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London Asher Yang was born on August 24, 2012 at 12:12am

shit, I was hoping he was going to be born on the 23rd to share Kobe’s birthday, but really I just wanted him to be born and out already, but nowhere near as much as my wife wanted him out already. he was 9lbs at birth and 21.5″ long, a BIG baby and my wife is normally 105lbs, 5’4″ so this was VERY tough on her.

I have to say though, I never truly knew what unconditional love meant until he popped out. it was 16 hours of labor for my wife, but once she was fully dilated, it took 10 minutes of pushing! my mom and my father in law were in the waiting room looking for a movie to watch because they knew it would be a while, but when my mother in law sent a text to my father in law, he was shocked… the whole process was unbelievable. I was so tense and anxious… when the doc said, hey do you wanna take a look? I said naw, I’m good, but in the manner of FUCK NO! it was crazy because my wife had 3 OB’s before this one and all of them made her uncomfortable. finally she found Dr. Jose Medrano who works out of Burbank, CA and he is the coolest! I mean cool with the permanent capital C. He rides a Harley! also has a Ducati! lol… he’s a filipino man out of NYC with a LOT of class & skill! He’s a very popular guy and he came very highly recommended from a friend. if you are looking for someone to deliver your baby with ease and perfection, I suggest him… for more info on him, go here: Jose Medrano M.D. our experience was great with him. He’s definitely going to deliver our next baby!

ok back to London. the immediate second he came out of Nics womb, I felt electricity shoot through every part of my body. I smiled, I cried, I said OH MY GOD! at least 7 times loud…. he was perfect, he is perfect. I just knew obviously after 10 months that a baby was going to come out, but I had no idea what he would look like even with the 4-D ultra sound and or if he was healthy etc… I was just in shock. incredible. to be in that room, to see him come out, just typing about it makes me teary all over again. of course there are so many people who have had kids, so many young ones, older cats, but I couldn’t have asked for a better time in my life to have my first child. for real this was the best blessing I have ever had, it was the proudest and happiest moment in my life. surpassing any accomplishment in my past and then some. holding him was surreal and I was in shock for the first 48 hours at least. thank god we got a beautiful big suite, because we needed it. but god damn, everyone and I mean EVERYONE said you wont get any sleep. and when 100 people tell you, you’re not going to sleep, guess what? you won’t. for the first 3 days, we got an average of 2 hours of sleep and they broke up in 20-30 min naps. it became a myth (sleep that is) and after a few days at the hospital, we finally went home and even with my mother in law moving into the nursery, I still got little sleep and it’s crazy, my son is a night owl just like me. from 1am to 6am, his ass won’t sleep and if he does it’s for 20 min. and he needs to be fed by my wife every 2 hours, so I feel for her. but every time I hold him at night or day and I’m completely exhausted, I look at him and his eyes and think, damn. this shit is totally worth it. it’s indescribable.

the past 11 days have been amazing. very trying at times, but thank god for hard work and success…. I don’t know how some of my friends who make a very humble income do it. it’s very expensive and time consuming. I don’t want to have nanny’s raise my kids unless it’s much later in life. My wife will do that, that’s her job for a while now. We didn’t have the nurses even take care of him for a while so we could sleep, we couldn’t part with him at all….

so now that he’s here, I am totally thinking different. I prepared myself prior, but now? I’m just thinking differently. I want the best for him as most parents do, but I want his life to be much better than mine. I don’t want him to struggle no matter how much he may learn from that, I want him to overstand some of the shit I had to go through in a traditional but broken korean household. I want him to understand the value of a dollar for real. I mean so real. my wife came from an amazing home, a father who never said no to her(yes spoiled, but I will be the same) parents still together and raised both her and her brother well. I’m glad I had him now and not 10 years ago, because I don’t ever want to feel like I can’t give or get him something. money don’t solve all problems, but it makes life very convenient if you have it. it’s nice to take a few weeks off here and there. this is why I work so hard and get little sleep and deal with headaches. for him and for my future children. I have made more money this year than last and last year was awesome, but I spent more money this year than ever in my life, on the wedding, honeymoon, cars, house, my son…. all worth it and all that came back to me twenty fold. as far as extra shit I spent in the past? that’s down to a 1% factor. seriously. the above I mentioned were things that had to happen. no bottles really or extra silly extravagant shit other than my bentley which I purchased cash was spent. but I would spend that bentley money on trips and clubs easy in the past. that’s a wrap. I’m even thinking of getting a Jeep rubicon and just hooking that up and calling it a day. I don’t care. I just want to eat right and eat whenever I want to. feed the family and clothe them the best I can. share my world and wisdom with them. so enough. here’s some pics of the adventure!

