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good morning everyone! I still can’t believe my eyes… was I dreaming at 8pm last night? we have made history and the people of America have made their decision loud and clear. I want everyone that I know and love to please understand this; I have never ever let anyone’s race, religion or political views interfere in a relationship. If I love you, I love you. I stand neutral in many ways.

My boy Niko again remixed a political photo…. if you know about the history of the white house, then you know that there is a painting of our 35th president JFK hanging inside there that looks like this…. except Niko obviously freaked it a lil.

p.s. my lambo is blue (to keep up with Jeezy’s lyrics lol)

and real talk, for the first time in about 5 or more years, I’m truly proud to be an american… a Korean American. someone on myspace made an animated pic of me… thought I’d show him some love on the blog. thank you!

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