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the word for this past weekend was MCRIB!

so yesterday afternoon was our 1st annual McRib Summit McRib Invitational at McDonalds on Crescent Heights and Sunset Blvd. (yes the 2 story one lol)
sunday = cheat day…. so most of us said FUCK IT! LET’S GOOOOO!

I really didn’t know what to expect neither did any of the rest of us who were showing up….. I just know that I was starving myself all day to get ready to eat around 4 mcrib’s as soon as I touched down in Mickey D land… Homicide met me at my house and we started to roll up there… but this all started late saturday night on twitter and all throughout the morning to afternoon, shit began a craze, A MOVEMENT! #mcrib !!!!! all over twitter…. Stonerokk the general in charge of this gathering texts me while me and homicide are stuck in traffic on how I was being a rude host not being there and it was only 3:57pm… I love punctuality though!

so we pull up to the Mc D’s and I swear to you I’m hyped crazy!
view from my window….

close up

we even were gettin into east coast/west coast battles with crooklyn clans DJ RIZ and Sizzahands and adambigdog

1st off, this is what some of our twitter pages looked like early! even Eric Dlux of power106 got involved. lol…. he even remixed a LMFAO song to our passion for the pork boneless sammich!
(click on each image to enlarge)

eric dlux’s page

dj five got involved…

of course Homicide…

moi…. aka k-teezy

stonerokk’s page…

okay, so shit got serious when I seen that Stonerokk had someone come down just to film the event and document everything via flip cam… lol

check out stonerokk’s outfit… he looked like a 2010 Larry from Three’s Company!
(click on all pics to enlarge)

I wore a track suit just in case I needed to get ready to run some of that shit off….

and btw, again, that is not Phil Spector next to me, Phil is currently serving life in prison for murdering a woman…. that would be the infamous DJ STONEROKK

the introductions and hello’s with homies before entering the arena….

and finally…..


from L to R (morsecode, homicide, ben baller, stonerokk, dj mr best, marshall barnes, josh binder) and takin video and pics was myself and Samuel…

I started to fuckin bust up when Stonerokk starts off with “HI LET ME GET 4 MCRIB’S AND 4 BOTTLED WATERS” LOLOLOLOL…..

homicide goes in with a few mcribs early…

stonerokk so anxious, he’s trynna make sure they have enough for us….
we spent over $200 in there. smh

cashier was countin change for a cnote….

had to get extra pickles and extra sauce!

didn’t know we were sitting in the handicapped section, but it fit us quite well…


this maniac at about 9 mcribs when it was all said and done…. Morsecode in disbelief as 1. he’s jewish, 2. he can’t believe how delicious these things are!

marshall barnes…. gettin his mcrib grub on…

heres a dope shot of his tribute tattoo to AM

homicide showin off after round 1…. he went back to grab a few more…

round 2 break….. as you can see Stonerokk is still eating!

there’s some pics on my phone, but I was like fuck this I’m gonna eat and not take pics for a while…. let me get a few more mcribs in!

still going…

and finally the aftermath….

so after it was all said and done, I had a fun ass time. We all had fun. shit was hillarious… next year we’re gonna do it in new york maybe or have a 2nd annual one at the same location but upstairs to cater to many more mcrib fiends…
I was in a severe mcrib coma and when I got home, I was supposed to go to the spearmint rhino xmas party to hang out with my boys, but I passed the fuck out as soon as I got home and felt sick as hell…. I have to leave town 2nite for a couple days for business… but I’m excited as we’re busy for the holidays.

oh yeah, check out the video footage of the 1st annual McRib invitational games aka McRib summit here:

and btw, yes all of us are all grown men… smh, but proud to be scumbag fux

in memory of my brother DJ AM aka Adam… His McDonald game was crazy! he used to super size shit like no other… one time Homicide had some girls come by Adam’s crib and AM just ordered mad food from MC’D’s and he got mad at Craig because he wanted to eat his food on the couch, but the girls were sitting there. LOL!
ALSO, 2 years after his surgery… I was on the phone with AM and he said hold on YANG, you’re about to hear me say something you haven’t heard me say in a very long time…. there was a short pause of silence and then I hear Adam say “aww yeah, lemme get a #1 with super size, diet coke please! LOLOL. I miss you homey, wish you coulda been here today for the festivities! say hi to god for me!

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