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so my weekend was pretty damn decent…. I never know what to expect and to be honest, I never imagined it to end this incredibly!

let’s start with some excerpts from last week…
my lil homey Rob K needed some new gear and he’s shooting the new season of Keeping Up, so I took him down to the block to get right with my boy Nick Tershay aka Nick Diamond….

and then we headed up to sunset to get him some Crooks gear….


and then……

the best pic taken at Crooks

I’ve never used the bathroom before there…. great

Rob and Ludah hooked it up major, much love and shout out to everyone at the Crooks sunset spot

I wish I could blog about what happened during and after that lol…. but I can’t!
smh, all you know it alls have no idea lol…. I can’t say close to 60% + of what I would like to say and not putting a filter, but just saying it would ruin a lotta shit for people, lightweight for me. so to the critics who think they know me? go fuck yourself and live your life in your shitty igloo

so anyways, Rob took me back to the crib so I could catch my flight to vegas and as we were walking to the car, I got a call from P Reala and Money Mayweather saying they were in LA and he wanted to swing by my shop….. they were downtown and I was on my way to vegas, what are the chances??? smh, I had to handle biz though

I’m not a big fan of the panamera, but for a 24 year old, that’s a hard ass whip.

so off to burbank…. no 1st class flight, but I got a “A3” boarding pass and burbank has NO lines ever….
this is the busiest I’ve seen it


I swear it took me 3 minutes max to run through this security checkpoint whereas in LAX even in 1st class, it takes over 5 minutes to more on average and over an hour sometimes in coach

so got to vegas, it was 94 degrees….. handled my business at the cosmopolitan and then chilled at my boys crib…. he lives in one of the new high rises and the rent is cheap as fuck! now I know a few cats who live in these new towers in vegas on and off the strip and the rent is crazy cheap! from $1200 to $1800 for 1br to 2br’s with amazing views! I was seriously contemplating getting a place out there because if I visit vegas 3x a month, that’s less than getting the usual hotel rooms I do. but really I’d love to do more consistent business out there…. who knows

I was chilling and supposed to stay overnight, but I just got so bored that I changed my flight and jumped on a plane back home and thank god I caught the last flight back to LA

so back in LA, back on the grind….
here’s some small things we made that I wanted to share on the blog


the ring is kinda sick! I think dude shoulda made a pendant/charm, but all good….

and this next piece is perfect for the weekend


the dagger in Miami’s back! lol…. this is actually a really small piece, but clean

but you want to see something not clean?

smh, this is typical southern/houston type jewelry… horrible. NO THANKS

okay, so I watched the Mav’s tap that ass on thursday night with some of Nic’s old friends and she baked a cake for them….

I love cake, especially yellow cake and chocolate frosting

so after the game, I said to myself…. they have to win game 6 because they DON’T want game 7 in Miami… more on that later

Friday I went to my store to pick up a piece that I made for my lil bro Apolo…..
and so I met up with him at Matsuhisa and this place has not only been a staple for 5 star sushi in america and especially LA but their name is so powerful….. not anymore, they’re food was terrible. I don’t know what the hell happened, but damn, I didn’t say anything until Apolo was complaining…. then I actually said hold up, let me see….. yep…. sad, but the jewelry I made for him wasn’t lol

meanwhile in seattle, wa, our non profit org Friendly Earth is killing shit out there!

so later on in the evening, I had a double date with my boy D Crooks and we took our ladies to dinner and a movie(surprise? smh)
we went to Magnolia which we don’t frequent, but the food is off the chains there…. I was tired and didn’t get to take a nap, so I needed to drink some patron silver and pineapple to get me a little more amped

after the delicious dinner, we headed over to Arclight to go see Super 8 which was a good movie. Visually of course it was pretty damn amazing, but with JJ Abrams and Steven Speilberg how could you not? I won’t give away the story because the previews give you no information on it…. but it was a good watch and damn that movie must have cost a shit load to make! I liked that there were no major stars and all the kids were new to the screen, well major blockbuster big screen for sure

after that, we went home, nada mucho…

woke up Saturday to the fuckiest weather and was like cmon…. damn!
my homey Joy was headed to Palm Springs…. my boy Matt was headed there too and at the same resort! so he said, get your ass up and get out to PS! I literally was racking my brain and almost headed out…..

