Liquid Gifts…

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came back from a quick 2 day babymoon… and there was all types of liquor waiting for me! first off…. damn. remember Damon Dash and Jay Z’s vodka company Armadale? well they’re poppin off again and the alchohol is actually really good. taste wise I fuck with it all the way they sent over 6 magnum sized bottles and a visa gift card

thank you for the liqs… It’ll come in handy

next up
you know I’m part of the Hennessy x Moet fam, so they just finished another sick collaboration with an artist and this time it’s graffiti street art legend, Futura!


that’s actually his real autograph using a real paint marker!

200,000 bottles made and I got #18 so you know they were thinking about me early


they also came with a pair of Futura’s favorite shoes… some chucks. and Futura hand painted every single pair that was given out. now not all bottles made have his autograph and not everyone got kicks…

thanks to Hennessy and to the Legend Futura

got my yack and my vodka… preparing for London’s arrival!

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