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yep, my weekend was boring as fuck… so let’s just talk about some expensive ass frames. expensive vintage frames to be exact.

me and Corey Shapiro (vintage frames) have been killin shit to death lately….
we shoulda did this a long time ago. smh

but anyways….
we made some Ultra II’s in rose gold, white gold and white matte gold….


I can’t lie, when corey came up with this idea, I said you sound dumb as fuck. stupid in the greatest way, but who is going to be able to afford these? same shit I ask myself all the time… we’re catering to that 1% and the matte white gold joints go hard! we’re making a more affordable dead identical looking pair in matte silver… so stay tuned.

here’s some close ups


these actually look super dope on! but only beasts can rock these… not for the pussys

and to some iced out frames…
we kept it lightweight tho, classy tho…


these Cazal 905’s go hard, clean and this is my steez all day.

so onto some other jewels…
it was hard to get a good angle on this revolver, but we made a pretty dope little gun. a little pistol but I couldn’t get it to sit right to take a great pic, but check it


this is actually available for sale at the store…

and I was thinking of flashy hood shit that we make from time to time and I said the hood loves us regardless, they know we got that fancy fancy don’t even look right on you type shit and we got that D boy look, but as long as we keep making shit like this, we’re good lol


blue diamond i-Gucci watch and that red GG band. we’ll sell these all day. we still have the all black on black and the white diamond joints of course

now friday night was date night with wifey and I took her to a spot where I’ve been going for over 30 years… it’s sort of a gem because it’s not high post like BOA or some other shit, but it’s so fucking low key dope and on some fully grown adult shit that they’ll always be around. the crazy part is that the view is spectacular and there is a revolving bar downstairs that moves 360 degrees around downtown LA… the sinker? the food is great. straight up.

nothing like watching the sun set with my wife in my city…

the bone in filet = money. so fucking money

scallops = MONEY!

we had the creamed corn and white macaroni and cheese and apps that were delicious… def gotta go back. no trendy clowns lurking either. I love it…

after that, we hit the arclight and checked out an indy flick called “my sister’s sister” and that shit was awesome. what a great low budget straight up thespian film. just acting and dialogue. no extras, no fancy shit…..

Saturday, I got a gift from my family


this Korean chest came from Korea and has been passed down through a few families and is around 300 years old…. this is a legit ass corean antique! and it goes perfect in our dining room and actually sets shit off… we’re grateful

then we got lunch at this place called Frida at the americana and the food sucked. I knew it would too though….

later, I caught up with my little bro Ryan Grant formerly the starting running back for the Green Bay packers, but he’s a free agent… and he’s down here training for a month. so we hit up sunset plaza and got our looky loo on. ate some good food and talked shit for a few hours…. I also stopped by this asian charity event to check out my boy Dumbfoundead, but I couldn’t find parking so I kept it pushing…

didn’t do a damn thing…
ate at Figaro cafe and then at Max’s of Manila and that was good enough for me….

cold chillin….

aite, got some shit to do this week. always working and gonna link up with some heavy hitters this week… also I’m supposed to be doing a dope feature with VIBE magazine soon which is an honor because I’m being interviewed by Dawton Thomas. he’s a super OG.
got BET awards this week and I’ll be far away from any of the fuckery, but I will be somewhere in beverly hills posted at a fly spot with my WSHH fam… also might check out X-Games for a sec

shout out to my boy Angel, who laced me with some sick ass KR3W skinnies and shout out to David Beckham for being so cool…

I do got some big news coming soon with Fatlace/Illest and my watch is coming sooner than you think and my hoody, tee collab with Jugrnaut will drop next month in chicago!

I should be picking up my new V12 tomorrow, but let’s see how good the bank is to me.


yup, that sums up the NBA finals 100%


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