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got up friday to my baby leaving to the bay to visit her grandma and maddd family she got up there and to Homicide fiending to get out of his crib and have an excuse to drive his new car anywhere. smh
so we headed up to CCC aka California Chicken Cafe(never fails, classic LA healthy delicious food)….
ever since the 1st time I tried this shit in 1993 I was sold!
so we sit down and the homiez FM walk in! hahahhahaa
right at the moment me and Craig were talking about our OG homey Wil I Am starting a new real record label and wanting to sign homicide to the label….. Wil always texts or hits up me or Homicide from a random foreign country to just bag and roast smh lol…

with Wil, now Homicide can be the Black David Guetta! haha, real spit though!

so FM walks in and Craig is like, we can fuck around and do a record with them…. I’m glad he got to finally met Far East Movement…. it’s always all love, I can’t wait for the ISA show that’s sold out… I’mma have to jump up and get my hipster smurf shuffle on!

As we were walking out of CCC, I ran into an old OG buddy Dan Eisenstein(was 1/3 founder and owner of Ballistyx) which is crazy because I just was talking to my boy Nic Adler and we were just speaking on Wil who got his start rapping at Ballistyx…. anyways

so I shake outta there to swing by Platinum and it’s been a long time…. ain’t nothing changed but the exotics up there…. they got a bad ass Panamera Turbo with a Mansory kit they’re working on and it’s a problem! I gotta figure out if I’m gonna keep my car so I can do a few more things to it, or just get rid of it and get a ford flex on 24″s smh

After that, I swing by IF for a minute to finish up my shit and get it over to the laser spot….
MY BB Piece is looking the part!
then I swing by Rodeo Drive to get a new belt at Gucci, but noting was shaking there or at Fendi or at LV, belts wise….
since I ran into all these OG’s and I was in Bev Hills… I shook over to my boy Damon Elliotts crib to see what’s cooking in his studio…. we chopped it up real quick and caught up on things…

so I shook back to the crib to get on a ustream chat… thanks to everyone who got on…
then I had 2 homiez come through to cop some kicks and then we shook over to get some food in K-Town

not just any food…. that bomb ass Korean fried chicken!!!
I don’t get to eat stuff like this all the time because my girl is pretty much vegetarian/vegan…. but damn had to show dustin and cody how great this shit was!

after that, we shook over to the grove to see Middle Men(Jordan hyped this shit up too much) and before that, we headed over to the Farm to get the best vanilla latte’ on the earth!

the Movie was good, nothing major or different, but entertaining indeed….

shook back to the trap and passed out!

got up early and started organizing shit in my crib and went after my 1 of 4 CD albums that needed to be uploaded to my new Macbook Pro…. after about fucking with 30 or so CD’s I said I gotta pay someone to do this shit!
but ran across some interesting shit….

yup… HITTMAN! the only artist who had more appearances on the Dr. Dre 2001 album than anyone else and the only artist who had a solo song on 2001….. he also wrote 80% of the CD! I came across an old studio session of a freestyle and other shit we did together about 9 years ago!

took my monkey ass to work and that’s exactly what it was…. WORK WORK WORK!!!
had a lot of shit to finish, the laser was done and delivered and I wanted to get a pic of this new SB piece to our client in SF so I called him up to speak over some final choices for necklaces…..

his piece came out amazing!
it started out with my little tiny “g” typewriter font piece that we made for a homey and next thing you know I got 4 orders off top! people are starting to rock smaller pieces and something clean, but the work put into these 1″ to 1.5″ pieces are so sharp and the diamonds are shitting!
so this cat Ryan emailed us a logo and from there it was on!
(*edit that logo is actually from a group out of the bay called “BORED STIFF” and it’s a BS not SB)

and then….


the wax came out proper of course…..


this shit came out toooo clean!
it’s really heavy too! solid and it’s about the size of a 50 cent piece (maybe just a little bit bigger)
It came out better than I thought and I expected only excellence!

so…… I made a BB piece for Magic and for my everyday stee


smh…. I’ve had that logo for 5 years and I never did shit with it…. gonna make a new era fitted and some more shit soon…. I love that Jimmy cut this logo inside 45 minutes while most cnc machines take a week to cut something! smh…. we finished this BB piece with mad other shit to do in about 3 days… I had the top B raised up 1mm higher than the 2nd B to give it more detail…..


shit goes hardy hard…. I guess not only is this clean and classy and under stated, but it’s some what affordable to do in 14k and nice VS diamonds


I’m wearing this shit right now as I blog!

so on to the next next…

we made a 130 carat black diamond PVD bead necklace!
YES 130 CARATS! haha
OD, but you know some cats are extra with it


we got the crazy big black diamond bracelet to match


and for the ladies who got the paper….. or got a man who got big paper for a nice gift….


