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welcome again to my blog, good morning, I want to let you all know that Mayor has over 1,500 pair of rare nike air forces and he wears them all, even a $3,000 pair, he’ll wear… why? because he is an asshole just like me. when he isn’t out working his ass off, he likes to call me to harass me about his jewelry being made. whether it be a watch or a rosary or some rings, I can’t keep count because in the recession, he’s copped a lot of jewelry from us and this is his 4th custom G-Shock with us. Now he had the Play Cloths G-Shock before I even had seen one in a picture outside the stock pic off their sites and the hypeleast or highsobriety blogs etc… So the watch is red and gold, so we had to keep it OG with the yellow gold and the white VS diamonds… we also through a little extra touch and added the diamonds on the buckle…
anyways, thank you Mayor for your headaches, I am now going to change my # because of you. mad love. big shout out to my homey DJ CLARK KENT for introducing me to this ocd fellow sneakerhead! for real though, keep grinding, keep shittin

now for some pics…. I used my blackberry because again I didn’t have time and was rushed! sorry for the delayed post!


I hope you enjoy this one Mayor

sorry again for crappy pics, but I had to ship this bitch out as it was 1 day later than I promised… smh.
still the fastest around!

last night before I went to go see Kick Ass (btw, movie had me rollin! everyone kept saying it was not what you would expect and I kept saying shut the fuck up bitch! but damn…. it was funny, I chuckled and the lil girl was a gas) my lil homey cat dicc jr. copped a new watch from me…. sorta passing the torch, he got an AP, he got a kreiger, he got an iced out G-Shock…. so he wanted something full blown classy (f.y.i. there are so many fake AP’s out there, it’s like the diamond chains of the hip hop jewelry again and on top of that, I was on the phone with the manager at the Bal Halbour flagship AP store and she’s saddened that the popularity in the hip hop community and rise in fakes is tarnishing the brand….. smh, this ain’t cristal y’all. COME ON!)
so anyways….. I sold him one of my grown man, no diamond watches…. He was a happy kid because he spent more on bottles Sat. night than he did on this watch, much love brodie

peace y’all…. gotta wrangle in some $$$$$

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