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so here it goes! the top 50!
my personal greatest, favorite 50 movies of all time….
each obviously have a reason and I’ll keep it short and sweet to 1 or 2 lines max!

50. Star Wars
cmon, do I really need to say why this is on here? some may have it higher and I think 20 years ago, it would have been in my top 10 (I still want Luke’s hovercraft)

49. Bad Lieutenant
this shit is straight up scumbag swag right here, man Harvey Keitel should have got an oscar for this!

48. The Departed
I don’t care what anyone says, I saw infernal affairs(the original based movie) and it was whatevs! this shit went hardbody and for 2007, this was a movie that brought back that hardcore. and it’s scorsese!

47. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
I think when I was a super stoner back in high school, I must have watched this movie with my boys over 100 times… Jack is genius, the story is incredible, the acting is superb and damn this movie was the shit! made me want to visit a looney bin!

46. Animal House
this is just a classic comedy, when comedys were good and even if a bit raunchy at times, this was a movie that made me want to be in a fraternity lol. this is a college must and Bellushi was so ahead of his clock.

45. Cheech & Chong Nice Dreams
if you smoke weed, love the west coast and love to laugh, slap yourself if you haven’t seen this

44. A Bronx Tale
don’t make me slap you, who hasn’t seen this?

43. House of Games
shit, I saw this when it came out and it was such a great slick movie about true hustlers…. the director also made a movie called Spartan about 7 years ago, go watch both, great movie, very tricky

42. Training Day
in the last millennium, there wasn’t an iller movie about west coast corrupt cop gangsta shit done this well…. I never thought much of Antoine Fuqua, but he didn’t make this movie Denzel did…. and the ties to the hood, crips, ese’s, bloods(the fact that they got a pass to shoot in the jungles? damn) hand claps

41. Paid In Full
hood classic, would be in my top 10 if I was just a 1 dimensional type dude…. the story about Ace and Rico and Mitch is already legendary and I think they captured it so well by using the actors they did…. after this, I thought Cam’ron could really go into acting and was gonna be the next guy, but then killa season came out smh…. this is one of my favorite urban films period

40. Black Caesar
if you are into black exploitation films, then this is one you must see, not only is it gangster as fuck… James Brown scored the movie/soundtrack… never be another like this!

39. Full Metal Jacket
in my honest opinion, best war movie ever, fuck saving private ryan, that shit was soft… this was also made in the 80’s and is still shitting on anything around that time period. Kubrick is a film god

38. Raging Bull
Deniro, Scorsese, Pesci…. OG Italian shit…. Jake LaMotta’s story and a great boxing movie. = classic

37. Purple Rain
Prince’s best movie and at the time I was in love with Apolonia as well as everyone else in the world…. it was such a dope movie, obviously the music was incredible and you get to see Prince speak. for a couple decades, he never spoke really, not even at award shows really…. dude is a trip and one day I’ll write about the time I went to his house for a private show and party of around like 10 people

36. Old Boy
unarguably, one of the best if not top 3 best korean films ever and in the top 10 revenge films ever. if you are a sick fuck then you will love this movie, if you aren’t a sick fuck, you will really like the cleverness.

35. Hard Eight
film making wise, the first 45 minutes of this movie perfect…. Paul Thomas Anderson is an ill dude… I love anything about Vegas and scumbag shit, but this is just a great movie. god damn Samuel Jackson is in everything! lol

34. City of God
I only knew about brazil because of Pele’ the soccer player, but when I saw this movie, I saw it 6 times in the theater… I had to go to Brazil and visit. such a great story about gangsters in a poverty stricken slum in Rio. a must see. great movie

33. Office Space
fuck “The Office” but Office Space? one of the funniest movies of all time, but in a different type of funny… not like the Dumb and Dumber type of way, but damn, I remember saying to myself, who the fuck is gonna see this shit? I died laughing and still watch it often! “Ummm yeahhhh”

32. Trading Places
sorry, but Coming to America was great, but not in my top 50 and it got played out in ways…. I loved the story though, but this shit? this was Eddie at his classic self! this was when he was mr box office…. this was that perfect mix of ghetto meets the real opulence! and so fucking funny in between

31. Good Will Hunting
I never was a fan of Matt Damon really or Ben Affleck(chasing amy was good though) until this came out, after this, I was like fawwkkk… I also have a weird attraction to Boston since half my family went to schools there for most of their school life and also since I hate the celtics so much. this was genius; literally! so good

30. Casino
again, mix anything decent with las vegas and gangsters? I’m in. you haven’t seen this yet, I mean 10 times already? kill yourself by this evening… the part where ginger gets the key to the cash at the end and the bank lets her take it? kills a little bit inside every time

29. Valley Girl
what a fucking dope love story, what a great LA classic movie… I love the guy from the shitty neighborhood and different style…. gets the girl from the rich suburb… totally awesome, btw, the soundtrack is unbelievable and not until recently was it ever available…. it was never released for like 15+ years after the movie came out even!

