London is 100 days, Gangster Squad, Rolls Royce on 24″s… a weekend wrap up!

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So thursday was a long day…. a rainy day which sucked, but I was at Platinum Motorsport waiting for my car to finally be finished… due to SEMA, my wheels and stuff were delayed which is understandable, but George likes to fuck with me because he knows I’m impatient! Finally at around 5:20pm, my whip was ready and at the end of this blog entry, I will show you how sick it looks…

I mean I kept the integrity of the Rolls Royce name and still kept it slightly gangster with the new look…. it was raining over the entire weekend, but I caught a good 2 hours of dryness and had someone wash my car for a few pics. so stay tuned…

speaking of Rolls Royce
they send me letters every so often showing how much they appreciate my business lol

that’s the 3rd whip I copped from Beverly Hills Rolls Royce!

but this time I got a owners edition baseball cap! lol


I doubt I’ll ever wear it, but it’s dope to have because you can’t just buy one

and this weekend, Rolls Royce North America sent me a super dope ass coffee table book!

super heavy, super high res and super dope!

so got home and got a little more dressed up and thank god my mother in law and in laws period are as obsessed with London as we are…. because they watched him while we went to this early premiere screening of Gangster Squad at the LA Live Regal theaters

so in short, the movie was FUCKING DOPE AS FUCK!!!!! I mean, hot damn! I have never seen a gangster movie shot that way and damn, they mixed the violence and action of today with the gangster shit you seen in the old school classics. but they brought it all together. I met the director Ruben who actually is friends of my sister and brother in law and he said he had heard of me and knew who I was (who the fuck am I though? lol) and I had to big up him because that WAS THE BEST GANGSTER MOVIE I HAVE SEEN SINCE GOODFELLAS. like Sopranos was good, but it gave us just enough, nothing too over the top and once in a while it would get dry and it was good, but this was awesome. shot in L.A. and being a big gangster film buff and just a fan of the whole gangster mafia lifestyle, I never knew Mickey Cohen was from Boyle Heights! anyways, the movie comes out on January 11 so go see that shit when it does! super dope!

after the screening, we headed over to Soul Assassins studio for an afterparty hosted by Estevan Oriol and Mister Cartoon and my boy DJ Reflex was spinning and some of the cast, crew and invitees came by to have some fun…. there was an In N Out truck serving full In N Out food so it was on! I’ve been on a diet for just about 8 days now and I’ve lost 5lbs from that and working out… but we’ll talk about that later…. I got a double double protein style and murked it!!!!
they had a sick gangster 40’s style photo booth, drinks and bar and good music… my boy Toons showed off his 1939 Dodge Bomb which he hand painted with inspiration from the movie… it was a good grown up chill night
here’s some pics from the event


Esteven shot the stars of the Movie with his gangster style imagery and threw in his touch and even made Ryan Gosling look fucking pimp. If you know me, then you know I’m a big fan of my bros photography!



the man, the myth, the legend Toons!

so I want to thank the whole SA studio and Warner Bros staff for inviting me and my wife to the event. We had a blast. movie again was amazing!

Friday morning back on the grind, waking up at the crack of dawn with my son bugging out like he’s supposed to! haha they say the biggest babies are usually colic! but it’s okay, he’s healthy! it was raining and still shitty, but all good! my son is healthy and approaching his 100th day celebration! (big in korean culture) we live in a bright HUGE loft in a high rise, so sometimes I forget to pull the shades down


at least the living room is finished and sick… movie nights at our crib are no joke with the 120″ screen and full surround sound… just missing a xmas tree!

so back to my workout regime… it’s been 3 years since I was a fucking beast in the gym… I lost 50lbs in 3 months or less and got down to 9% body fat when I was like 24%!!!! anyways, after thanksgiving and just letting my body go through constant abuse and shit… I got back up to 186lbs and I said this isn’t gonna work, I can’t even fit into some of my clothes comfortably…. so I got back on my strict diet and already lost 5lbs in less than a week and i’m not even full blown yet into the workout/diet plan. just easing in and LET ME TELL YOU, the first 3 days sucked!!!! but I have to get back into the gym today actually….
I have to give a shout out to Kevin at Boxed Water for lacing me and my family with cases of Boxed Water which is good for the environment! and it’s great for my son! BPA free and they just won the biggest award for a beverage! like winning an oscar or grammy but for beverages….

I was skeptical at first, but those Supra Owens are amazing running and workout shoes… you will not ever see me in some Airs again… maybe some OG Jordans once in a purple moon, but these impressed me, much love to my supra family

so back to work!
btw we fired Chucky… he was getting sloppy and thought he was invincible, well bro. there are a lot of diamonds setters in the world, great ones. sorry, but we gotta stay on top and can’t have anything holding us down. strictly biz

and also THE SALE IS STILL ON! thank you for everyone who has been supporting our sale, THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!
the sale ends in a couple weeks so get yours now or else deal with the regular prices which are still low. to make it even more enticing? WE MADE AN ALL GOLD MICRO JESUS, NO ICE, JUST DIAMOND EYES! FOR $800!!!!!

and I think I’m going to shut down the production of these by the weekend because we’ve already got about 41 orders! so act fast if you want one because after this, I don’t think we’ll make anymore.
AND NOT FORGET…. we have this for sale too now

who has an enamel faced micro jesus???? WE DO BITCHES!

back to shout outs…
shout out to my Heineken100 team who showed super love and sent me a leather and black camo Public School Duffle Bag and a sick pair of Mark McNairy x Union LA saddle shoes with the ill heineken green bottoms lol

I’ll be using both for sure soon

so Saturday was family day and also Rolls Royce day lol
it was the Baek Il which in Korean tradition is the 100th day celebration for my son… its to celebrate his life and getting passed a difficult period of his life…. we celebrated alright! haha with a bunch of great food and drinks and of course rice cakes provided by my mother

and my son is healthy and that means everything to me!

28″ tall! and 19lbs! my son is a big boy! he’s bigger than most 8-9 month old babies and taller!

so sunday was family and football day….
but at night, me and Nic went to go see Silver Linings and damn, that was a good fucking movie. I mean, I’m not a huge fan of Bradley Cooper, I didn’t care for the hangover so much, but Limitless was awesome…. this was a great love story and comedy and the acting was super on point. It’s not what I thought it would be, but the cast and script was just perfect. so crazy to say I got to see 2 great movies on a 95% or better scale in a year let alone in one weekend!

OK, OK, OK….
let’s get to the part that I know a lot of you want to see!
I won’t even get into any descriptions other than, the whole murder out car thing is played out now. the color matching the wheels to the exterior paint is SUPER played out now too. so I wanted something OG to match the class of the RR… (fyi, if you’re going to matte paint the wheels, then do it matte charcoal grey. don’t do black, trust me) so I went with a diamond polished finish on the face, a chrome lip and brushed raw steel on the windows of the wheels… I fucking love it. THANK YOU AGAIN GEORGE AND MY WHOLE PML FAMILY!


found the perfect place to take the pics…. the Walt Disney concert hall and this is the perfect everyday driver!

obviously, I have a shit ton of things going on this week until we finish Hanukkah and X-Mas! can’t wait to hit the Bay Area and down south for NYE!

blessings everyone.
its monday, get your grind on, get your shine on!


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