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okay, so I try to stay low key from anxiety and stress from all the hype of my upcoming b-day party……. at 12 midnight I turn my phone off and just wanted to get some good rest to let myself be ready for the big bash…. but low and behold I hear a loud ass R8 pull up outside blasting Young Jeezy and of course it’s my brother Ahmad acting a damn fool like he’s on medication. He pulls out a bottle of perrier jouet and opens it and sprays that shit all over my street and on me like He’s killa cam from paid in full. I knew it was gonna be stupid from that point on.

so I wake up at 10:30am, get dressed no shower and walk outside my condo and ahmad picks me up and we head to the peninsula hotel…. of course no day with us would be normal without the police pulling us over and sweating us…. they let us go, they were champs….. so we head over to my office first so I can grab our fresh LRG gear from my brother Jonas and then straight to the peninsula…. to get manicure, pedicure, 90 minute massage and steam room, all that good shit… we walk in to this hollistic eucalyptus style ambience spa room and Ahmad says where’s the bar? lol. so ahmad orders 2 shots of patron platinum off the bat and a bottle of veuve champagne….. JESUS H. CHRIST. I order fiji too. we get our massages, steam, full spa treatment and walk out to the bar/pool area again…. we run into an old friend of mine comedien Eddie Griffin. Eddie buys me a glass of champagne for my b-day and we talk to catch up for a bit….

we leave the hotel and head to my place again to send out my guest list which is 9 pages long….
after that, we head to get some food…. it was my cheat day, so I had a chicken sandwich, hummus and fallafel. (I didn’t do too bad GOAT, don’t trip) I get home finally around 6pm and I need an hour rest at least before Jonas comes over actin a fool….

Jonas comes over looking like Elvis meets Beethoven and I’m very proud of his chinchilla chanel scarf and kangaroo skin jacket he got in copenhagen lol. I get fresh, cut, shave, dressed clean with my lrg head to toe with the new TK’s to finish it off…. and walk out to see my lovely date and my boy Ahmad and the car service. We head over to CUT steakhouse in the Beverly Wilshire and get a little grub on. People are staring at me(whats new) like I’m the oriental Jay-Z (of course oriental, not asian cuz they’re all pretentious assholes there) We order up everything on the menu and our Security entourage meets us there to head to club.

My phone starts ringing, texts and emails are buzzing and bbm’s goin nuts. I turn my phone on silent for a second to see a total of 319 messages (combined of the 4 types) I start to get nervous and say this is maybe gonna be out of control. We pull up near the club and there is A LONG LINEEEEEEEEE! I mean it’s bedlam and I mean, girls in short dresses and it’s cold outside, so I feel like let me in and let me scream at these door men who are treating my VIP’s like they ain’t VIP’s…. Denyce and Wesley, sorry for the behavior of the doormen who were disrespectful. I went the fuck off on them as soon as I walked in. We spent the clubs rent easy and I hate it when they front on my peeps on my list. f.y.i. Denyce is a talented actress who’s on the show house of payne and my boy wesley’s been in numerous films and tv shows and I love them both for being so grounded and great. so moving on…. we walk in and get to my table and order a bottle of Dom P Rose’, bottle of patron and bottle of grey goose magnum off the top. and get it poppin. I don’t remember too much else but the fact that my table had sooo many fine women it was crazy! I remember my platinum fam representing hardbody and remember me and my boy Tyson Beckford getting into an argument over stupid shit like who’s wheelies are better? mannnn

after that, we hit up something 24 for a little after party and I lost my mind

p.s. Drake and Terry, I’m whooping y’all up.

thank you very much everyone, we looked crazy last night. that entourage of security, range’s, rolls’s, esv’s, g-wagens. lol. mad deep.

here’s some pics that I have, once my friends send me more, I’ll post them. but for now, this is all I have.

this is @ 11am @ the peninsula hotel…. f.y.i. that is not water in that weird wine/port glass, thats a $65 overpriced shot of patron platinum…. and btw, that entire stack like $20k was gone by the end of the night

me and Tyga at the after joint

my platinum familia and my boy Rob kardashian

me and the asian Elvis

me and Robert actin up at the after joint

me and shadia and Jonas and ahmad amillie @ cut

me and my friend Cher and her friend…… sorry, um name???

me and b-money

my bro Benji Madden…. came thru reppin hard!

yeh, we know… Dom P rose’ sippers, trouble makers

you have to be a friend of mine on myspace, but it’s up there…

so again, there are tons of pics, I got texts this morning saying I took my clothes off and poured champagne on peoples heads, the security tried to kick us out 10x for acting up, we had a mop crew service cleaning up all the shit we spilled, jonas went beserk and knocked over the entire table and broke glass, cutting girls legs with the broken glass.

I can’t thank everyone enough, there were SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MANY PEOPLE there. jesus. Sorry again, I left my phone in the car and couldn’t deal with the drama at the door.

I have the worst hangover and headache, i’m taking the day off and maybe gonna go get a porsche today.

peace, god bless, thank you for a wonderul 36th bday!

p.s. yes, those were VVS1 D color 5 carat solitaires in each ear last night!

shout outs to: Platinum Motorsport, Tila Tequila, L-R-G, Jonas, Ahmad, Benji Madden, Bo, Terry Kennedy, Supra Footwear, Bee, Doug Wu, Wale, Xzibit, Warren G, Tyson Beckford, Paris Hilton, DJ Homicide, Robert Kardashian, Kim so seductive lol, 5-star, coco, DARLENE(MY GOD MOMMA! aka Power Cover!, Sleepy Brown, Liana, adam goat, all the damn fine ass women at my table, amanda curlie, kellyn, Eddie Griffin and damn if I forgot y’all, i’ll come back and sorry…..

anyone who was at the club last night will tell you, shit was the most poppin night in LA for a long time…. I don’t think most people new years eve’s was that crazy

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