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so I will try not to say too much bad, so I’ll keep this blog entry 95% and obviously from my perspective; anyone who got a problem can eat hamster penis’s….

I check into my hotel, upgrade to a corner suite and shit is very official… the only spot I stay in Vegas is the Vdara and I love it because 1. they have the most official spa and 2. there is no casino which means, grown folks and no extra bs or hepatitis in the pool. oh and 3. they’re room service is very official!


they gave me a 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom suite that was almost the same size of my condo, but with an iller view smh….. the suite also had a washer/dryer inside that bitch…. and what a waste because I didn’t have a party or anything there….

anyways checked into the room and Franchise aka Cat Dicc Jr. was staying at Aria across the street, so he walked over and we headed into magic… now magic ain’t what it used to be and it declines in freshness each year since around late 2007…. I used to come to vegas for 4 days/4 nights easy, but now it’s 2 nights at most and that’s even a stretch…. it was 147 degrees outside and some taxi drivers had the nerve to tell homies of mine that they wouldn’t turn on the AC because they had to pay for their own gas(wtf? I wish a cab driver would)…. it was that desert heat that I mentioned before from my palm springs blog, but a little better because there’s so much to do in vegas, but really my head is screwed up because anytime it’s 95 degrees at midnight sucks!

so we walk in and Gully and Albie from L-R-G hold us down…. this time KR3W and Supra are showing downstairs at Project(the fancy part of the Magic) and so I’m upstairs walking and chatting it up with the regular street wear cats…. Black Scale, hundreds, crooks, 10 deep, young and reckless, undftd, stussy, famous stars…. so much of the same and a lot of people didn’t even show this year as the show gets smaller and smaller (most of the cool brands showed at Agenda a few weeks ago, so it was pointless for them, but some still definitely need to show face)

again, like a damaged digital mp3 file (a broke record really) shit ain’t what it used to be! Magic used to be packed to the fucking max! it used to be a 6 hour red carpet event for me and my bro Jonas…. it was always fun and lots of stories…. but the economy has kicked most clothing brands in the asshole and even took toll on vegas overall…. I had VIP hosts who were calling me telling me to book a table and if I brought a certain amount of peeps, they’d comp a bottle or buy 2 bottles and get 1 free (WTF?) but I’m not poppin corks like I used to, I agree with my boy Lil Duval when he says “it’s the broke peeps that are the 1st to spend now”

so I walked around the same old bullshit, but in a smaller arena and just sorta stayed with the OG’s in the game (MUCH FUCKING LOVE TO EDDIE CRUZ, JAMES BOND AND ESTEVAN ORIOL)

my lil homey Chanel from Fantasy Factory…..

the homies Drama Beats and Kev D

and then it’s another pic for Twitter of course …. @chanelwestcoast @dramabeats
btw, Fuck you Drama for scaring me at Trader Joes…. you creepy lanky fucker! haha, you got me good bro

#NT resident and MMA connoisseur Muscle 68 aka Ryan Loco… damn loco, we didn’t get to rage and get our rainbow on, but oh well…. you are always 10000% character!

my fucking fly society fam! TK and Hitman and Cat Dicc Jr.

the lil homey TV Johnny


the hundreds shouted me out in their blog and where do I even begin to start off with their brand? I was there from day 1 for real…. crazy how small me, bobby and ben’s world is and crazy how I knew Scotty since he was 14 years old smh….

doin 1 of my many interviews, this one for Karmaloop TV (I used to do like 10 major interviews each day, now it’s like 4 really small ones for blogs mostly…. BUT I’m still getting asked to do around 200 drops each day smh

so me and CD JR head out to Crystals so he can cop himself an outfit for the evening…. franchise was already in vegas for party purposes(I wish I was young and retarded like him) so he was supposed to check out before I checked in, but wanted to stay and party a little bit…. He knows I’m not much the party guy these days, so I said we gotta chill… but I created a monster….. this little shithead goes out and pops off almost every few nights, but he’s not much of a champagne hooligan, he’s more a of grey goose and patron killer

so we walk into Crystals and Louis Vuitton along with the rest of the entire mall is dead! shit is a ghost town! CD Jr cops a louis shirt and some jeans and we shake…. I see that Gucci Mane and Lloyd Banks and Juelz Santana and Birdman are performing each night of magic at Eve nightclub inside Crystals and I’m like damn…. shit’s got that bad that they have RAP acts performing at their 5 star(so called) nightclub establishments? a few years ago, if your jeans were a little baggy, you got escorted outside a nice spot, now they’re so desperate, they let their zero tolerance law of drugs and shit slide to make some bread(the american way huh?)……

so it’s hot as fuck, I go back to my suite and pass out for a few hours….
wake up and head over to TV Johnny’s suite at the Pallazzo for a small get together…. we chat it up about everything and Johnny’s showing his clothing line in his room to friends and clients of his…..
we even got on a live ustream chat for a while and it was funny because one of Johnny’s clients was there and his wife took over the ustream chat and never really goes onto any social network (FB, myspace, twitter etc) but while viewers were chatting up shit, she would respond to them lol…. I forgot her and her husbands name, but they were real good peeps….
so after eating all of Johnny’s Shrimps and Chicken, I felt lightweight sick and had to destroy the bathroom at the pallazzo…. went into the jewelry store to peep out their AP’s and said, F this…. let’s go over to see my homey Steve Aoki spin at Blush inside the Wynn…..

