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so yesterday the champ came into town and held his official press conference for the fight this September 17th vs. Victor Ortiz and so I went to fuck with my boy over there at this hotel….. Champ was so calm and cool and wasn’t really trippin on anything as if it was just another day in the life lol. SWAG!

got to the telly after a few meetings
room was swagged out for sure, everyone was just kicking it there watching RANGO on PPV….. we ordered some food and kicked it…. I checked out the view and it was a dope one

that’s what my LAKESHOW calls “HOME”

so then, his assistant handed everyone their credentials so we can walk wherever we needed to

I didn’t know what to expect…. this was a mayweather promotions, golden boy promotions, tecate beer and HBO event…. we walk down to the lobby of the hotel, there are 5 black escalades ready to take us to the first event which is a meet and greet for the VIP’s for I think AT&T and someone else….. we took the trucks literally 72 feet from us lol… into a garage…. then into some backdoors and then an elevator and ended up in a VIP room at ESPN zone… while we were in the Elevator there was so many of us in there and some of Floyd’s security team is like 7’1″ and 350+ in size…. the elevator was buzzing and wouldn’t let us move because it was too heavy a load and Champ says “damn I knew I shouldn’t have brought all this money on me” lmao!


after that, we got back into the trucks and the drivers took us an additional 25 feet to the red carpet entrance of the press conference and that shit was crazy! CATS WERE SCREAMING LOUD!!!! there were actually dudes in the crowd screaming “P-Reala” and “BEN BALLER!!!” lool…… man, there was big ass smoke bombs and shit on stage and when Champ got up to the podium, this sucker Ortiz pushed Champ and Champ wasn’t even phased at all…. but it looked like it coulda went down….. another note, Champ is like right at 147 right now…. this cat is at 165!!! smh


and then check this cat out!!!


this little kid was Floyd’s #1 fan for real! he was waiting in the Hotel Lobby….. he was there throughout the entire conference and waited even an hour after it ended… but I got Champ to take a picture with the kid…. he had $100 dollar stacks on racks and racks lol! dope shit!!!

so they talked the talk….. Ortiz was yapping his gums a whole lot and way too much…. mexico this, mexico that…. man fool. fuck bringing race into it G….. when champ got up there he was super humble, didn’t say too much, but he said, this is for the world, mexico, america, everywhere…. and then he stunned the whole fucking world….. by saying “PACQUIAO IS NEXT!” DEEEEAAMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!

and then….

blah blah blah…..

you know I had to put the Champ on Instagram!

“the corporate thugs say naw champ talk that shit!” lol

after the press conference ended there were maybe 1,000 fans who stayed to get autographs…. and check it out, FLOYD SIGNED EVERY SINGLE LAST ONE OF THEIR GLOVES, PICS, TSHIRTS AND WHATEVER! he signed literally everyone’s shit!


diamond life….

the champ said, I don’t care if the JET is leaving…. I’m staying until everyone gets their picture & autograph #BOSS

right after that, had to rush to the airport to catch this JET to Atlanta…. literally…. stairwell entrance was closing!


much love to the whole Money Team again:
Pretty Boy Floyd, P-Reala, Rick Brazil, Big Kip, Mike Cutty, Vegas, Big Bull and the whole security detail

50 cent and Floyd are hosting a party at EVE this saturday night the same night that me and ROB are doing JET in Vegas… so I’m gonna be at both spots! make sure to come fuck with us out there….

I gotta head out and make this jewelry and I’m gonna post my top 50 movies tomorrow most likely!


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