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too much chit chat and nothing to back it up… smh
“Never step off your chariot to address peasants throwing tomatoes”

back to the show….

when people get bored, they do dumb shit like post on blogs and forums under fake alias’s or just act like bitches….
when we get bored, we get stupid and make shit for people with disposable incomes…

you ever seen an iced out chap-stick? didn’t think so….
so peep game and shut the fuck up please….


specs: 14k white gold, approx 58 grams and approx 15 carats of VS diamonds!

you want us to make you or your girl a iced out diamond lipstick??? GET AT US!


So yesterday was my 1st official day back in the store…. It felt crazy that I haven’t been in 3 weeks or so, but it felt good to be back…. shit seems slow around downtown still, but we still got a nice flow and I’m around to get shit done and I just finished a nice new rose gold Cartier fully iced out by machine set…. I’ll post pics in the wrap up.
as always, get at us for any work at INFO@IFANDCO.COM

while I was at the store, my homey was selling some rare shit… he’s an APPLE fiend!
well he had the new all white IPHONE 4….shit is very rare!


you know you always see some exclusive shit here…
I got a new 64gb 3g IPad and new 15″ MB pro with the i5 processor both still in the box…. don’t think I’mma keep them. i’ll let y’all know….

finally got all the bullshit out of my guest room and got 2 pieces of new furniture coming soon in there…..
but meanwhile, shit is looking good….

got a nice small 40″ flat screen on the wall and the new west elm day bed came in…..

and Nic bought us a new Murakami Lithograph…. with all the talks of Murakami, I guess we just added to our art collection of his work

p.s. I’m bout to slang the last of my kicks again….. HEAT! og supra’s and other shit…. stay tuned. 1/2 of it is Near Dead and the rest of it is DEADstock pretty much…..


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