My X-Mas wish list…..

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haha! real talk, this is for my very very deal close chingus(close friends) and fam who read my blog…. but you already know I don’t need anything or REALLY want anything. everyday has been x-mas for the past 7 years or so. I just appreciate your love. but if you’re the pushy type who just HAS to get me something….. then

here are a few things that I’ve been eyeballing:
1. 2009 Porsche 997 Turbo (Carrera White over Black Full leather, Tip, Sport Chrono Package, Bluetooth and lastly Ipod interface, I’ll handle the rest of the options lol)

2. any Medicom 2002 Series Kaws X Be@rbrick 1000% toy. either the blue kaws chomper or the mickey x kaws. and for my super baller friends…. you can get me the Karl Lagerfeld coco Chanel x Be@rbrick which I was outbid on because I was in court! had I known it woulda gone for only that much, I woulda made a Buy It Now offer, but the last one I saw went for $15k, so I fell waaaaay the fuck back! lol. but $4k? damn, I woulda swoooped!

3. JBL ipod speaker dock in Black, not the big one, but the smaller one(necessity for booty calls who dont have an ipod, you should slap them for not having an ipod first…. also a necessity for travel to the hotels that still don’t have ipod docks!)

4. Calvin Klein Boxer Briefs, size Medium (either grey or black, no white ever! cmon… piss stains! lol)

5. Either Fruit of a Loom V-Neck tees or Hanes V-Neck tees (WHITE OR GREY! size L)

6. Votivo Red Currant Candles (I could never ever have enough of these things!)

7. Any classic Blu-Ray DVD’s (Casino, Goodfellas…. umm Dark Knight)

and if all else fails…. stop by your local liquor store and cop me some Patron Silver! hahaa

p.s. I just had to post this on my blog, since Yvette stole my idea :p and btw, Yvette, I was sooo faded when I posted the response to your thing, I don’t even know if I did it right. lol

I’m in Las Vegas til …… ? holla!

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