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how’s that?
a lot’s going on, but I still can’t believe that fucked up fight. smh. for those who follow me and now to my new, many many new followers (I’m assuming due to trending on and the fact that I called that fix early on the fight, I gained a SHIT ton of followers) you saw that I tweeted earlier last week that there was a fix in. what I had heard was pacquiao was going to throw the fight, but I couldn’t believe it…. in fact for my boys who have been hanging with pac man they said he’s been off, acting weird and really off…. the religious/spiritual advisor etc etc…. the lack or less training (and it showed. pac beat dude. but truly he just beat him, he didn’t destroy him) I’ve seen a better pac and the day of the fight I got word that there was no way pac was going to lay down for dude… and as he shouldn’t have. Bradley talked a good ass game, but he couldn’t deliver. he won to me 3 rounds max… but showed real good at the last few rounds… I told my father in law and friends who were over at the fight as it began that as soon as I heard CJ Jones name, it was a wrap. there would be a fix involved if pac didn’t knock out tim….. sure enough the fuckery arrived… now the bet I had in, cashed me out nicely, but still.
WOW. wow. smh
the part that makes me so mad is that, now Mayweather has no reason to fight manny. period. for what? for pride? you already know. that shit means nothing. Mayweather needs the $$$$ along with the titles and belts pac got. sad AF.


so back to living a dream… my boys Far East Movement and LMFAO had a show earlier last week at a sold out staples center. that to anyone growing up in LA and knowing that that building is where our beloved Lakers play is the mecca to anything great…. and my boys sold that that bitch out! that’s 20,000 + in our hometown, which means the world…. virgins to playing that arena, it was fucking awesome to see the 2 groups I fuck with heavy finally live out a dream.

first and foremost, if it wasn’t for my long time homey Ian Fletcher, I wouldn’t have been able to have all access, media access, giving no fucks access and of course a co-sign from FM and LMFAO.
Ian is their manager and also runs the back end of the show and tour for LMFAO.

thanks Ian and FM and LMFAO for everything

walked in with the ultimate of credentials…. tunnel entrance after parking in the VIP valet southwest entrance….

some of the props for the show

can’t believe my boy Ian used to work at TWISM! yes Shaq’s old label…. then did other things and then toured with my brother DJ AM and now this fucker has an office at staples? lol


fake busy as hell…. what Ian is actually doing is choosing Red Foo’s after show meal lol!

there was a lot of fam there, I really can’t even begin to list the names, but I chilled backstage for a while…. kicked it with Far East for a bit, the dancers, quest crew, my boy fartbox Q, etc etc…

staples was just getting ready….


first up was Eva Simons and she got a huge smash hit worldwide: Take Over Control….


then it was Sidney Samson who also has mad hits…. that riverside joint was crazy! he opened up with that

if you listen to house or electro, then you will have no idea….

and then it was time for my little bros, FM to kill the stage!


man, I was so proud I shed a tear for my boys…. to kill staples center? just 3 years ago I was with them rocking clubs in the IE!!!! their show has matured so much… damn!

awesome, totally awesome

so backstage again….

party rockers ready to shuffle….

shuffle slip ons ready

red foo getting painted and ready

awww yeah

it’s showtime… the main event!


got on stage and shuffled….
RED AND SKY AND QUEST AND Q AND THE WHOLE CREW ANNIHILATED THAT STAGE, THE CROWD, THE SHOW!!!!! DAMN! I know it felt good too… Red’s pops Berry Gordy (founder/president of Motown) was there to witness it along with his 87 year old grandma lol…. she was party rocking

good shit man… I gotta give props to my boys again and Ian for hooking it up…. there was an after party, but my old ass said fuck this, let me get home and go to sleep….

the day before the concert, I did a cameo in Far East Movement’s new video…. I was supposed to be the swap meet jewelry store owner and Kevnish’s boss…. but things changed and I ended up being the Ice Cream Man

here’s some candids


lol. proh and jsplif practicing their backstreet moves. hahaha

after the shoot… I headed over to see my boy Huf and he gave me some new HUF swag

as you know and I mentioned, last weekend we lost a soldier from the Crooks fam and all throughout the week they had bbq’s at the house just paying respects to our dude chris “lewds” natalio


