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So last night I attended a private reception in celebration of the 2010 Census culmination for the City of Los Angeles and Mayor Villaraigosa. It was downtown at the Los Angeles Theater Center and it was a waaaay cool event. I gotta dress up more often and get involved more often for my community and do something with any popularity I have and use it towards positive things like getting more money for LA and especially my town… K-TOWN! A lot of celebrities got involved and did PSA’s and more importantly, the mayor’s office did this with NO MONEY! it’s 1 thing to do this with even some sort of budget, but DAMN to do this with NO FUNDS? I got a whole different level of respect for the Mayor’s office, especially Norma Vega who’s repping my old hood and Xavier aka J-DUBBS and Jesus and just the rest of the team there….. great job, we surpassed New York, Chicago and other major Metropolitan cities this year for getting counted for the Census 2010.
It was good to see homies from Ozomatzi to Art Laboe come through and show love…
the party was sponsored by Hennessey! haha and even VSOP privilege! not bad!
I got to meet the mayor and take some pics with him which was cool (thanks Xavier, can you email me those pics please!)

but here’s what I took with my phone, I thought the undercover police and security would trip on my camera, so I didn’t bring it, little did I know it was a way chill event and I coulda
(click on images to enlarge)



THE MAYOR OF LA! oh and Antonio Villaraigosa

(now back to the blackberry pics)


man, this cake was off the hook!


again, much love to the mayor’s office for the VIP treatment. there was a VIP area upstairs with a private bar and lounge and bathroom(major + for me smh lol)


Mayor holding it down… I like his style lol, man they hating on him hard right now with this bullshit and the tickets to the lakers games… smh! Mayor Giuliani in NYC was at literally every major yankees game in $1,000+ seats(easily) and at mad knicks games and other things…. our mayor can’t go to these major events? anyways…

thank you to the Mayor’s office and everyone involved, we still have some work to do, we got another 2 weeks left to GET EVERYONE COUNTED!!!!!

so on to some other business
pure hype….
looks great, got great apps, you can now have an abortion via your iphone4 blah blah blah!
not worth the $700 and not worth everyone who waited in line(hell naw I ain’t waiting in no lines)


so here’s my personal issues which have been nationwide issues as well…
so when you cup the phone (how the fuck else are you supposed to hold the phone?) and hold it up the right side of my face, it drops the call or mutes the call! when doing a google search, it apparently is a problem with everyone who’s talking normally on their new iphone smh…. so later in the day Steve Jobs replied “well don’t hold the phone that way then” wtf?
next issue is this…. the back is now entirely made with glass, so I’m not perfect, even though I try my best to keep my phones crispy…. I know 1 drop to the ground and it’s RIP IPHONE4…. smh

I don’t know… I’ll wait til december to put my sim card back into this joint… until then I will wait for the Blackberry 9800 Slider!

So after the event, I headed to my Homicide’s crib to chill out and talk shit…. He got the ill 3-D set up in his new spot and I’m like damn…. I couldn’t explain it before, but even movies that aren’t in HD or even 3-D show up 3-Dish… the TV he has makes images on the screen truly come to life… its weird, I kept saying, why does martin lawrence look like he’s outside your door? huh? we watched a little bit of true blood and while this car was driving and then parked and SAM walked out, I figured it out.. It looks like the viewfinder in your HD camera when you are filming someone and from your viewpoint. it makes shit look way too real, almost being fake because it’s a TV show that YOU didn’t film, but HBO did. crazy….
anyways, we was chopping it up about how crazy this dodgers vs yankees game is gonna be!
we got VIP loge seats for the game tonight @ dodgers stadium and we’re gonna talk a GANG OF SHIT!
the game has been long sold out and even bleacher seats are hitting for $350 for a pair???? jesus

btw, that’s all authentic gear there… and the LA fitted has the grey bottom under the brim, not the black bottom

oh, the homey Apolo came through to LA for a day, but I had shit going on all day, so I couldn’t link up with him this time… I didn’t feel like hitting a club either, I was supposed to go to Voyeur last night with him, then hit up Playhouse to see my other homey Jermaine Dupri who’s now with SKAM ARTIST! and also check out homey’s over at Industry…. but I said fuck it and stayed at Homicide’s chillin….
but everytime Apolo emails, direct message twitter’s me, I’m like yo fam, you always on a wifi plane? he’s like well, you like Virgin Air huh? I said yeah man, thats my main shit! he’s like well I’m sponsored by Alaska Airlines….
and out of all the sponsors, AT&T, Omega, etc etc…. any water or beverage or shoe or clothing brand sponsorship…. I’ll take an airline sponsorship ALL DAY!!!!!!!! wow hahahaha
so Apolo picture messaged these images to me of 1 of this Alaska Airline Planes….


having a private jet is cool…. but you gotta pay for that, being able to book a flight anywhere this airline flies without any worries and always fly 1st for free AND THEN GET PAID FOR THIS TOO? mannnnnn. #BOSS!!!

speaking of dodger blue…. think blue… since my fitted and supras are blue…. MY AP IS TOO! haha

all VS1 F colored diamonds and even baguette shaped diamonds in the lugs area connecting the band to the case

and since we’re on jewelry….
I got this heavy ass solid L-R-G panda for sale… made in 14k gold and weighs over 100 grams, serious inquires hit me up, cuz this beast is ready to go!

aite y’all…. I’ll definitely be blogging a little bit this weekend and I’ll see all my NYC fam in NYC in a couple days


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