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let’s get this clear and out of the way…..
I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE CRAZY AND FUN, BUT NEVER IN MY WILDEST DREAMS DID I THINK THERE WOULD BE A LINE LIKE IT WAS THE RELEASE OF SOME NEW JORDANS….. there were over 1,000 friends there and the capacity is only 600…. so it got stupid at the door.

to my friends who did not get in, I’m sorry, after the texts came in so fast and soo many, I left my phone in the car because I wanted to enjoy my party and not stress anymore then I already had been all day. the party was outrageous and for everyone who showed up, thank you so much and I don’t think you seen me ever in my life get that stupid! we could have bought a brand new Mini Cooper with what we spent on bottles tonite.

I will post pics, but I only took maybe 8 at most because I lost my mind…. so I’ll come back and update with pics from my friends…. Bo, Maryam, Tony, Coco, Jewels, anyone else who has pics, please email me them!

thank you AHMAD and JONAS for everything on my b-day, without you 2 it woulda never been that amazing. jeeeejusss. thank you Platinum Motorsport, Tila and Bee and Doug and Jerry and Javiar and Dave and MyHouse for hosting and being THE SHIT! thanks to all my friends, Rob kardashian, Kim, Reggie J, Tyson Beckford, DJ 5-star, Shadia, Curlie, Cheryl, Franchise, Christine Mendoza, Benji Madden, Jeremy Rogers, Homicide, Wale, Xzibit, TK, Emil, Jags, Adam GOAT and damn so many more…. you got to see me show my ass and act a complete fool! god damn…. we popped 6 bottles of Magnum Dom Perignon Rose’ and 3 bottles of Grey Goose magnum and 2 bottles of Patron and dang how many Ace of Spades did jack and george pop? WOW. B-Money, sorry man, I was so belligerant I couldn’t take another, but I seen you poppin off crazy. I danced, I knocked shit over, they tried to kick me out multiple times…. JESUS, SHIT WAS OFF THE HOOK! fuck man. crazy!

again, I’ll get into more detail and post pics when I get them, but I am BEAT!

for those who missed it completely? all I can say is this was prolly one of the greatest parties I’v attended…. maybe cuz I was so outta my mind. okay, back to sleep. send me pics please.

p.s. for the dudes, HAHA, HOW YOU LIKE THE 5 TO 1 GIRL TO GUY RATIO? how bout the dime to person ratio? shit was crazy huh? dammmmmmn!

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