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so more with the all black diamonds and all white diamonds…. the contrast is so sweet that it’ll never get tired.

let’s start off with my man from Chicago who’s black and white game is NO joke! he got silly watches, silly black and white diamond set ups and what he didn’t have was a black diamond beaded chain.

he saw what I made this cat from Canada…. but he didn’t want a 8mm chain, he wanted a 13mm thick ass bead chain! and this shit is heavy as hell! really really heavy…. and unlike the usual pave bead chains we made before, these are all 4 prong set, so it’s much more even and uniformed all around and the diamonds are bigger!


he said he wanted to get the all white bead chain to match and I said…. WHOA! slow down fam… haha, even as a jeweler, I gotta tell cats to cool out for a bit, but that’s exactly what he intends to do, is COOL OUT to the point of freezing. an all white diamond bead necklace along with this black one would SHIT ON THE GAME literally… nobody has that! but my Chi-Town customers always shut shit down…

seems like every region hits me after seeing what the next city is doin? last few months, Seattle and Vancouver was gettin it in…. holiday, everyone was getting it in… but Chi-Town is goin hard in the paint.

next up….
we made this for fun and since so many cats were rockin the Gucci Chains…. we made a REAL GUCCI GG CHAIN!


we didn’t play with this chain…. so many diamonds…. and I mean so many… I’m talking over 10,000 diamonds and all micro pave’! and don’t worry haters…. we lasered the IF into each connecting link in the back… the chain is on display at our store now…. so if you’re pockets are long, hit us up

speaking of gucci

we reloaded! we sold out for the holidays… but we’re back with a vengeance and our gucci watches don’t look like these other overseas made watches with Clarity enhanced diamonds(SMH)…. ours have the real deal.

back in black

but with white diamond thorns this time….. this black diamond black gold jesus piece is ready to go

so now… there are Serious things, Silly things….. but this is one of those Ridiculous things


well this ridiculous cross is all prong set and layered like a step ladder, very creatively designed by a homey of ours… this along with a diamond stud chain is for sale. THE CROSS HAS APPROX 45 CARATS OF ALL VS DIAMONDS AND THOSE ARE NOT SMALL CHIPS, THOSE ARE BIG STONES. The chain is approximately 30 carats, so 75 carats of diamonds, all set in 14k white gold…. this is not an amateur set up, in fact many pros can’t hang with this, so all my big ballers, contact me if this is something you’re interested in.

oh…. last for the jewelry

my boy Mark who is heavy in the music game…. doesn’t rock diamonds at all and it’s just not his thing, but we share a lot of the same tastes…. he was browsing my blog right before new years eve and saw this watch…. remember this watch was a hit for the holidays too…. and it’s so subtle that it hits so many different types of people who 1. can’t really afford the big diamond g-shocks or 2. don’t want to wear all the diamonds and want to keep it somewhat stealth and still be able to get into the pool with their watch on….
well Mark is strictly an AP or Rolex Daytona type of cat…. I made this for him and instead of the VS white diamonds, I used VVS, F color diamonds for his watch…. all he could say was “shit looks crispy” lol

So as I’m leaving the slauson…. I was always see some shit that makes me smile or chuckle

hood shit never gets old with me

so last night when I get home…. my boy Homicide is at my crib, lounging on my couch and he just back from the liquor store down the street from my pad and copped 2 bottles of andy warhol Dom P, a bottle of Ace rose and a bottle of Ace of Spades magnum? this fucking guy! well good for you Craig! damn….

and now, he’s talkin bout he wants to go to the Goyard boutique in SF and coppin a new 55 duffle… smh (that new years eve dj gig money)

anyways…. I just finished up 2 SICK SICK DIAMOND SKULLS WITH THE 1 CARAT STUD AS/IN EACH EYEBALL with the rest fully flooded and Apolo just got himself some more black and white custom jewelry…. so I’ll post those up tomorrow!

much love again

we’re always open, even if the store isn’t…. the email address is!


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