as I’m walking around, I see my fam Tal and he tells me, Yo if you are planning on going inside XS tonight, don’t, the owners Creative Recreation made it clear to the owners and management and anyone relevant related to XS nightclub that they don’t want me in there…. word? 4 different VIP hosts said they’d walk me in, no problem, the list goes on and on and I don’t want to get anyone in trouble, but peep game… FUCK CREATIVE RECREATION YOU BITTER BITCH ASS COWARDS! sad because one of the owners is korean and looks like he still eats dogs on a regular along with his gak du gee smh…. one of the fam over at Supra actually helped create CR8 Recreation, oh the irony?

So I’m not trippin, I see my OG homey of like 15 years Jermaine Dupri and fellow #SKAMARTIST is in the building and djing next door at Tryst…. so we chop it up for a sec and I see he’s with another one of my OLD OLD super old school homey’s Bree…. my homegirl Paris is hosting the night, so I chop it up with her and her fam… Her Dad is like, hey I met you at Paris’s house before right? You have those diamond teeth…. I showed him and Kathy my new diamond dice and they chuckled….. so Paris is like come with us to XS(don’t even worry, YOU’RE ALL GOOD BALLER!)… btw Paris is dating 1 of the owners of XS who I thought previously had an issue with me, but it’s clear that it was just the Creative Rectum cats who don’t like me…. I actually hugged it out with Jesse and made sure they knew I got love for them 100….
the rest of the night I won’t even mention (don’t you hate me right now?)

so whatever, I appreciate that after all these years of all people, Paris always has been solid and never fronted on me… the night was still young and it was 3:30am…

the homey Franchise was antsy and I felt bad because he had expected me to get it cracking, but there was so much extra extra bullshit I wasn’t in the mood…. Franchise met a bad one out there, so I know he wanted to set it off like C4 up in that bitch… but I took off back to the room while he popped a few and gambled all night

I was gonna hit up the Poker Table at the Bellagio and see if there were any old familiar faces and order some food there, but I was too tired… so I ordered room service….

that’s how it comes to your room after 1am lol…. I’m not mad!

I passed out and woke up to a call from my lil bro Rob Kardashian who needed to cop a g-shock and had been asking for a while now…. oh yeah, congrats on your new Panamera S too lil homey…..
so later in the day I had my gf roll to my store and pick up the watch and then meet Rob by my sisters house because she’s neighbors to Lamar and Khloe (where Rob lives lol)

anyways….. bout to get my day 2 started and I head over to the Aria because again CD Jr decides to stay a 2nd night and doesn’t have any clothes…. lucky for him that I lost 50 lbs and don’t wear 2xl size clothes anymore… so I let him hold down a nice short sleeve henley and some fresh supras and we get it in at the cafe’ downstairs…


the Aria’s cafe is pretty much like most of the cafe’s in any 4 star or better hotel in las vegas “good enough” that’s it…. nothing can touch Bellagio Cafe still to this day

so me and CatDicc Jr head over to Magic and it’s the same shit again… except! this time it’s more crowded…. not saying much ever since they moved into a much smaller venue, but it was busier wednesday than it was on tues…. so I did my rounds again and this day I took at least 100+ pictures with fans and blog readers… I got love for everyone period…. for all of you who think my life in interesting, I think you should punch yourselves because I live a basic life….. but I do respect the working man and I have a bleeding heart for anyone out of work. “it’s not about being better than anyone else, it’s about being better than you used to be”

I did see a lot of cats wearing jewelry at the convention this year and a lot was wack and some of was decent…. but I was thinking damn I used to walk Magic with over a million in jewels on and security guards smh…. who the fuck did I think I was? Ben the Baller?

anyways…. THE MOST BALLER SHIT I’VE SEEN IN MY 7 YEARS OF MAGIC WAS NOT THE CRAZY JEWELRY OR CELEBS OR 12 FOOT ROBOTS OR ANYTHING LIKE THAT…. (although the bedazzled santa pendant was pretty amazingly retarded on a small bus level) it was my homey Charlie from IMPRM who brought a real live baby WHITE TIGER TO THE SHOW!


