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well folks, I just got home and I’m beat up…. BUT I had an unforgettable night last night… we’ll maybe get into that later… I didn’t know what to expect this year because I’ve been hitting magic for around 8 years now, strong 2wice a year for 5 years, but last year I missed out on both and I heard it was bad…. so bad that this year all 3 (project, magic, slate) were held inside the Mandalay Bay convention center instead of the Las Vegas Convention center where we took up the whole damn place! and then project had to be elsewhere! crazy… but anyways… my story begins with no sleep and a 1st class flight to vegas (insert jonas bevacqua voice “I’m very proud of you dick, nobody cares, its a 40 min flight!” lol) and I fucked up by booking it at 6:30am instead of 6:30pm the prior evening!!!!!! So anyways…. I got situated with my badges, credentials, etc…. touched down MADDD EARLY in sin city and some of my homiez were still up smh…..


so I hit up an good friend who I haven’t seen in almost 2 years (he lives in japan, born in japan and began speaking english maybe 2 years ago) and he used to own a store called ESSENSE in Yokohama, Japan and me and my partner at the time (circa 2002-2005) had a business called METHAMPHIBIAN and it was exclusively sold there in japan and we had many sell outs for our shoes and they had very expensive pricetags! there were people lining up too! anyways, he’s in a different field now and I just wanted to make sure we could catch up; Hiro’s now doing distribution for a watch line called “FLUD” along with many other things… so we sat down in my fly ass room at the Vdara inside the new city center! shit is all the way fly! ordered some breakfast before we headed over to S.L.A.T.E. and shot the shit about future business in Tokyo possibly and life, family, etc….


 their breakfast was one of the best I’ve had in Vegas, room service wise and they don’t fuck up like Encore or the horrible ass Aria has!

So I finally get into Magic/S.L.A.T.E. and its just damn… lightweight depressing…
not to mention its only 11am and the 1st day and it’s slow as fuck… but I immediately walk up to my family L-R-G and see all the bros and chop it up early…. crazy how you go from almost 1/2 million dollar set up a couple years ago with a booth that looks better than 90% of the retail stores you see to a $40,000 booth, but still was the biggest out of any for S.L.A.T.E. and the only other person that had a real walk in booth in streetwear was Stussy… the rest were like 10 x 10 cubicles(for those who haven’t been before)

it was great to see Robert(Jonas’s partner, Jonas couldn’t make it) and he was there every day…. L-R-G had this cell phone charging booth which I took a pic of, but got deleted by some bird somehow… fuck, well it’ll be up somewhere on the net…. but it was genius (charged motorolas, bberrys, iphones, other pdas)

I walk around and it’s crazy to see folks to used to work for brands and then switched up and played musical chairs and gone elsewhere; this business is funny and obviously it’s hard to make a living, so you gotta grind to get that check… it’s like seeing nba cats from houston, rock jerseys from atlanta, etc….
anyways, I get to my other fam SUPRA’S booth and got to see shit I didn’t even see inside the HQ…. Angel had the booth real simple and plain for Supra and said fuck the extra shit…. these cats know what they want…. BUT he freaked it for the KR3W denim bar… you know how barneys and fred segals have a denim bar? well Angel really had a real denim bar!

that’s joy reeling in the fishey’s! haha


no disrespect to my brand L-R-G but KR3W got fly ass denim! I’m feeling the Chad Muska Cut in Black Wax heavy! I FORGET TO MENTION THAT I WALKED INTO S.L.A.T.E. FUNERAL’D THE FUCK OUT, BLACK ON BLACK ON BLACK X 5, HEAD TO TOE LITERALLY IN L-R-G REPPIN WITH THE SUPRA RED CARPET VAIDERS ON….
here’s a few things I can show lol

get your baby’s shoe game proper!!!!!!

and there was too much to post! you guys all hate/love teasers huh?


WTF IS THAT?????? SO GANGSTER! can’t wait for the summertime to rock them early before they hit late Summer, early Fall…..

