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BECAUSE THE EVENTS THAT TOOK PLACE ON MONDAY, I OBVIOUSLY COULDN’T POST THIS ENTRY ON TUES, WHEN THAT WEEKEND WRAPPED…. crazy thing is that I had a fucked up feeling all day Monday smh….. but nothing I can do, he’s never coming back and I gotta accept it. I won’t like it, but there’s nada I can do.

so this is sorta a throwback post and MDW is really just another weekend, sorta like my birthday is just another day and I don’t stress it too tough.
I will say that the traffic is always less crazy here because all the bozo’s leave town for MDW and makes things much easier for me….

so anyways, thursday night, I didn’t attend the LolliMe bikini fashion show at Supperclub because of some issues I had with the promoters, but the club owners hit up my boy Triple XL and were like yo, bring ben down and I got his bottles straight, but….. the show went good and they tried to floss on Nic with some chips, but whatever….. that’s how I get paid on a side hustle, so they shoulda known better before putting my name on a flier. but whatever
this is what I did thursday night…. I got so blown, I took a long drive of a place where I went to pre school and kindergarten at commuting from k-town

it’s been a long minute since I had to jump in the whip and have a by myself meeting….

I got it in early at the grove to get some dinner and finally got to see Thor (now that the grove has reserved seating FINALLY! its all good, but century city is still nicer)
so dinner and a movie (what a surprise! boring ass life)

salmon was crack…. but I can’t have carbs really and def not after 8pm

so I peeled off the skin and killed that chicken!

and then, the movie theater was lightweight dead… but I think everyone was going to see Hangover 2 which I saw already and I’ll give it a C+…..
but Thor? mannn, I thought I was gonna hate it…. shit was not bad at all… now if I was zooted? I mighta gave it a A- or B+…. but it gets a solid B in my book and shit was dope as fuck visually!

in almost 10 years of seeing movies at the Grove and even at random times…. it’s never been like this before. I LOVE IT!

so the other weekend highlights were an international rib bbq cookoff!
it was held up in the hollywood hills at my boy Matt George’s crib and he had all his canadian friends there to help him lol…. while it was only me and D Crooks there to rep the koreans, k-town and USA!

the view my dude has from him crib is silly….

that’s a world famous architectural home
I was emailed this afternoon by my friend and then my brother in Law who are home aficionado’s!
That property pointed out is designed by Pierre Koenig, aka.. Case Study House #22

…. you might have seen it in many commercials, magazines…. swordfish? why do fools fall in love, ray, etc etc…. house is crazy fresh, I’ve been in love with Lautner homes since I seen that UFO crib in Body Double in 1984! way before the corny remake of Charlies Angles was made….. Lautner > F. Lloyd Wright

and then….



now back to the food…. the rib cookoff was tough because Matt had a rib the size of my half lower leg overnighted from the best farm in Montana (true story smh) and then it took 10 hours to prepare!!!!!!!

that shit was ridiculous…. it tasted good too!


you can’t stop a crook…. and D killed it lightweight… kept it OG, hood style and the bbq sauce he made was piff!

there was crazy beef and no fight

one of Matt’s friends is this girl Shay Mitchell who is on a show called Pretty Little Liars, now I don’t know much about the show, but she is cool as shit…. the other girl was a DJ from canada as well and she brought some ribs too that were good, they just didn’t win. D rolled up an ill cone and we smoked out til we got the munchies… but I was limited on what I could munch on smh….

while everyone was out partying out of town, I was just chillin
and then later in the afternoon, one of Nic’s best friends had her birthday party on a big yacht that sailed around the bay of Marina Del Rey…. it was low key as fuck and I super lightweight made my DJ comeback

shout out to my homey Coolwhip who I’ve known and been working with since like 1994 no joke! he’s still around doing it and on top of that, he is a certified Optometrist too!


the yacht had wifi…. was bout to get my facetime on with nobody lol….. but that iMessage is coming soon and that shit will fade everything! smh…. it’s gonna make BBM look like a sidekick for real. RIM is so outdated and behind it’s sad

it was a colder than I’d like it to be, but fuck it…. it was only a few hours and I was with good company

other than that, I didn’t do much, did some work and did some light shopping at the Santa Monica Place for skinny short swim trunks and other shit I don’t need….

here’s a before pic since I ALWAYS FORGET TO TAKE THEM!

the Crooks el Presidente 41mm rolex datejust style watch…. yes those are real diamonds… and I’m gonna freak it with something on top…. nothing crazed, just a little add on. stay tuned
much love to them
if it’s one thing, I love, it’s the squash of the unnecessary drama there was between me and them over some shit that had nothing to do with ME, but I understood…. after seeing documents and shit. all I know is I made things civil, get over it


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