28. Fast Times at Ridgemont High
there was a point in time where this was my top 10 favorite movies, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not the shit! man…. one of Sean Penn’s best acting jobs for sure! so funny, so great and the car crash scene is hilarious! also took place at one of my favorite malls that is no longer there anymore…. fuck clueless, that shit was weak and watered down.

27. American Psycho
now, this was a fucking ill movie! great acting, great script! and I heart this film because I can relate to it because I remember meeting all those ivy league prep school types who made me sick….. the rich upper east siders with trust fund money….. but this kid patrick bateman took shit to a whole other level!

26. The Mack
definitely the best exploitation film ever…. this movie changed pimpin and is a must see… plus my favorite of all time Richard Pryor had a small part in it and there are so many quotes it’s ridiculous! this is the movie I put into the big screens when I met Dr. Dre to set the tone of the night of the club right…. later, we linked and he gave me a job!

25. Running Scared
if you’re thinking the movie with that homo Paul Walker, then please never visit my website ever again…. This is about the great comedy starring Billy Crystal and Gregory Hines! this was such a great funny movie… I liked it more than beverly hills cop! but at the time BH cop came out, I’d say I liked that more… but this is better after the test of time to me and it’s about Chicago! I love Chi Town!

24. Rounders
this movie made me want to become a professional poker player… I remember after this, I started attending private poker games that Leo Dicaprio and Tobey Maguire would go to and DJ AM would play in these games…. I was never a big fan of Hold Em, but AM made me one….. and Edward Norton is such a great fucking actor, my top 5 favorite actors for sure

23. The Cannonball Run
if you know me, then you know I love cars…. and this movie was in the 1981! and I was already obsessed with Lamborghini’s! the countach back then was so much more than seeing a Veyron on the streets now! this is a great story of a gumball rally type race that takes place and it’s so fucking funny… I love burt reynolds in this!

22. Swingers
this is such a great movie about those who don’t live in LA, but moved here to try to become famous by acting and their perception of Hollywood and finding that “one”…. this blew Vince Vaughn the fuck up….. Jon Favreau too, but damn, I loved the hell out of this movie for the longest, it was so well done and for so little. it’s so money for that time period! VEGAS BABY VEGAS!

21. Bad Boys (sean penn)
no, again, not that shitty corny comedy about miami cops with corny ass Will Smith…. but that hardbody gangster movie about Chicago teens who kill and end up in Juve Hall! I forgot to mention…. not only do movies or television stories/shows about las vegas intrest me, but anything that has to do with prison? I’m fucking in! 2 guns up!

20. Oceans 11
hate to say this, but this killed the original with old blue eyes Sinatra himself…. such a great movie, I would have loved to be an extra in this movie or just be around, these guys looked like they had the best time making this movie.

19. Menace to Society
best hood movie ever… I liked boyz in the hood even though it was watered down, but this shit right here? this was so damn realistic! this was really the epitome of LA gangster life or just really life in the hood in LA during the early 90’s!

18. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
who didn’t love this movie growing up? I mean, yeah I’m so much older, but I still love candy and I think I have to blame this movie for the cavities… I think Tim Burton’s remake was so disrespectful. this will never get old and cmon Gene Wilder? in a kids movie? classic!

17. Cheech and Chong Up In Smoke
if you thought Friday was a good weed comedy? this slays that! and this was directed by my godfather Lou Adler…. but I’m not being biased either, this was one of the greatest comedy’s ever and if you smoke weed, even better. Such great times to have grown up in that era

16. Thomas Crown Affair
you wanna talk about blue collar gangster? if I was a billionaire, this would be the lifestyle I would want to live! If you haven’t seen this? man, this dude was living! and he wasn’t corny about it at all! YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS DUDE OPERATE! #smoothcriminal (btw, I never saw the original with Steve McQueen)

15. Silver Streak
man, I can’t tell you how much I love the combo of Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor…. I loved this movie and I wanted to travel by train after the first time watching this movie…. its so damn funny and just a great journey! I can’t wait til this is released in Blu Ray if it ever will be

14. Diggstown
now is the movie about hustling…… what a fucking great comedy and I believe it goes “never try to out con a con man…. especially one who’s better than you” just watch it, trust me

13. Gladiator
I just love good revenge plots, but this one, damn…. this made me a fan of Russell Crowe and I don’t even like movies like 300, in fact I hated 300. But this movie? damn Ridley Scott did his thing! but I’m sure you’ve seen this already

12. Chinese Connection
2 words, Bruce Lee

11. Return of the Dragon
Now this movie was dear to my heart because when I first saw this, I had just traveled to Italy with my family…. and this movie was filmed in Italy and it was just so fucking swag! a lotta ass kicking! and Bruce took on the mafia himself! and this was one of the very few Bruce Lee movies with a happy ending

10. Chingoo (friend)
this movie is not only about almost 3 decades of korean gangsters and “friends”(chingoo) it’s about kids who grew up and took different paths in life, but still worked hard to stay in touch with each other… the ending is on some gangster poetic shit and seriously? this is one of my favorite movies of all times…. I remember my boy IZ telling me every time he got out of jail he would watch this movie… this is my favorite gangster movie next to the one below me….