So I decide to wander around the rest of the small ass S.L.A.T.E. and of course I run into all the usual suspects, from Sneaktip, to Diamond, to Hot Air, to Seventh Letter, to UNDFTD, to Famous Stars to Crooks to fucking everyone…. sorry if I left you out. Mighty Healthy had a really cool ass photobooth set up that was set up for real time on their website.. so I took a mug shot

and then here’s some more photos from the 1st day…. not much, but definitely a lot around the web I’m sure on the blogs…

friends or foes? SHIT IS ALL LOVE! chillin with the owners of Crooks, Rob and Dennis

ran into this viet cat who was selling pho noodle chains on a tricycle…. lol… me and TV

as I was walking down the way, seen my homey DJ Spider getting down on the tables for FSAS and the Wild One’s booth…. and as he was ending his set, my bro bro Alchemist got on to kill the audience with b-sides like a motherfucker! I love Al for that shit!

Al lookin like he takes the short bus to school…. and me? just retarded period…. good to see you Nealchemist! haha and shout out to Lei Lei! aka Alex.

so I walked over to the ghetto ass part of magic, where they sell shit shit and more shit…. and saw a rose blossoming out of that area! haha

I made fun of her outfit…. she swore the next day, her outfit was gonna be the business, but I never walked back to the TAPOUT booth as I am not a fan of most of their MMA fighters and lost a lot of respect for Kimbo…. anyways…. I shook out of S.L.A.T.E. early and met up with my cousins JR who was busy flossin some new breezy(can I say that? oh well fuck it I did! haha) and gettin his gamble on at the wynn…. I told him I had to peep out that gangsta ass new mall Crystals in the city center and wanted to get a late lunch…. so we met up there. AND GOD DAMN. slap myself for not taking a picture of the outside of the new Louis Vuitton store, but damn! DAMN! so I’m told it is now officially thee largest Louis Vuitton Store in the world (bigger than the one in China) and both of copped some small accessories; shit is way too easy to go broke in that bitch! We ate lunch at Mastros and fucken aye! their mastros looked like a wooden version of where the Jetsons lived! shit was all the way fresh! DAMN!

obviously by now you should know to click on each image to enlarge them…. but you gotta see that mastros, it’s the crazy brown wood sculptured looking spot! lunch was right too! thanks jeff for a late bday lunch! we walked around all these fancy ass stores and they all complimented me on my black on black jewelry game… outside in the middle of the mall, they had these super ill water towers that were filled with tornado’s that built up from wavy water to straight up twisters… shit was fresh, had to flick them(it’s hard to flick shit when you’re running around and being bombarded by mad peeps i.e. magic show)


we then walked into Cartier to see if they had anything new…. funny shit, for like the last 3-4 years we’ve been using these push-button backings for earrings and JUST NOW Cartier is using them… smh. we’re up ahead of them cats real talk, but their name reigns supreme obvi! and I was taking a really good look at this pave’d 3 ring necklace they had that I could make for literally 1/5th of the price and still eat too good with the 99% of the quality to match (1% only because they cnc and their diamond setting costs are top notch crazy, done in London for like $9 to $11 a stone, BUT THEY TAKE MONTHS TO MAKE SOMETHING WE CAN MAKE LITERALLY IN DAYS!)….. so anyways, I shake back to my room to take a nap by now, I’m literally dizzy and exhausted… my cousin flew back… everything was copastetic and you know I always take pics of my hotel rooms that I’ve only stayed in the 1st time…. btw, my suite was fresh as a pillow with a mint underneath it… 1000 thread count egyptian cotton sheets felt like you was sleepin on lotion!


