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I do this every year since 2008…..
it’s a lightweight joke because I don’t exchange gifts with anyone really.

I get my nieces, nephews, GF and mom gifts and that is IT!

I don’t want anything because honestly? I have everything I could want….

but for those friends and family and readers, y’all can stop asking and read below:

1. air duster cans (yup that basic compressed air spray)
2. votivo red currant diffuser (the bottle of oil with sticks)
3. votivo red currant candles
4. kola champagne (i’ll take as many bottles as you want to give)
5. iron beer (read above)
6. inca cola (please read above)
7. moet & chandon nectar imperial rose (gold label) champagne
8. old boy dvd (joel madden stole my copy)
9. chingu dvd (mine are all beat to death)
10. pedialyte grape, apple or fruit (you already know lol)
11. gift card to pacific theaters, arclight cinemas or AMC

now for my ballers and big tymers:
12. north face ACONCAGUA black vest size: med
but if ur feeling rich! make it a black MONCLER size 2 or 3
13. hermes grey, gucci or fendi throw/blanket
14. D@MO 1000% be@rbrick yellow or black
15. apple airport extreme

that’s it. that’s all

oh, but since you love pics so much….
I’ll test out my IF waterprint stamp that goes on all the pics from now on that I upload to the blog….

her outfit is fresh as fuck!

P.S. 9 watches are left, so hit me up if you want your watch. remember only a few more days and then you will NEVER get a chance to cop them at this price again

happy holidays

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