maybe the most boring lame weekend

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this is what 2011 is going to look like for the old man
basic shit and getting money

started out the weekend finishing off a piece for a client


now, I don’t know about y’all…. but this is a pretty ill chain for a girl!
genuine VS diamonds, white gold and cuban link chaiin? damn! go Seattle!

and so then I got a call from an old buddy who has season Laker tickets and couldn’t make it to the game and he had 4 tickets for the RIGHT PRICE….. so I decided to take my girl’s dad and brother to the game
we were playing the hornets and I’m a fan of CP3’s and wanted to see Trevor Ariza back in LA…. so I headed out to get Nic’s dad and bro… and then headed to staples


we were 16 rows from the floor, so the seats weren’t chopped liver and it was a sold out game and more importantly a friday night game, which are usually always good.
I didn’t bring a real camera… just my cell phone (I just feel weird bring a camera to a regular season game) and it was cool that we got to see DJ Mbenga get his ring (made by Jason of BH) since he’s been hurt and didn’t get to get it on ring day…. the game was kinda close, but we came out the Victors and that made my/our night!

drove home and packed for Chicago and went to bed

woke up Saturday morning, did some work at Icee Fresh then met up with Nic’s brother and Apolo in k-town to get some lunch….

if you want fast korean food…. then the K-Town Galleria is the spot to go to. their entire food court is all korean food (like 1 japanese spot and 1 chinese spot but both korean made, korean owned, you really gotta be korean to understand)
but you don’t have to be korean to dig this….

that’s that old school good shit! FANTA PINEAPPLE > ROSE’

then we took off so I could take off to LAX…..

upgraded to 1st class
had to meet a client in Chicago and drop off some jewels
while I was waiting for my plane… my manager Bo sent a me pic of his license plate of his car back home where he was I guess.

apparently his pops is a 30th degree FM and I’m not mad

get on the plane and the plane has no wi-fi!
anyways, turn my cpu off and cool out until I get to the 8 degree trife life weather in the CHI…….
car service picks me up…. head downtown to handle some biz and then check into my telly
now it’s so cold outside that nobody is outside, NO, I MEAN NOBODY.

even when I was downtown during the day time I could count maybe 20 or less people total I saw outside in a total of 2 hours or so driving around…. I did see a new Moncler store on Oak st. downtown, but again, it was so fucking cold outside, I didn’t even want to get out for a second….

so later on now (it’s sunday) I decide to turn on my macbook pro which has always worked like a champion and guess what? NOTHING! DEAD GREY SCREEN WITH THE APPLE LOGO AND LOADING SYMBOL CIRCLING FOR OVER 1/2 AN HOUR!!!!!! sucks man…. too cold outside, flight isn’t until early monday AM and the on demand in my hotel sucks! I was hyped to see the Eagle lose to Green Bay (mostly because my lil homey Ryan Grant and homey Charles Woodson play for the packers *pause*) but after that, I was twiddling my thumbs…. I wanted to skype with my girl, do anything!
finally I got some dinner downstairs at Capital Grille….

don’t look very good huh? SHIT WAS DELICIOUS! it’s been sooooo damn long since I had a whole steak to myself since my girl’s a pescatarian….. 14oz steak too! mannnn
service was outstanding and it was pretty packed for a sunday night….
so then what?
so bored…… I took pics of the room!


yep…. bored as a mofo but at the end of the day

I can’t be that mad…..

all that money can’t buy shit when the gift shop closed! so it was too late to get some candy, snacks or even soft drinks downstairs and it was toooooo cold and too late to go outside and hit a local liquor store or gas station! so I have nothing good to watch, I already ate, but had no snacks or drinks, and still with a broken computer!
meanwhile, Apolo texts msgs me these pics


honestly? speechless, I don’t even know what to text back to AAO

but I do want to kill him at that point of the evening
so I take some benedryl and pass out for a few hours…. wake up and it’s 2am! FML…. that’s midnight in LA and now I’m gonna prolly be up until it’s time for me to leave to the airport…. so I’m dying of thirst and I had no other choice…..

no joke, after state and misc. tax… this was $8.93 and I have no idea how that even came to be. but that shit was great! I didn’t let a drop go to waste……

wake up in the morning and I couldn’t get there early enough to upgrade my flight to 1st and this was a smaller plane which sucked! I could only get a bulkhead row and man…. nothing I hate more than being squished up in coach…. the worst!

anyways, I fall asleep for 85% of the flight and still with a broken cpu and all I can think about is eating….. as soon as I land, I go and get In N Out…. from there, I call every cpu tech I know to see if I can fix my cpu or else…. it’s time for the genius desk at the Apple store. negative…. the power of twitter! I find someone after sending out some tweets who is an Apple IT guy and just over the phone he tells me that he can fix my cpu inside an hour or so… since my cpu wasn’t even responding to being opened in safe mode and being reset etc…. my cousin who has worked with Apple Co for over 20 years tells me to run a test and I get a I/O error and he tells me that’s pretty much all bad…. so I’m like fauwwwwwkkk.

so around 30 minutes later, this guy shows up and has a backpack of everything you could imagine any cpu tech would have and sure enough inside 2 hours my cpu is back and working faster than ever!
THANK YOU CHRIS K! much love homey!

got in the shower and got ready for the grand opening of my homey Mark Fatlace’s new boutique in Little Tokyo, Downtown L.A. “ILLEST”
now I won’t go too deep into how much Little Tokyo means to an LA OG like myself….. or how crazy it is that I met Fatlace off Niketalk aka #NT and how we used to chat on AIM etc…. and from this sneaker culture message board, so many big things have spawned from #NT…. crazy for real…. cats have started for real brands, worldwide brands! and Fatlace/ILLEST is one of them…. this is his 3rd or 4th store (SF, LA, Tokyo) and I’m very proud of Mark…. he had Del the Funky Homosapien perform along with another guy…. don’t know if he was from the Hieroglyphics crew…. but new artist Fashawn also showed up to flip a few bars… it was a nice turn out and I got some ILL ASS GEAR, PUN INTENDED!


and right after, I got some official grub over at Koraku (the only authentic japanese cafe that truly reminds me of a tokyo diner for real!)

and I was rocking like a different hoody or jacket every 30 minutes!


I can’t believe mark got that logo trademarked and copywritten! wow! titleist didn’t try to hate! or maybe they did?
all I know is that fucking letterman jacket is sooo ill and i’ll be rocking it heavy! the crewneck has pockets which I love and the hoody is perfect too!

shout to Jae Bueno for the pic of me rockin the illest letterman

you can find all the details on “illest boutique” at
or follow them on twitter at @illestboutique

much love for the gear, congrats on the shop! and everything! safe travels to japan today…..

that wraps up a pretty wack weekend, but it’s okay



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