I didn’t spend enough time to use the kitchen… but I did use the mini bar and the ice bucket and ordered a small bottle of veuve that night


spot had 3 plasmas… 1 in the bathroom, 1 in the master bedroom and 1 in the kitchen living area….

so I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do that night…. G-Shock and Complex mag was having a party I had to show my face at; at Vanity (vegas’s newest hotspot)…. Famous was having a party at the Palms in the hardwood suite (huge suite with an official basketball court inside) so I peeped out both, but wasn’t feeling it at all…. my homey’s DJ Five and supra teammate Samantha Ronson were killing shit at Lavo…. but I hit up a homey of mine who I haven’t seen in a long time, so we caught up at my telly for a drink and a lot of convo…. then headed over to my OG fave spot in vegas, the Bellagio Cafe’ (miss you AM) and ordered some food and then chilled out to stay out of trouble…. my homey left my hotel…. and I was gonna sleep which I really needed to, but damn I was antsy….. so my ass got into a cab and headed over to the hard rock to see my carnal Angel…. (ran into my lil mogul in the making Chris CtotheJL)went up to his spot and he was making drinks…. ordered a bottle to his room and by this time, I’m spinning… thank god for cabs and not having to worry about SHIT! so I get it in with some patron/pineapple and patron/sprites… then we all head down to the round bar and meet up with the rest of the KR3W…. I was just at that bitch too…. finally I get back to my room to pass out! it was still dark outside even though it was 5am… so I shot a few pics of my view with my bberry… still shaking my head at how much money I spent, when I said I was gonna chill out for this trip.



wake up at like 11am and I’m feeling alright…. said fuck breakfast… went back to bed til noon…. got up, washed my ass and headed over to day 2 of S.L.A.T.E. now shit seemed more cracking this day…. more cats around…. more familiar faces… I came with a different jewels set up this time…. but hit them with the dougie of course I had some photos I had to take and small press (even an LV news station) I didn’t do as many drops this year as by now, if you know me, you know I’m loyal and exclusive to L-R-G and Supra… but I got some bullshit lunch from their cafe inside the convention center; the line for starbucks was worse than a job line smh….. after that, I walked back in to get bombarded again by fans, some nice, some bugged out, sweaty ass hands, etc… BUT I SHOOK AND SHAKE EVERYONES HAND ALWAYS! and try to be as nice as I can… I started to walk over to the Famous booth again… and saw my down south homey Paul Wall and there again was tattoo aka tv johnny…. except there was no mr rourke (attention TV Johnny, you got a gambling problem lol)


ran into the homegirl Julia who runs Ozone mag and she took a shot of me, Johnny and Paul…. twitpic’d it of course then shit got retweeted to death…
I walked across 10 feet and my man Marshall Barnes was on the tables for Famous….so he was like fuck it, get on homey…. so I did… literally… as we were streaming live on Famous Stars UStream channel… the day before too with Alchemist… I had got on for like 20 minutes or longer…. I even jumped on when the homey Scene was on…..


oh yeah… I hit em with everything from Nas to the Diplomats… but Marshall didn’t have the big tymers on his serato, so I couldn’t hit them with that shit….

and after that, I saw the illest dude in vegas…. mr Josh D! had to stop to give him the proper props…. walked around and seen some more faces… until I ran into the one the only mr Dingo…. craziest mofo I know… met him through Rob Dyrdek and Lil Jon…

Dingo is a professional snowboarder and other than that, I don’t know what he does… but he’s fam with my fam (DCMA, Tal) and thats all that matters….

so I head back to the hotel because I have a dinner date and I gotta keep it crisp….
picked up my lady friend and headed to nobu to eat some healthy delicious japanese cuisine…. this girl is VERY high maintenance and she didn’t have any problem telling me she was… fuck it though, I had my brick wall up too…. but as a few drinks became more drinks… the wall started to come down on both ends…. she realized that the jewels, etc was a facade and that there was more than meets the eye… I felt likewise….


