Memorial Weekend wrap up…. the affordable jesus piece!

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So it’s been over 5 days since I’ve laid an entry on here…. I need to start blogging more.
1st off, I had a great weekend, but with some moments where I was like wtf am I doing here? those moments made me realize I am too old to be in certain areas and my patience for bullshit shortens even more than it already is….

peace to my houston/h-town family lil D and Andrew who came through crew deep to LA! sorry I didn’t get much time to chill more, but I was working on designs for a new client and had so much other work backed up til around monday, but I closed the deal and many others (thanks curlie and 206 chris).

now while most people leave town to go to a super crowded area during the holidays, I like to stay the fuck put, fuck vegas and all the drama and lines or crowds, I rather see traffic in LA then be stuck in that nonsense…. so I stayed in with my girl this weekend and got a lot of work done and did a lot of other stuff I can’t post here on the blog haha.

I get this mms message from one of my vip hosts and I say to myself… has it got this bad? I don’t even go out in LA to nightclubs really…. but $22k for a 6L of ACE? not bad huh? gtfoh!

I guess Colony is the spot now in hollywood huh? I’m so outta the loop, I don’t even give a shit anymore…

Friday Night
I chaperoned my nephew Lil Ice’s 1st prom and was glad to, his pops ICE-T looked out for me and his moms Darlene have done the same…. So instead of him spending a lot of money getting a limo or a nice car…. I agreed to drive him and his date in the 7 safely to the Long Beach Convention Center where the Westchester High School class of 2010 was having their prom at…. Now I made sure my girl came so we could chill out in LB for the few hours we had while Lil Ice and his date danced and stunted out…. only thing is, I assumed the pike’s best attraction GAMEWORKS was open for business! when we parked, I found a parking space in front instead of valet’ing it and I was like, damn must be my lucky night, around 7:30pm I said to myself, damn it looks kinda dead inside huh? maybe it’s just early…. so we got a bite to eat at CPK…. after a slow meal, we walked over to see it was closed like a motherfucker…. sign said “due to uncontrolled circumstances, we have been forced to close THIS LOCATION only, we’re sorry for any inconvenience” well I don’t accept their apology…. so we drove back to LA and kicked it at the crib watching true blood until it was time to grab my nephew…..


btw, they had the worst drop off area…. later though, when I picked up ICE it was more official!

and after dropping off my nephew in Baldwin Hills… he went off to get into some trouble in Hollywood…. while we shot back to the crib… on the way to the crib, I noticed a new piece painted on Brainwash’s studio

got to bed early Friday night….


woke up early as hell for a saturday morning (8am) and got some exercise and emails in…. watched some more true blood until we got hungry and then headed out to the Mondrian for a favorite past time brunch @ Asia De Cuba… but realized it was closer to lunch time, so we got a kinda early lunch in….


texting my bookie….. bet the house on the #lakeshow baby!

while my girl was lookin at this:

I was lookin at the wallpaper on my phone…. lol

btw, i’m the only asshole who pays for wifi at a hotel I’m visiting for lunch for 1 hour, smh

thank you Eddie Cruz and James Bond….. since Smush wasn’t a Laker, I haven’t repped these since…. thought it was proper to bring them out!

she’s actually texting me telling me to get off my damn phone! smh


I don’t care if it’s brunch, lunch or dinner…. you can’t NOT get this everytime you go to Asia De Cuba

damn why can’t life always be this easy?

so we went from the hills to the hood….
headed to Icee Fresh to pick up some bread, some work and ship out some orders….
just finished this pink sapphire stud chain…. shit weighs 200 + grams of white gold…. I don’t know if I’ve seen or wore a heavier stud chain ever.


the chain is TOO WET!

broke out my phone to mms this pic to one of my clients…. we finished some black gold, black diamond dog tags

finally, I present you… THE AFFORDABLE JESUS PIECE!
made with black silver and black onyx stones! with a black pvd sterling silver necklace

all inquiries hit INFO@IFANDCO.COM

so after Slauson, we headed back up to the Beverly Center to do some shopping…
I actually copped a few fresh marc jacobs things for my friends pool party on sunday and my girl like any girl just loves to shop….

headed back home to watch my #LAKESHOW get in that Phoenix ass! I mean, even the games we lost, we beat ourselves… fuck their lucky 3 point shooting and trying to get their stadium hyped…. any other team would be down by 25 points…. we played horrible, they didn’t play super great. We finally ended their bullshit season and honestly? the NBA really was trying to get a game 7 I swear to god! the bogus calls refs were making were insane….

anyways, I’m ready for my Lakers Ring! no joke, I can’t wait for it.

so immediately after they won…. I shot up to swoop up my homiez from the H and take them out to koreatown to an official korean bbq dinner! everytime or anytime I hit Houston, these cats always got my back!
so I made sure they got to eat someplace legit…. we hit my favorite spot for the last 6 years ‘Cho San’ and we got my birthday dinner room…. got it in and ordered the best of the best and mixed some soju with baek seju and the shit crept up on my folks…. not drank, but it did it’s job!



anyone who know what time it is with that Alief, Houston Texas area knows my lil homey is a big homey aka boss in that area! MUCH LOVE BRO

after we killed 10 cows…. we shot over to Voyeur which was super crackin….
I made sure the h-town fam was good and then shot out back to the crib early so I could get in some household errands…..