9. Goodfellas
this movie made me officially want to be italian! lol. cmon, this was a real in depth look inside the mafia and the italian mob…. without the snitch bitch ways of Henry Hill none of us would have been able to see this classic! you have to eat spaghetti and a lot of garlic after watching this… man. so good!

8. Scarface
this cat turned nothing into something…. nuff said, inspiration for every hoodlum in america

7. The Shawshank Redemption
damn, wanna talk about a good ending? oh and again…. prison life! you already know

6. The Outsiders
sorry folks, but this movie will forever be with me in my heart…. this shit right here? means more to me than the movie “The Warriors” I mean that was cool, but the overall story was just okay, this shit was epic, truly EPIC… and it’s francis ford coppola and I don’t have even one of the godfathers in here(just wasn’t my thing)

5. The Count Of Monte Cristo
now this right here is the greatest revenge movie of all time. this guy laid in the cut longer than anyone I could possibly imagine….. damn. I saw this movie late in life too.

4. Midnight Run
this fucking movie? I mean, really this could be in the top 3, but it’s so tough getting this close to the wire…. this is my favorite movie role by Deniro… fuck man, I can’t think of a better mix of cops, the mob and comedy in any movie ever!

3. Man on Fire
the grimey corrupt police in mexico city… the narration by Christopher Walken… the Killing skills of Denzel… To me this should have been his 3rd oscar (malcolm x should have been his 1st). Tony Scott is one of my favorite directors ever since he made “The Last Boy Scout”. I love this movie…. love it mane (this was better than the orignal with Glenn Scott)

2. Enter The Dragon
the only reason why this movie isn’t #1 is because I only watched it 1,091 times…. but I have Bruce Lee tatted on my arm… he was the baddest motherfucker who ever lived or walked the planet. maybe the only person in the world who didn’t use any performance enhancing drugs and was so fast that they need to slow down the actual FILM to make it watchable or believable… I loved this mans lifestyle and his beliefs in life. He was powerful in every possible way. Gone too soon… this movie is the greatest to me! my greatest!

now this movie is one of the greatest to me, but this is my personal favorite movie of all time. It has my favorite comedian of all time Richard Pryor and it has prison and a funny ass plot. It was directed by the legendary Sidney Poitier and all bullshit aside, you can ask anyone in my family…. I watched this movie close to 4,000 times in my lifetime so far. This was it for me! I couldn’t stop laughing. I know a lot of my readers are youngsters, but this movie is the shit! so funny!

thanks for checking out this list… this is just like a go to list for me and now that’s it’s posted, I can archive it and look back at it later…. I’m sure not much will change but the last 10-12 films on the list

here are some honorable mentions (not all with no descriptions) and I’m sure I forgot a couple, but I marinated on this for a while and my top 10 list hasn’t changed in almost 10 years!

Tae Guk Gi – pure hell! pure love! great korean cinematography!
This Boy’s Life – touching small town boy story
Ong Bak – pure ass kicking
Boogie Nights – so dark, so real… again, PT anderson is sick!
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels – south of france? hilarious hustlers!
The Big Lebowski – you already know
Grandmas boy – if you liked office space, like gaming? a riot!
Snatch – do ya like DAGGGS?
Love & Basketball – Baldwin Hills? Crenshaw? love? BBall = win!
Punch Drunk Love – best bipolar love story ever! movie is about me lol
The Illusionist – btw, forgot to say that I love magic!

****JUST ADDED****
Chopper – If you wanna see HARDCORE? WATCH THIS!
Year Of The Dragon – OG Mickey Rourke G shit, Chinese Gang Swag
Dark Knight – hate to put a superhero movie, but damn!
KIDS – definitely an eye opener, “thirteen” was decent too
Sid and Nancy – Classic, pure punk classic!
Repo Men – the soundtrack was also awesome! OG PUNK LA!
Usual Suspects – once kaiser sozay killed his own family? GAME OVER
Wall Street – blue horseshoe loves anacott steel
Laws of Gravity – super indy film, Nick Gomez started something here!
The Shining – REDRUM
Easy Money & Back to School – R.I.P. RODNEY DANGERFIELD
Napoleon Dynamite – uncle rico + liger + last dance? = incredible
Bad News Bears – HOW THE FUCK DID I FORGET THIS MOVIE?????? wow!


all the James Bond movies will hold a special place in my heart… especially the roger moore and sean connery ones…. after that, I think Pierce Brosnan or Daniel Craig were official, the others were ass and I can’t name all the 007 films, there are too many.

as for Horror Movies? none really made my list because after a while, they just don’t hold up today, but I was terrified of the classics… 28 days later fucked my wig up though when it first came out

gotta add! (this would truly be movie #51)
ONE on ONE – this movie is so GREAT! it was made in 1977 and was realistic movie about a blue chipper from a small town who gets recruited to a major DI college and deals with drama. I love this movie

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