she had the fish… I had the kobe… but man we ordered a gang of sushi and then she had to shake to hit a bday party and I had to shake to meet up with another old friend… fuck I felt like I was running out of time, but I’m really only in vegas to network and rep the brands for magic… not really there to have fun and I haven’t honestly had a great time in vegas in a long time…. like I miss the older days with my best friend Jonas, partying many years ago with AM & Homicide and other shit… but I’ve had 3 times where I went nuts there…. had no idea that last night would be top 3 of the decade easily….
so I say fuck the dumbshit… my patna, Josh D comes to grab me and and then we head over to XS 14 people deep! YES, THE LINE IS LOOKING LIKE A LINE TO AVATAR ON OPENING NIGHT…. but we walked in with super love from every angle, from knowing the vip hosts, the main promoters to the god damn OWNER who gave us his table for the night….. XS ALWAYS SHOWS US(dcma, supra fam) CRAZY LOVE! We walked in with 10 girls and 4 guys like it was nothing… immediately multiple bottles were ordered… (thank you Josh early… real spit homey) we walk in and it’s around midnight and it’s a fucking zoo inside and my man DJ Five is on getting it in… I knew everyone in that bitch…. shout out to my dude Stevie Williams aka S DUBBS, DJ Irie was in the place, my man DJ Triple XL was in the house, too many names to list and mad mad mad birds errrrrerywhere! place was fucking crackinggggg! we finished the bottles and ordered another few rounds of bottles…. then I said fuck this, I’m gonna get on the mic and talk some shit and holla at my homey’s! so I get to the stage and I see Irie shouting out shit getting wide open no homo! So then I get on stage with my fam eric dlux and irie and 5ive and my boy VICE is ripping shit, and we’re fist pumping yes homo, drinking bottles of patron and champagne and getting wild! I wanted to grab the mic again, but they knew I’d start trippin on the mic…. I got so faded, the rest is really beyond my recognition…  so I don’t know how the hell I got back to my telly, but I do know it was on…. I’ve always had a good time at club XS, but this time was on that space level fun.


in the 8 times total I’ve been to XS, this was the MOST JUMPIN IT’S BEEN that I’ve witnessed! It brought back that OG vegas feeling

the homey Irie and the homey DJ XXXL

baddest mofo in vegas! JOSH FUCKING D!

MR DGK himself…. Stevie Williams….

ran into the lovely Nicolette and had to pour her some Rose’….

came into the club with enough cheese to buy a used japanese car…. left with barely enough to pay for my cab… smh… YES IT’S ALL BENJI’S

vice gettin it in! Irie on the mic like we was at Liv or Mansion or some shit! MIA TO LV TO NYC TO LA connected!

with the “SHOTS!” crew…. on stage… eric dlux and vice…

obviously…. I mean…. AWWWWWWWREADYYYY

view from the dj booth that XS made for the night…. (because there isn’t a stage normally)


hillarious…. this cat has been around beating drums to the dj’s beats…. since I was around still djing, not even far before I retired… like in the game forever… he couldn’t keep up because this was too crazy of a night….

ran into my babygirl Rachel Sterling (congrats on being the newest pussycat doll) and damn by this time of the night I was so far fucking gone, not even 40 or Drizzy could make it look good lol

and I tried to sober up by drinking 104 glasses of water…..

I had to officially use this button….

ON MOMS… THIS WAS THE BEST TIME I’VE HAD IN MANY YEARS…. WORLDWIDE AND I’VE HAD FUN IN A LOT OF PLACES, CITIES, COUNTRIES…. but something just popped off right last night! thank you everyone for your hospitality in sin city; I haven’t been a fan of Vegas for a while…. but went IN for real! THANK YOU JOSH D FOR EVERYTHING HOMEY, YOU ARE A FUCKING TRUE SOLDIER! Thank you club XS and Jesse Waits and Cy Waits

woke up and headed over to capsule and did some photoshoot for some mag outside of there…. but had one of the worst hangovers ever…. finally headed back to my room to pack and saw the airport was a fucking disaster area! the security line? jesus h christ…. thank god for 1st class benefits!

I’m back home and ready to grind…. got a lotta work to do.

god bless. peace and I’m out
audi 5000 G

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