Magic show, Las Vegas. Spring 2013

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oh shit! is he back? not fully
so yeah, tough as fuck to get my blogs in…
I’m really trying. so easy to micro blog and I spoil you guys on there… but yeah, last month was the month for lovers… also my 1 year anniversary of my wedding and a very busy month so let’s begin let’s just get Vegas and Magic out of the way….

Delta First Class ain’t what it used to be smh got there and as soon as I landed it was on…

pre-game… I’m the king of room service! no lie photobomb my wife’s pic….

so I walk downstairs to meet up with my team and head to my NEFF X BB event at XS

the homies Q Worldstar and Pusha T joined me in the celebration
it was the first party of the week and or the first GOOD and BIG party of the week…. everyone showed up and shit was crazy… kinda weird to be at a different table then my Diamond Life fam, but this is something I gotta do obviously… I got to link up with the BBC/Ice Cream cats which was cool and my En Noir fam was there… along with Chad from the Neptunes diplo was the DJ and if you don’t really know who diplo is, then do some research, not only is he a real official DJ, his production and list of hits and grammy’s are NO joke


he really held shit down and the place was stupid packed….

the homey Machine Gun Kelly showed up to rep special made watch box/sleeves!

Million Millions in the ceiling!!!

I actually did pretty good that night, I think we got back to the room around 3am which wasn’t shit…
thank you Tal and Shaun and of course Jesse Waits (owner of XS who always holds me down)

Day 1 magic show

day 1 fit: Diamond x IBN crewneck, Diamond x IBN pocket tee(never for sale), DOPE couture socks, Hermes Large Constance belt, KR3W k-skinny chinos, Crooks & Castles x Mosley Tribes Costelano shades and Nike Air Yeezy II’s.

before I got to magic, it was essential that I order breakfast via room service.

the first day of magic was more like a shit show…
so I guess my popularity has grown, obviously with social media too… I think I took at least 400 pictures with fans and stuff and that is by far the most I have ever taken ever in any place, not just magic… jesus, makes me think though, what if Jonas was still around? fuck
the show is back light weight though… seriously, a little better organized and the economy is back and people are spending money so it wasn’t as dead as it’s been in the last 3 years.
yup… 1 of the main reasons why I was there doin some press for Complex Mag with Mr Springbreaker Riff Raff

linked up with a lotta cats that day… seen my boy Big Sean and chopped it up for a min about chains and money, what else is new?

oh yeah, some low life piece of shit stole my iphone from the diamond supply booth while I was taking pics with a fan. smh… I just had a drop from Big Sean on there and a few other things…. thank god for icloud because it updated the pics via photostream real quick!

I offered a $2,000 reward and then a $5,000 reward to anyone who brought back the phone to the booth no questions asked, but nobody showed up, obviously. someone was in for the beat down of their life for sure… we had a crew of ugly’s waiting for the idiot…

fuck the actual phone, it was just the hassle and things and losing some other stuff I couldn’t have backed up that fast… so I shot to the mall and apple store and copped a new 64gb oh well fuck it.

got to the room and guess what? you already know, Room Service again

I took a 2 hour nap because I knew it was gonna be stupid at Hyde Bellagio for the Crooks party with Pusha T performing


it was live as fuck in there too… it’s just so much of a smaller club

my boy Nick Diamond got it in. his foolish ass ordered a $20,000 boat at 2am lol. smh


linked up with my fam Bun B and my homey Karruech we stayed until they kicked us out at 4am. smh

I was so fucking tired again…. got back to my room and ordered room service like a beast

magic day 2, vegas day 3
now I’m raggedy as fuck and waking up at like 10am when I haven’t woke up past 6am in many months due to London… I missed him so much and Nic had to head back to LA…. my head was hurtin and body was aching like fuck! so you know what I had to do… order room service to get my day started right lol

got to the show to do a few interviews…

that’s one for Karmaloop TV I did at the Neff Booth

did another interview for the Source caught up with my boy Juelz….

crazy 10 minutes after I ran into Jim Jones as I was leaving and had to chop it up real quick…. I missed Camron’s show at the L-R-G party the night before and linking up with all 3 of DIPSET would have been legendary

some cat papparazzi’d us while we were talking…. shout out to my little homey Tyga who I’ve known since way before he was mr rack city….

shout out to my boy Gerry who is actually a very heavy sneakerhead and also the newest member of Worldstar, but definitely not a lightweight to the game…

left the show though…. was beat up


you know I’m a lover of the arts… and my telly had a $35,000,000 Jeff Koons Tulips displayed there

got back to the telly and my ass passed out for real.
I was gonna do room service, but Q was like naw fuck that… let’s eat something good, so I went to one of my regular joints that I always do: RED 8 in the wynn which is seriously my go to spot. fucking love that salt and pepper chilean sea bass!

after that, we headed to go see the show, Jersey Boys which was really fucking good and then we headed back over to Hyde Bellagio. 1. I had zero desire to go out so my mood was real rude. I was in a shitty mood actually…. there was people trying to talk to me and I just wasn’t for the small talk, in fact, I hate small talk when I’m in a good mood. I got into real bad with some waitress who was fan bumming me out heavy and even tried to have Q tell the bird to leave me alone… finally the manager came by to talk to her and she lied to him and told him that we proposed oral sex for money. lol. he looked at her and said, if they disrespected you like that, why would you stay at their table? exactly bitch. you were drunk as fuck and wouldn’t shut the fuck up!!!!!

I smoked a fat joint and passed out kinda early and woke up feeling sick as shit… stayed in my room and didn’t even think about the last day of magic.
it was Las Vegas 4 and Ben Baller 0
they got the best of me for sure….

I used to do Magic and look forward to it… it was like a 8 hour red carpet event for me and Jonas and it was just a lot of fun… it’ll never be that again, but it was pretty good this time. thank god for car service too! and that first class flight back home. shit I was so sick I was pretty much laid out in the second bedroom so I didn’t get my son or wife sick for a week

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