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for those who don’t know about my big homey and mentor in many ways….
well do some research…. and then bow down to my bro
and then come through and check him out!

Mister cartoon will beholding a seminar on the 25th and 26th of june at 5pm, discussing how lettering impacted his life from graffiti art to vintage sign painting and modern day fine line low rider script. He will also be discussing illustration airbrushing and brushers and sign graphics. Along with his concepts of tattooing and surviving in today’s market.. Cartoon will try and cover the points that you will not here at most tattoo seminars. The seminar will contain multi short films from the art of lettering tattooing and peeks into cartoons daily lifestyle. At the end of the seminar there will be a Q and A plus gift bags.

click on images below for full details!


if you want to get down with my boy Toons, you should definitely peep out this seminar, his wise words changed my life for the better and it’s deeper than the tattoos! learn something!


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