and then.
I get a call from the Champ… he says “yo Ben, sorry about what happened to your boy from LRG, but the Champs still in town and I want to see some jewels, we out here baby, come through!”
and just like that, I knew my weekend was gonna be alright! haha

so I rushed over to my store, grabbed a few things and headed to meet the Champ at his telly….
as soon as I got there, he said, “Ben that white thing is you?” I said yeah man….. he said “that BMW is SHWEEETTT!” haha… so they were on their way to Roscoes to get a late lunch and I had no ate yet, so it was all good…. I hopped in the back seat of the Money’s Maybach and we headed over to Roscoes.



so we pull up to Roscoes and never in my life have I ever seen parking spaces coned off for anyone and on top of that there was an hour wait and long line….. not for the champ and in MY town! lol…. they opened up a back door (I never knew there was one and I’ve been eating there for 20 years and we sat down inside 5 minutes…. the champ had his assistant go to the grocery store to get some hot sauce, his own personal favorite hot sauce lol
so we killed a whole lotta chicken and waffles and a whole gang of butter…..

we shot back to the hotel to handle some biz


Floyd always has champagne and patron on deck…. he don’t drink, he just likes seeing his homey’s live and have fun…. that’s awesome and every time I see the champ, he has some crazy quotes

so after jewelry biz, I headed back home and the champ and Money Team headed off to the beach……
I got a call from Money’s security Big Kip and he told me they were stopping in bev hills for some shopping and I knew some shit was up because the champ don’t live by schedules really…. so when they get in the car, you never really know where you will end up…. so I met up with him at Barney’s and in about 30 minutes, Money burned down Barney’s which isn’t easy to do haha, jesus

next thing I hear is that, they want to see the R. Kelly concert downtown at Nokia and that we’re not going back to the hotel for them to change… I was down for whatever and wasn’t doing shit anyways, so me and Nic rolled ou with them to the show…. he got 13 tickets within a matter of 10 minutes and the champ didn’t have to change because he had a fresh pair of kicks in his trunk…. in fact he had around 12 pairs of new kicks in there and he just copped a gang of gear…. so he threw on his fresh new suede jacket… a new pair of shoes and his assistant handed him 2 new pairs of socks lol….

we mash down to Nokia and literally it’s a catch up game and we had a 4 car convoy…. Kip can drive and Champs nephew was driving like a champ and you already know I don’t play games behind the wheel….. we park the cars at the JW Marriott and the valet guy says “where are you going?” you can’t park here, we’re full… Floyd handed dude like $500 and dude said, we’re going to leave the cars up front, just get them anytime LMAO!

so we head over to Nokia and Floyd’s man Sam meets us at the backstage, backdoor entrance (of course) and he gives us our tickets and I’m not even paying attention really…. we’re walking into the venue and I see Keyshia Cole on stage opening up for Kellz….. and next thing I know is that we’re sitting dead center front row, I mean front row, front row, R Kelly can piss on you Front Row! lol…. he got a dozen seats front row the night of a sold out show. damn

that close enough for you?


now I’ve never seen Keyshia in person, but I like her cute lazy/spoiled girl swag that she had on stage…. her show was whatever, but we weren’t there to see her

there was a 30 minute intermission

so back to the show…..


like I said, we were close…..


I had to give it up to R Kelly…. he came out swagged out with the black suede and patent Lanvin’s on…. I got the same pair and now Nic is like, so now will you wear them? haha

we walked out prolly around 10 or 15 minutes before the show ended because like myself, I hate walking out around a MOB of people…. I don’t like crowds if I can help it… so we shot back in the convoy and headed back to the Telly….. Champ ordered more champagne and more patron and ice and we kicked it as he told some great stories and shit…. Nicolette being a pacquiao fan was like, Mayweather is a really nice guy. haha

went to bed and woke up Sunday like, what’s goooddddddd?????

headed to my store early and then got a car wash and then scooped up my boy P Reala to get some lunch in the marina (thank you coolwhip for the hookup, real shit! I owe you bro)

then we headed back to the hotel to watch the game and walked into Champs suite and he was getting a massage….