RIP Chris I’ll see you later to say goodbye properly

I sat down with my UNDFTD fam this past week too…
caught up on the latest and greatest and James Bond gave me some pointers and baby 101 and tips on raising a boy etc…. but all we talked about is how Edison Chen takes too many pics of himself on instagram lol damn…. but we ate at one of LA’s greatest… you already know
Bottega Louie


lunch was so fucking good. damn.
I love that at anytime I can eat good. eat well and eat often…. that’s one plus thing money can get… otherwise, I’m an EMO motherfucker who needs to stop listening to the weeknd or morrissey so much!

while I was eating lunch..
Nic was flossing some Yeezy 2’s smh

and also while, everyone was losing their minds over those lame ass shoes! so dumb…. I sold my pair and don’t care. I’m repping Supra and that’s my team….

gotta show you little London’s baby skytops soon!

oh yeah
headed over to the diamond mine to grab some new accessories….


now these new diamond black and gold sunglasses are probably my favorite shades to wear right now period…. they are a dead twin to the SUPERS but fit me better. I love them shits… and I collect ashtrays so you already know. the new diamond iphone 4 cases didn’t come in, but i’ll post pics as soon as they do

of course we have more jewelry being made including an oversized Jesus piece and we’re re-upping our full size jesus piece stock as we’re sold out except for in all black right now….
speaking of Jesus Pieces, I have a jesus piece tee and tank top collab dropping in chicago at Jugrnaut very soon, end of next month… the hoodies part of this collab are SICK!!!!

so back to eating good….
there’s a restaurant/cafe near my house called cafe Figaro that I’ve been wanting to try for while now, but it’s always packed to death….

so me and Nic finally went and damn. the place is great, breakfast was delicious, their tea and coffee on point, I can’t wait to go back for dinner or lunch!!! I truly felt like I was in a little cafe in Paris!


pancakes were made different and thicker than elke the stallion! lol but these were actually good.

oh! also ate at Alcove this past week and if you’re ever in Los Feliz, you should check that spot out too, bomb ass bakery/cafe that has great everything as well. super good!

we went to go see Prometheus on Friday at the Grove and the thing that bothers me so much about the Grove is that for a place that I used to frequent at least twice a week for like 8 years, they have never had a decent restaurant there. I mean whisper lounge is good and the Farm was great, but the farm is gone and sometimes I just don’t feel like eating in a really dark super romantic type spot like whisper lounge(it is a cool spot tho) so I’m forced to eat at either Morrells or La Piazza and let me tell you both places are shit. La Piazza is consistently a D+ with their food. smh man, they ONLY WIN BY DEFAULT. and because the ambience of the grove is so dope…. of course cheesecake factory is good and consistent and you know what you’re getting, but damn any weekend night is a 1 hour 30 min wait min… and they don’t take bribe money or reservations…..

I really wish the Americana moved to the Grove. I just want all the stores and restaurants at the Americana to be at the grove along with the layout too…. the Americana is dope, but it’s in glendale

so back to the movie (sorry Yelp got me talking and reviewing restaurants like a maniac this past week) anyways… Prometheus? sigh… I had such high expectations of this movie because Ridley Scott is one of my all time favorite directors and I will say the movie “looked” good visually like graphics wise, but that story overall was shit and I just didn’t like it. this movie got the La Piazza grade of a D+ so at least my friday night was an even D+ smh…. I won’t give any spoilers… but I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE DARK KNIGHT! that movie has even waaaaay highe expectations and I think christopher nolan will live up to them with this finale of the batman trilogy

so what else did I do?
I shot the intro to my reality show yesterday and that was fun….
showing off views and the selections of things I can wear on a daily

when you get old, you look forward to decorating your crib all fancy and shit….

you search all around town looking for the perfect crystal decanters lol
nicolette really does have a great eye for decor though

while I was filming, she was at the Rose Bowl flea market/swap meet and she ran into this guy from a show I was lightweight obsessed over… “Storage Wars” but he’s the guy I actually hate on the show

I can’t believe nobody has socked dude in the neck yet

still haven’t figured out a new car to push as MY daily driver…. the 7 is gone and I have about 30 days to figure it out… tough decision man, so much new shit comes out next year, so I’m not gonna push something that is out of date inside 15 months… hmmmmm

I got so much on my mind its crazy
but I’ll get to that another time

I have to hit my boy Chris’s funeral
god bless

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