many are cold… but few are frozen!VALENTINES DAY GIFTS!

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many are called, but few are chosen!

and on the contrary, no need to dress warm, I brought plenty of HEAT! YA DIG!

A good amount of people have already done their valentines day shopping with us, they put in their custom work orders in early so we have finished some things and still have a LOT of things to finish before this weekend. Here’s some stuff I wanted to show you guys

I’ve been seeing some jewelers show me some cute eternity rings, I say cute because thats exactly what that shit looks like, some people forget, we’ve been flooding out and pave’ing eternity rings years ago and filling up the side areas, but we don’t always take or update our pics, so I’m glad it gives some of you peeps room for improvement, but EHNH! wrong

shit is very very very serious above! 10 carats and 11 carats of white diamonds, NOT WHITE SAPPHIRES! and the rings weigh about almost 20 grams, so they’re not for the weak

throw it in the bag?
I love it when we mix pave’ + invisible settings together… this purse weighs 35 grams in 14k white gold and is 12 carats in white diamonds….. some lucky girl huh?

this was a very clean subtle prong set cross we made for a homey of mine… we engraved his name on the back and the date him and his girl started to date… I won’t show those pics, just in case she reads my blog


here’s a pic of the mold my cousin Jimmy cut up faster than you could make lasagna of this custom prong set cross we made for a guy who’s wifey wanted to surprise him.

this cross is soo clean, its 8 carats all VS2, F color diamonds and the diamonds in the cross are 40 pointers.

we had to tattoo the back with our IF stamp, which we do on almost everything we can if time permits

I had to take it for a test drive before I shipped it out, she bought the prong set diamond stud chain from us too which has 24 pointer diamonds(SI1/G color) and weighs almost 30 carats total, no clasp so it’s snag proof

Every year we get a good amount of guys who want to propose to their girlfriends on that special day in February…. this guy went all in!
the center stone is a 2.01 carat GIA VS1 and D color diamond(D color as you may know = NO JOKE!) and we put a prong set halo around the center stone, as well as a prong set fully iced out setting eternity style for the ring. She should be very happy!

people, don’t associate us with womens jewelry, but we actually have been making more womens jewelry than you think; also what I don’t post here, doesn’t mean we don’t sell at our physical location. we are the kings of bamboo earrings and nameplates, the real shit, OG door knockers to all the above…. but here’s some random womens jewelry that’s been sold this past week:

so anyways, enjoy the pics, I’ll be blogging as often as I can and getting used to this WP instead of blogger…. but once we get everything settled, it’s game over…. iron out a few things and it’s for real stratosphere levels for us!


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