this shit was the highlight of the trip as well… no joke!
the white bengal cub was from Ohio and shipped over… my boy Charlie stole the show with this shit here! much love to him and the IMPRM crew!

and here’s another short vid where you can hear her roar (baby roar) so after that, it’s pretty hard to come up with some ill shit…

but don’t trip… my boy pro snowboarder Dingo came in with a close 2nd place!
this shirt cost like $900 and someone gave it to him…. it has like 200,000 rhinestones and crystals in it!
I wanted to wear that shit!

before I left, I walked over to the Famous Stars booth and my boys Scene and Spider were djing and Spider was playing some “jerk” music crazy…. lol… mad kids “jerkin” in front of the booth and it was funny as hell…. he was waiting for Scene to take over…. but I ended up playing some golden era hip hop shit…. shout out to my OG homey E-Swift of the Alkaholiks who showed up… much love famo!

as me and CD Jr. were shaking…. the homey Bun B was just walking in….

(on a side note, shout out to DJ spider, DJ scene, tina t, the famous stars crew, bee nguyen and if I forgot you, I’m sorry, #throatchop me next time you see me)

while all this is going on…. my girl is meeting up with Rob K to give him his watch…. and then heading over to my twin nieces bday party with my entire family….
I’m sad I didn’t get to make it, but she repped hard for me and I’m taking the girls to Universal Studios next week!
happy birthday Sydney and Zoey! UNCLE BEN LOVES YOU!

Nic bbm’d me a pic of their cake and had a good time with my fam…..

speaking of Fam it was also my lil homey Ian from LMFAO’s bday party at Colony that night…. and I couldn’t go, he said cmon N***A change yo flight and roll through! hahahahaha
you know Homicide had to roll….. and funny thing is my girl’s friend was working the event so she went and I didn’t (what part of the game is that?)
they bbm’d me a pic

I was taking a nap for the longest! then headed over the the forum shops with CD Jr so he could get some gear for the night lol…..

went to pop my head in at the UNDFTD/vans event downtown which was where the real tastemakers were hiding and my boy DJ MUGGS of SA Fam was spinning….

then headed over to see more of my #SKAMARTIST fam DJ Vice and DJ Five tear shit up at Lavo….
so while my girl was partying with her homey who works for SBE, I was out partying with Sam Nazarian who owns SBE…. what a coinky dink(stfu ben)

we walked into Lavo and shit was CRAZY!!!!! it was also my boy Kevin Lee’s party who owns Monster Cable and the event was for Beats by Dre. headphones… (all fam and my circle only gets smaller)


I think there was a reason why this pic came out dirty….. the camera was hating on us because we’re gay smh

you know why they call him DJ FIVE? because he always looks like he’s 5 months pregnant lol

Vice went up to Five and said GET GRIMEY SON! play that dirty dirty! and HE DID! #OHLESSDOIT

look at this fux!

ordered a bottle of Veuve Rose’ (my fave)
and then….

the Champagne Hooligan proceeded to get it in!

CD Jr also ordered a bottle of Grey Goose magnum….
we had the table in front of us where the wifey’s were sitting… Sam N of SBE next to us… and the homey who runs EVERYTHING IN THE PHILIPPINES JON HERRERA!

no joke… this cat runs it in the PI! from the hottest clubs, hotels and everything! also owns a magazine called Status mag and a few stores…. doin it to the utmost! and he’s super OG fam with my GF…. he always flys out Vice for gigs in Manila and Boracay


and back to the party…..

cat dicc 1 and cat dicc jr

everytime someone ordered Cristal or Ace, they had Vice play a different them song (i.e. axel f or oh mickey you’re so fine, etc)


Vice got on around 1:30 and started off with a remix to david guetta/kid cudi “Memories” and it was fucking over from there….

more bottles…. Gusto and Kevin Scott in the mix!

and speaking of bottles…. Vice got a bottle of Gran’ Patron Platinum (do research) and I had to tap out no lie…

oh boy…

when I get wasted, I do dumb shit… OBVIOUSLY!

so please don’t give me the mic! I will talk shit all night long!

and do really gay shit!

and while I was faded….. Franchise thought it’d be funny to take this pic

thank god for taxi’s and car services in vegas… smh

I woke up late and lost my voice, my cell phone and my mind

jumped onto my flight bypassing all the lines from a 1st class upgrade…..
but I hate fake 1st class…. you pay the same, but you get that bullshit!

(virgin still has the best domestic and international 1st class period! US Airways & Delta are the worst!)

was so glad to come home to my girl and my place….

now I’m headed off to another city for a day or 2….

god bless

much love to everyone in vegas


p.s. does anyone ever read my tags?

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