now even his Masseuse was fly! haha, she had on cool greys

so floyd tells his assistant to get his money and he brings over a gang of racks…. but then champ says, naw, not that, bring me my pajamas…. and I said pajamas???? the champ said, yeh Been(ben) I like to sleep with money in my pockets LOLOLOLOLOLOL damn man….. like 8 racks worth smh

oh and

don’t trip on Champs diamond and gold nameplate on his custom made Fendi Wallet

and then we order more food and more drinks and watch this game…. Floyd being the heavyweight better that he is, he says I want Miami to win and I’m rooting for Miami but they won’t win today….. after a lot of craziness, I started to feel bad and was like damn, I just can’t believe Lebron is playing like this; I started to even think that maybe the Mafia approached him and said if you play good, we’ll shoot you. bottom line, I DON’T GIVE A FUCK WHAT ANYBODY SAYS… LEBRON JAMES IS NOT THE BEST PLAYER IN THE NBA, HE ISN’T EVEN TOP 3 OR 5 TO ME. period…. he played like shit and hasn’t proved shit in 8 years of being a veteran in the NBA. Dwyane is the best player on that team

sad sad sad!

when it got to around 9:30 left in the game, Champ said, this game is done….. he’d put 10 million on it and he called it and as much as I wanted it? damn, I wanted more of a game at the end…. they just fell apart… but I had a ball on twitter!
some of the twitpics! wow!



but I was in good company….
the whole fam was there in the hotel suite
50 cent wasn’t there this time
but you know who was?



won some money on the game, that was easy EASY MONEY!

so I shake from the telly… and champ and everyone pack they’re shit and head back home themselves….. I wish them safe travels and I’m sure they’re gonna head out to someplace crazy soon….. fuel up the Jet and shoot out to Aruba or maybe St. Tropez
god bless…..

so when I get home it’s really on….. I mean, I get reports that Mark Cuban ordered 250 – 400 bottles of champagne and the whole Dallas team are partying at LIV????? reallly?

Cuban walking around the most popular club in Miami with the Finals Trophy??? really?

sorry, that shit would never fly in any other real city…. that woulda NEVER happened here in LA. because 1. no club owner would allow that, too much respect for the Lakers and they ain’t gonna trip on the money, fuck being smart business, be smarter by not being hated forever and ending your business later, that’s like selling out your mom. 2. that team wouldn’t be able to get out of there without being beat down! FBI or POLICE couldn’t stop that 3. there would have been a riot and someone would have stole the Finals Trophy…. stop acting like I’m the only person who feels that way.

don’t trip on the 100k bottle of ACE (still a joke) but gotta love any 15 Liter bottle of Champagne….

I mean they were acting a donkey in Miami and Miami cats dont care? I mean my boy DJ Irie even said it was disgusting….. sad man

I HAVE TO SAY CONGRATS TO THE DALLAS MAVERICKS, they played their asses off, I was happy to see Dirk walk off the court, fuck them dudes for hating and saying he was faking injuries and his fever….. good for Dirk, he got the last laugh. He’s an amazing player, so is the Jet and Jason Kidd and JJ Barea is a fast little mofo

now, get this right, my rivalry for Boston still holds respect for their team, legacy and organization, but when it’s game time fuck them! but Miami, just the way they handled this press and promising all these wins, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY PROMISING THE CHAMPIONSHIP THIS YEAR? fuckery bro, pure stupidity….. and the comments after by LBJ were just even dumber. sad. their a good team, but I don’t even know if they’ll win it next year, we’ll have to see how this all pans out

D Wade was already there, I’m not trippin off him, but man LBJ really made a bad decision even if they get 1 or 2 rings before it’s all said and done… he could have brought the championship to his own city and I totally forgot to mention previously that he grew up and really coulda been a true legend in his hometown

I was talking a lotta shit last night on twitter…. it became a top tweet and I was trending in Dallas lol


ok, I’m done.

p.s. I feel bad for the real fans out there who really rocked with Miami since day 1 or 2… shout out to my boy Raul who been die hard Miami since day 1

again, what a great weekend.

I been trying to figure out what to do with my 100% be@rbricks and I figured that out….

now it’s time to figure out where my paper is coming from this week


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