MY B-DAY PARTY time for a master plan

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first off, I hate Mondays unless I’m laid up with fam or a breezy someplace warm and with a view to die for. Well, right now I’m at my office and it’s ugly outside. and COLD!

So I’m already planning for my B-Day party (end of Jan.) and I don’t know what I want to do. I haven’t had a party in over 6 years and last one I had was FULLY DUMB! I mean like 1,000 people inside, 1,000 people outside waiting to get in….. we was popping bottles, like we won championship! Every B-Day after I turned 30, I basically kept it light to a 10 – 12 person dinner @ a nice restaurant, but F that. I wanna jumpstart 2009 the right way. Peoples spirits are down, I wanna give them some inspiration! Where should I do it? Koreatown? Hollywood? and I definitely gotta hit Las Vegas up, so maybe I’ll have 2 party’s! Any thoughts? holla @ me.

I’m also trying to plan my New Years and Holiday escape, but damn, I feel bad that so many people are hurting right now…. my heart goes out to them. I’m conscience of what’s going on in our country and I can’t block that thought out. 5,000 homes foreclosed in New York! People losing their Jobs all over the place, MTV laid off 300 people! I got people hitting me up for help and I’m overwhelmed by their pain. Lately I’ve been wearing my heart on my sleeve like it’s the new fashion. I almost feel bad for having so much fun recently. I don’t even want to crack jokes as much anymore because peeps are soooo sensitive these days. btw, Chill, I’m not the guy who broke into your Mom’s house. smh, sooo disrespectful. I hate seeing anyone do bad or not feel their best. Maybe I’m too nice and I need to be hypnotized to the old school Ben.

this bbm pic put me in a better mood today.
it’s from my homey Tre who’s in Boston right now. ouch!

I got one word of advice for you: MOVE!

I’m hitting up Lucky Strike in Hollywood Tonight for the SKAM artist X-Mas party, tooo many ill DJ’s on the 1’s & 2’s. should be good times….

P.S. Michael Jackson’s new piece is done! I gotta wait til I can post pics though

P.S.S. “bitches wasn’t playin they day role, so we parted ways like ben & j-lo, I shoulda been did it, but I been in a daze though”

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