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No we didn’t win 1 million @ the slots or tables, nobody got married. it was just the 3 out of the fabulous 4some out in the 702 chillin, drinking and great convo. I was out there for business and could have flown back last night, but I decided to stay because my bestest best friend rolled up to relax a little bit and also we wanted to hang out with our homey Mar. So I had a meeting @ the Encore(new tower @ the Wynn casino hotel) for jewelry obviously… it went well and looks like we’ll proceed. I guess since the economy is not so good, there’s no need to spend crazy money getting diamonds set in london or elsewhere when I.F. & Co’s work is just as solid and much faster than the competition and also cheaper!

So anyways, I link up with the homey Mar and we grab a quick bite and head out to scoop up JoJo aka Jonas. We get my dude and it’s basically a wrap like Christmas presents once he gets in the whip. We head back to the hotel (got comped @ Planet Hollywood, they stepped their game up crazy, rooms are nicer than the Bellagio and thats sad). So we put the bags up and go straight to the bar to get it started. after the 3rd round we’re like, holllll up holllll up? it’s 4pm! we bout to be straight tilted in this Beezy. so we do a little shopping in the ghetto ass mall they got up in there. Me and Jojo walked into a jewelry store up in there and seen I3 clairity K colored engagement rings and didn’t need to see anymore. We walked by a kiosk booth that had one the soooooo typical place your face here photobooth and we’ll super impose it onto a body or any image you like (i.e. chippendales, president obama, rambo, etc) and we were so buzzed we did it. MAN! HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA, WOW! pics will come but I’ll leave JoJo out of it. then we decided to eat an official meal, so we headed out to the pallazo and went to eat at Cut Steakhouse(wolfgang puck, I still think mastro’s is the best). Me and JoJo got the wagu prime ribeye and mar got the fish. so we head out, took mad pics, drank more at cut….. headed back to PH. we hit the bar again(remember this folks, I had 7 alcoholic beverages in the year 2007, by this time I’m 7 deep already for the day!) and grab a few to go up to the room to get fresh. oh yeh, I walked over to the theatre there to buy tickets for Steve Wyrick the magicians show because neither of them have seen a real live vegas magic show and I’ve never seen Steve Wyrick. (btw. “O” cirque de soleil was dark last night) oh and btw again, I forgot to mention we were sitting 2nd row dead center…. 6 feet from the stage

I get fresh to death lookin like a crisp $800,000 bill… head over to Mar’s room and She’s dressed to kill….. ready for the runway or ready to be on Deal or No Deal as a show girl! my man JoJo is dressed for excellence, almost like he’s been playing croquet in Manchester, England…. so we’re all ready for anything…. head downstairs and do a walk around the casino like we’re walking the red carpet at the oscars. Jonas gets into his greek god mode, where he’s reminiscent of Achilles or Mercury(the roman god/warrior, also the ftd logo guy) He starts to jump around like a cricket. So graceful too. lol. of course we stop to get another round and head into the show….. BUT of course only after about 5 more pics. lol. So before the show starts, Jonas is real skeptical of magic shows and I am too, but I’m also sooo intrigued! So right off the bat! I mean 2 minutes into the show…. my dude Steve Wyrick comes out, says hi, has dancers running around the entire stage behind him and then a curtain falls down and raises up inside 9 seconds…… BANG a real life size helicopter is there when the curtain pulls up. I won’t even tell you every trick he pulled because he did so many, but we had an amazing time watching and best part is MAR WAS PART OF THE SHOW! hahhahahahaa… I think Steve Wyrick wanted to Holla too! He had Mar on stage being his sidekick and doin cardtricks while she sipped beer and hooch… He also made Mars phone disappear and did all kinds of crazy shit. He pulled an old lady from the crowd who was fresh off the boat from taiwan, I mean fresh fresh… no engrish, straight up sweater smellin like mothballs fresh off the boat. crazy. the lady’s name was FOO LONG! and he shouted her out all night! lol hahhahaa. anyways, he made a harley disappear, then reappear behind us….. he made girls, kids, men disappear, HE MADE A DAMN G5 JET APPEAR ON STAGE OUT OF THIN AIR! man!

So we walked out of the theater after the standing ovation…. and headed to the heart bar, had a deep convo on where we are in life, how we got to where we are, the stars, moons, the economy, plasmas, taking chances to even Warren Buffet. Best of all, I made an acquaintance into a friend and that’s hard to do. Good people are hard to find these days like that missing piece in the monopoly game @ McDonalds that leads to the $50,000 prize. I’m dead ass serious. We did NOT feel like clubbing it. That’d be forcing it. We had ran around the entire strip enough. Went upstairs and watched a movie, ordered room service and I was faded. I finally passed out, woke up with 15 missed calls and knew it was time to head back to the city of angels to get back on the grind. I just got back from the gym…. had a great work out. I’m feeling good and I hope everyone else is too.

I got a meeting 2moro that could change my life a little bit. no joke. wish me luck.

god bless.

the room they comped me…. view was nice, bathroom was crazy. there was another part of the room I didn’t take a pic of…. but whatever, you get the idea


how we started, mojitos, cran w/grey goose & don julio str8 up.

fly and flyer

@ heart bar inside PH


@ cut

mar’s whitefish….. (rachel ray) delishhhh!(rachel ray)

wagu prime

jojo putting me in a for real headlock, 92% strength cuz he’s retarded

the greek god who’s so light on his lil feets, with those fancy british pro keds he had on….

mar gettin ready, don’t be mad


yeh, we know CD 1 & and CD2

entering the magic show… we couldn’t find the egyptian magician or any gypsy’s.

“attn: absolutely no cameras are allowed inside during the show!” lol
but we look so good! and I don’t follow directions, so FLICK!

the ball!

purple potion for president

and for real? there’s many more pics! lol

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