8 carats of white diamonds & pink sapphires total….
this shit is barely heavier than the BB or SB piece and it’s 3x the size!

so I shook the store for a second to go see my pops right quick and eat dinner with him….
as I’m strolling down wilshire blvd. at like 25mph a punk ass pig pulls me over…. I saw him from far away too and kept it pushing….. once he made the turn, I knew he was coming for me and there were 2 cars behind me…. smh
so this whole ordeal took about 40 minutes…. his reason, no front license plate… BUT ONLY SAID THAT ONCE HIS WATCH COMMANDER SAID “LET THE MAN GO, DON’T SAY ANYTHING ELSE AND LET HIM PROCEED!”
so fucking gay…..
he asks me the basic questions…. are you the registered owner of this vehicle? have you ever been to jail? what do you do for a living?
questions I really don’t answer because they’re dumb…. but every time they ask are there any weapons or drugs in the car? I have to answer yes due to my permit to carry, I have to declare that off top…. so once I say yes I have a firearm on my person and one in the trunk, they shit themselves and ask me to get out of the car before I can show them my paper work…..

obviously once numbers are ran, I’m all good….. I have zero points on my record…. I’m driving a fully legit car(I mean I understand in the lambo and loud cars that look like dick cars…. but my 7?) so I’m pissed they waste my time…. I tell him I’m headed to the hospital down the street and when I parked my car, I saw the cop pass by me because everyone in life lies to the police, but most of the time I don’t have shit to hide, so I just answer when I’m asked, but only talk when asked a question, unless it’s regarding my CCW….

so I go and see pops, he’s pretty much done with dinner… I’m fucking pissed
He asks me some crazy shit that I thought was a 10000% NO NO…. he says can you go downstairs and get me a hagaan daaz ice cream bar? no nuts, just vanilla…. so I ask the RN and she says as long as I peel off the chocolate… so I go down and get him one and take off the chocolate and then he takes 3 bites and doesn’t want anymore….
they shaved his head I guess to prepare him for Chemo…. but they haven’t even operated yet. I don’t know and I didn’t ask because nobody was there…. he also seemed to be in a bad mood….

he looks strong and healthy, but again, he was in a bad mood and angry at something, but didn’t want to talk….
he then falls asleep and I took off to go meet up with my cousin Jeff and our 2 workers at the Arclight….
we meet up at 8:25pm to see Expendables at 8:30 showing inside the Cineramadome theater….
now, let me start by saying this… even my shitty movie CAKE would be sold out on a Saturday night there, so usually getting there even 30 minutes prior and you’re sitting either in the far back or the neck break front row…

well, not even 50% of the theater was sold out when we walked in…. smh
the movie wasn’t horrible, but obviously wasn’t great….
Arnold Schwartzenegger’s cameo and Terry Crews was the best part of the movie….
pretty much anything with Terry Crews in it and I’m game lol

so After we got some food and I headed over to BH to handle a quick errand when I found out that my lil homey Cody got the super duper hook up on something

got a text from Jordan telling me that he got pulled over by the police for the same shit I got pulled over for! smh

got to the trap and passed out


woke up late as hell…. like 10am and didn’t get my monkey ass out of the house until around 3pm because I was busy catching up on emails… shopping online for more be@rs and organizing my itunes again….

finally met up with my lil homiez down in K-Town for some official kal kook soo….
discussed a few ideas….

then I shook over to get the girl with the dragon tattoo at Blockbuster…
ran into my friend Rachel Sterling and both found out we’re both gonna be at Magic

got over to the crib to watch the movie with my lil homiez and started watching something else….
and then……

it’s over once this shit comes out….

pretty much after a few cups of this and some good food…. I went into purple coma (along with the open faced turkey sammich from DuPars)

that’s the weekend wrap up….

gotta catch a flight to Vegas later tonight for magic….
if you’re gonna be at magic, then holla at me at the L-R-G booth or the Supra booth


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