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I saw this for the 1st time at the Diamond x Young and Reckless party where this guy from paris bought this camera with a crazy fish eye lens and visited california and just went sight seeing with his Lomography camera and took pics of everything from the Hollywood sign to Venice Beach. I never knew that the camera could be bought at spots like Urban Outfitters and such… but a friend was talking about this before I even met her to her friends and I was like “fuck it” it’s not very expensive, looks like fun and the camera makes all the pictures bold and vintage looking. you can really make 2010 look like the 70’s for real.
I always wanted to take pics with double exposures and the camera I bought can do that and also has a half frame feature and some other ill shit.
Anyways, I did a little more research online, I found out there is a lomography store just a couple miles from my house so I went down there, talked to the people and bought one. I haven’t had an analog let alone a film type camera in over 15 years or longer…. So it will be interesting to see how this all turns out. I bought a few rolls and I still haven’t finished the first roll and I’m gonna hopefully finish 2 rolls by the time I come home from San Francisco.
Wish me luck…. I bought the Diana Mini Lomography Camera with the Flash Bulb.

cool shopping bag huh?


check y’all out later during the weekend wrap up…. this shit is way fresher than any Kodak or Polaroid camera I’ve owned

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