I think the homies thought I was bullshittin with my reason to leave, but I had to mms them a pic to keep it real lol…. now I’ll let the maid clean the crib, but nobody does my laundry but me since I was 10 years old. every time I’ve let it happen, they usually fail by the 3rd attempt, so I’m good…. as Walter (john goodman’s character from the big lebowski) would say…. “THE WHITES DUDE”

woke up kinda late actually(late for me is 11am and not what late used to be, how the fuck can some girls/women sleep in til 2pm? smfh)…. got up and got ready….. its one of girl’s best friends Dana’s b-day party at the Shangri La hotel in Santa Monica… her bf Hayden was throwing a party at the pool there and I knew it was gonna be off the hook!

stopped real quick at the lomography store to get Dana a gift and I brought her a bracelet courtesy of IF and Co x Votan

traffic was murder! even on side streets it took 1 hour to get from beverly hills to ocean ave in santa monica!
but when we got there, we got the VIP treatment, seen a lot of familiar faces and bottles were comped and I had a great time

the weather was beautiful! and it was actually pretty hot and I packed a overnight bag just in case because I know the rooms there are dope as fuck, so I was preparing for whatever was clever! Dana had the best cabana in the entire spot! it was about 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the cabanas which were in the heat….

I don’t know who brought the custom colored Krispy Kreme’s but DAMN! them shits were off the charts!


my homey Lin came through….

I got a few cocktails in and kicked it while listening to my og homey DJ Coolwhip do his thing on the tables…. he played everything from Steely Dan to Deadmau5 to La Roux to Mike Posner, so I was done with taking anymore pics for the day

so I wanted to stay and get a suite there and maybe kick it chill styles and have a nice dinner by the beach, but that didn’t happen…. so we shook to grab a bite to eat and change clothes and linked up with some of my girl’s friends at XIV….
now I don’t know what the fuck was going on, but there was a line of 40+ people outside and if the capacity inside was 300, there were 700 easy inside and if I had any idea that was the case before we entered the spot, I woulda said FUCK NO!
thank god, I’ve spent bread with SBE because fine girls and even guys who were buying bottles were getting denied at the door…. it was a movie for real, a bad one….. we get inside and it’s straight bedlam… I see all types of cats (shout out to Regis, Rage, edski, dub… thank you chanel & jae)

there wasn’t a single table available since 5pm and I guess every sunday it jumps off at XIV until 10pm….
it was disgustingly hot, sweaty and crazy inside and it felt like a club in europe with better music…. my girl was having what seemed to be the time of her life and I was with 2 other girlfriends of hers and thank god her friend had a table, otherwise, I woulda killed myself….

at the end of the party, some homos wearing ed hardy (no way?) bought bottles of the cheapest champagne ($200 shit) and sprayed it on everyone and I was tempted pistol whip those shitheads early! At least spray cats with some Ace of Dom P like I would :p

now, I don’t think I’ve contributed to this behavior, but I seen cats who didn’t even have tables buying champagne bottles while standing around…. smh at myself if I started this stupid shit…. but it’s #champagnehooligans! haha

so the party didn’t stop there…. went home to change again! then head a friends house which he just got up in the hills….
I’ve seen pretty much every amazing house in LA county, so I’m not impressed… but I will always appreciate a great view of my city

by this time…. it started to get brick outside…. I mean it was chilly as shit… they had the fireplace running, but my boy had a crib that was like a convertible top…. and 25 foot windows that were open (sucks cuz he just got the spot a few days ago and there aren’t curtains really that size or drapes, so his ass wakes up at 6:30am regardless of what time he sleeps due to the bright ass sun hitting his crib lol)
he had the typical pool with the waterfall looking over the hill….. only a few rooms, but who needs a HUGE house, this shit was what I would buy if I was in the market and was selling my spot….

anyways, shout out to my boy Ian from chitown…. thanks for the LV x Murakami jacket… it was freezing! haha!

hmmmm…. more veuve and pink dot please (pink dot really delivered 5 bottles of Veuve to the crib)

btw, AT&T got NO love and NO service up there…. smh, neither did t-mobile or sprint…. only Verizon had service, so everyone trying to get to this house party was deaded on directions…. I feel bad for Lin, but more bad for his ferrari cuz the roads SUCKED UP there.

I don’t know who took this pic, but thanks lol….

a lot of fuckery was going on, but I was deaf to it….


all I know is I woke up at 6am and then went back to bed at like 10am with the worst headache/hangover (it’s always the worst huh?)
woke up again after a morning nap lol and headed to my sister’s house for a family bbq with my brother and his kids too and my cousin and her husband to celebrate a few great things….
I miss my girl Ripley!

kicked it there and told old stories until evening time and then headed back to the trap to shut it down and watch some more true blood!

alright folks, gotta get some work in….
reminding myself today is tuesday not monday

god bless.
peace, 2 fingers

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