this was 4am August 23rd, real shit, my wife took this pic of my anxious ass… I was so excited, I slept with one foot on the floor ready!


not even a day old!

mama’s boy


a few pics of our hospital suite. shit was very decent. and unlike cedars, it wasn’t $3,200 a night. we didn’t have 12 hour a day room service, but shit worked out lovely and was NICE! it was necessary for US.


this was my shit from 10pm to 5am for 3 days straight. a few times a night!


he’s so damn chubby!
and thank god he doesn’t look so much like me, I want my future daughter to please look like my wife too lol


moms came by to visit on the first day… she didn’t sleep much either. her 5th grandchild was here. finally


the best feeling ever

I LOVE cafeteria food, but damn, they closed mad early…. my sister and brother in law, god bless their soul! they brought us Din Tai Fung from the SGV!!!! thank you!

my brother in law was super geeked too!

the homey Apolo Ohno came through (so did my cousins and brother, but I had to remember to take pics, I lost my memory and mind. there were over 400 texts in a short period of time too, I tried to reply to all)

before kim kardashian was rocking BIG rocks… my mom had her 10 carat Flawless D color marquise diamond. not internally flawless, FLAWLESS. you know I had to throw some kind of jewelry in here lol. do the math. gotta take care of Moms!


on the last day before we checked out, my sister and the twins came by again…
sidebar: thank god for having a fridge in our room and a damn shower and everything you might find in a decent hyatt hotel lol

sidebar, the hospital was very close to our house, maybe a 5 minute drive thank god, we could see our house from one of the windows! so dope to have a big corner suite with floor to ceiling glass…


the views were very decent as well… I could see from downtown LA Live to Century City to the Hollywood strip and Hollywood sign

I took a cool panoramic pic of the room… but it didn’t work 360 degrees because I’m not fresh and still don’t know how to use the app properly

you have to click on it to see the full view, maybe right click and open in new tab/page

so finally after 3 days of resting up at the hospital it was time to go home, we got discharged and headed to the crib literally….
London was actually fine inside the car and loved it until we stopped at home

I think he likes sitting in the lap of luxury

walked into our home with gifts from my brothers Francis and George from Platinum Motorsport….

I’ve had many opportunities to smoke cubans, but I never have. I think it might be that time to do so…. I was buying Monte Cristo 11’s for my boss 17 years ago and now my partner Catdicc Jr. put 2 in my hands… much love. also G, that arrangement is type ridiculous. it also weighs about 79lbs. so fuck you lol

the first night home was the toughest, but I felt like we had so much more comfort being at home now. we may have had no nurses at the press of a button, but we have everything a baby could need… we didn’t get shit for sleep though, we took turns and it was tougher than staying up for an exam because an exam wouldn’t cost a life with one wrong move. you can always make up an exam too, you can’t correct a screwup with a newborn. that baby’s life is in your hands completely. that baby relies on you totally. it’s such a crazy responsibility and I see and hear about mothers smothering their babies or sudden infant syndrome and nightmare stories, so I gotta be over protective

he slept in the sleeper on our bed for the first week….

if we ever had to take a shower while one slept… then he went in the sleeper or…

his bassinet, btw, my son has more hair then I did at 18 years of age. smh
and you can’t tell in the pic, but my son’s hair is light brown with strong blonde streaks! crazy! has to be the spanish/french blood from his grandpa’s side of the fam!


what he does best is nap! so peaceful… and like Obama did… every 5 minutes I checked to see if he was breathing! lol. that’s my prince!

thanks to his uncle Apolo, he got this swag digital bouncer that connects to an ipod or iphone to play music while it bounces all over in the smoothest motion! I wish they had an adult version… I’d park in front of Hermes on rodeo drive and lounge and drink pineapple juice all day


he took his first bath and I cried… so fucking cute! thank you auntie Sara for the Lilo and Stitch blanket!

famous rap/hip-hop legendary photographer Mike Miller gave me these… this is true thug life infant onesies! he’s gotta rock them at least once for a shoot, just for the fact that Pac was my boy and London is a west coast kid!


