder than making stuff for Dr. Phil? nope…. and I didn’t want to go the thirsty route and ask Scooter or anyone else… they would have to come to me.

anyways, my schedule permitted… I was on my way to dinner so this was just a 30 minute stop….

disclaimer: TO ALL THE BILLIONS OF JUSTIN BIEBER FANS (I do NOT make permanent grills, I only do the ones that are removable, you can put them on and take them off within seconds and they’re for fashion and fun. relax, your little heart throb is not ruining anything) ok

chopped it up with Sean for a few minutes and showed him and Justin the new gold beats headphones I made for Ocho Cinco….. then a few personal pieces… then it was time to mold them up.

are you ready? camera ready that is #instagram

so we talked about it…. he wanted 4 teeth at first, but that would look silly since he has really small teeth… so we’re doing 6. the mold came out good, we’ll see later when I get to casting it in gold…. Justin’s had invisiligns done before, so it’s kinda similar… takes 2 minutes to mold properly and right before I put the mold in Biebers mouth, Sean gave me a handshake…. lol so I had to change gloves again because I’m not about to have anything go wrong….. during the 2 minutes…. Justin got on the piano and started to play and then… viola! done!

no we didn’t plan wearing the same vans…. (I still have a deal with supra btw! lol)
and I am going to send Bieber some Diamond Supply Co skinny jeans

but wait, can’t see the mold?

yup, we’ll see how that mold turns out today….
remember, I don’t even make grills anymore unless its for someone really special. and obviously, this is someone special. so I’m gonna swag it the fuck out!

next up Sean who I have been providing jewelry for and other things since he was 17 years old…. I thought for sure he was gonna fuck up the mold lol. but he was all good too. can’t believe a month ago he was in a coma and almost died… thank god he’s still around and perfectly healthy….

after that, I molded up Ryan who’s scooters right hand man and a part of Justins camp… I can’t believe Kenny wasn’t there to get a grill…. anyways, Dsouza is getting a gold cap done haha
then Scooter walks into the studio and says “oh wow” “wait…. what are you selling him Ben?” “dude, NO!” lol… justin says, I’m getting a grill bro…. then scooter says “its just so unnecessary” lol….
all good…

I’ll be working with both of them again soon I’m sure and I’ll be seeing both of them in about a week or so.


so prior to that….
I was in downtown to pick up a new 1000% BE@RBRICK….
it’s been out for a few months, but I never grabbed one…. the homey Fatlace hooked it up big time, so I drove down to ILLEST to grab it… when I was there, I seen some super custom tricked out Ruckus scooters… hmmm, I might have to cop one just because.
anyways, it’s been a mean minute since I posted a new 1000%


now I gotta find room for this and the others coming because my wall is full #bigassadultkidproblems

was on the block for a little bit and ran into some old fam of mine

it’s been a mean minute since all 3 of us were together….
much love, coffee bean soon bros!

had a lunch meeting with Chris Lee (CtotheJL) of Good Wood NYC and we decided to do it at Golden State (FML) and why FML? because I’m on a diet…. I can eat fat, but not hamburger and big carb fat! fuck!

so I got the BLT with avocado with wheat ciabatta bread and it was damn good! No fries though

meanwhile, while I’m working…. my team and partners are working hard in Seattle on Friendly Earth….

we got our own boxes now!

and as I was leaving the block… the homey Dunagan was selling his newly painted art in front of Diamond Supply

I didn’t cop anything, even though Tyler and some other OFWGKTA cats did… but I guess I will just to support….

thanks for reading.
everyone have a great weekend!


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