most importantly, my son is very healthy. everything is good… he has very strong hands and I love when he squeezes my hand. the energy is so powerful. I want to lead him to success

after just over his first week on earth, I had a small bbq with my family and friends at our home…. I had my nieces watch him while I went out to get some stuff at the market and my mother in law prepared the chicken and other things….


man, it may not look like much, but that fed 14 people and then some! my mother in law made filipino spaghetti and Apolo ate like 4 bowls worth…. just after he finished his 2nd day of training on Dancing With The Stars All Stars lol… the pics he sent me smh lmao

man, I will definitely have to use our grill more often…. shit comes in beyond handy. that along with the punk ass elevator are things I hated about living in a condo.

2 men, where’s the van?


the wireless camera works wonders! talk and listen and all that… move it many different angles and even has the room temperature. his nursery is way nicer than my bedroom until I was maybe 27! smh… sidebar: I got him and my mother in law a Roku2 box which streams all the newest movies and HBO GO and netflix and so much more and it’s perfect for that room. shit is kinda awesome…

I didn’t get to leave the house for a few days and the only times I did leave were to get food or to go to target, literally. that was it!
but I did get invited to a special dinner hosted by bobby and ben of the hundreds and complex mag and Agenda tradeshow…
it was at INK (fantastic restaurant on Melrose in WeHo) and I got to chop it up with a lot of fam and sitting next to me at my table was Russell Westbrook and we got to chop it up for about an hour and I was so damn surprised on how cool he was. He has a rep of being a dick on the court (I couldn’t imagine my rep if I played ball on that level smh) but he is just a stand up dude from the LB. we had a lot of things in common to talk about and he was a big fan of my jewelry… he remembers the fight I got into with Kendrick at game 3 of the playoffs lol… it was a good time… what else was sick was how Bobby got together this collection of fly ass Korean people making moves in different industries for real for real….

on the left of me, is my boy Roy Choi, now Roy is the founder of Kogi Truck and not only was it the most successful food truck out there, it was the first and started a whole fucking trend and craze of food trucks everywhere! he is a god damn pioneer! and the shit is still the bomb! now he has a restaurant and still runs all those trucks and has a book coming out. he is a full on 100% foodie to the fullest and is an LA OG, not just with Korean food, but everything. has a true culinary background, so don’t fuck with him…. he’s a solid dude and killing it! much love Roy, keep repping for the K’s…. on the right of me, is Jamie Chung who is probably the only or the most famous Korean American actress out right now. she didn’t break in by doing roles as a chinese geisha or a chun li part (even though she is playing an asian exploitation part in RZA and Tarantino’s new movie… she’s making moves with so much other dope shit… she went to Lowell HS in San Francisco so you know she’s smart as fuck and went to UC Riverside and paid her own tuition working 2 jobs until this acting shit hit…. she’s been in the Hangover 2 and actually was the female lead. (no delusional parts here or fake credits like some other asian girls have done which is fucking totally sad) and has a lead role in a upcoming movie called Eden and has 4 more films to come out this year…. she’s killing shit too and she rocks a solid gold Rolex GMT master lol and is def repping for Koreans! obviously Bobby has a successful clothing brand that he founded with the Hundreds and has a very very successful blog, more successful than mine and he’s a better photographer than me, but I can kick his ass
I think Bobby has some plans for the 4 of us, who knows?

but do you know what?

I love London!
so much that I put him in this crazy outfit to take a drive with me and his mommy down to Pasadena last night to get some boba lol! he’s so tall!
so blessed to have my first born be a boy and so blessed that he is a dragon.

that’s all I can type, I am sorry but not sorry it’s been so long since I’ve wrote an entry on here, but you have to understand, my life has changed for the best and I don’t regret anything. this is the love of my life and I cannot wait to have another one. I hope London can have a sister, but if he has a brother, it’s all good…. I want to thank all the amazing nurses (they were only korean and filipino! lol) at the Hollywood Presbyterian Medical center and thank Dr. Medrano for delivering the baby and just thank the lord! there are so many gods, I’m not the most religious person out there, but I am spiritual and I am very fortunate and blessed…. Benny Baller is a daddy now.

peace y’all

see y’all in a day or so when I update with some jewels and gear!


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