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So I woke up this morning to a tweet from my homey Lil Duval that said “Yo @benballer wake yo chinese ass up, I need a ride from the airport”. Now for those of you who don’t know Lil Duval, he’s a comedian/actor who is on the verge of really becoming a house hold name not just in the urban world, but all over the world. I was 1st put onto this cat by Cedric the Entertainer(who I met thru his tailor/custom suit maker Reggie J)… thought to myself, damn this motherfucker is funny as hell. Well he’s signed to Grand Hustle(T.I.’s label) and is in L.A. having meetings with a few networks to discuss some deals. I hope shit work out for dude…
Anyways, I handle some biz and then head out to grab Duval and we head to Roscoes to get some lunch… from this point of the day, all we’re doin is roastin and talkin shit on twitter…

this fool talkin shit bout me on twitter…. to be more specific, saying I got a buddha head

so I got shit to do because I’m very busy these days….

I drop him off at his hotel and ship out a few pieces of jewelry, have a meeting with a client and of course got this girl all in my head all fucking day long… (I said this a couple nights ago, I get bored real easy, nothing these days excites me, but her? I’m fucking fascinated) since about a week ago… we’ll see how that goes. But I get a call from Rasual Butler’s manager about tonight’s game and linking up to talk about biz, etc.. I was supposed to go on sat, but I just couldn’t get in the mode and I didn’t know who I wanted to take to the game… if I take a girl, she might think I want to cut and leave or whatever…. I was going there to handle biz and network… so anyways, I get VIP all access pretty much family passes and 3rd row seats, so I take the homey Lil Duval with me. We roll up there, there’s a surprising amount of chitter chatter, “oh shit, that’s Lil Duval… who the fuck is the asian dude?” “damn, that’s ben baller, who is that dude? can’t be crooked I” lololol…. so we sit down, man I’m so outta the loop, so hungry, we say fuck it and get to eating mcdonalds of all things! after we sit down and eat, we realize there is gourmet food and anything you could want to drink the in the green room! smh…

thank you Frederico and Rasual

this motherfucker loves him some mcdonalds though… haha

we got there right at tip off and LA traffic got everyone fucked off… but it was vs. the bobcats who ain’t shit… so who knows, as I mentioned before, I’m there to build a network, connect some dots and try to enjoy myself….

they really had everything, from patron to beer to nachos to fettuccine to steak to chicken fingers, burgers, etc..

I text my SBE vip host and we’re set for a trip to HYDE lounge inside Staples… shown above is the players hallway…. we was VIPing shit to death…

so we get to HYDE and for those who know what time it is… knows it’s not easy to get into, its actually hard as hell even if the clippers were playing the harlem globetrotters, it’s not an easy suite to get into… I remember seeing Jimmy Iovine in there and he has floor seats and he didn’t go back to his seats… so basically it’s a full service nightclub/bar/lounge inside the staples center, its about 4 or 5 very big suites put together… so we get comfortable as it’s just a little before half time


there were still some heavy hitters up there… coca cola execs, heir to the scotch 3m family, gold diggin LA basic bitches…

so we head back down to watch the 4th quarter of the game and it’s close… we take the elevator and go through the players tunnel instead again, just because that is some boss type shit… and then I see this in one of the hallways…

I stop and say damn… I think I’ve seen that logo before?

since the staples center has opened, I’ve only got to walk through this players entrance maybe less than 10x ever… so I had to take a pic


so it got really close towards the end…. but we pulled it off and the clippers won by 4… Me and Duval head back over to the players entrance/locker room to wait up for Rasual to chill for a bit and shoot the shit and I run into some Black Wall Street fam, some old high school alumni and then my homey Roccett… Blake Griffin strolled by and said what up and was talking about iced out G-Shocks and shit…. then Rasual came thru and we decided to shake across the street to LA Live for this Magic Johnson party at the Conga Room…. as we were walking to the Players only Valet, I get walked up on by someone and I’m like who the fuck is getting this close to me?(I see something in my peripheral vision, but we’re in the players only valet!) and then I hear a “WHAT UP FOOL?” AND GET SHOULDER BUMPED… so I turn around and it’s my homey Baron Davis aka 2EZ lol… I was like damn man… so me and BD chop it up for a second til Rasual’s driver gets ready…

Rasual has the seat of his maybach put all the way up to where nobody but a kid could sit up front, so I had Duval sit there lol… we’re only goin across the street, I sat in the back chillin….

if you saw this from the side, you would be laughing, I mean literally the seat was ALL THE WAY UP!

so we head over to LA Live and it’s just not my scene at all, Duval is tired, it’s loud and Rasual is there to support his homey, so I chop it up real quick with him and his manager, we talk about connecting the dots with LRG/Supra, networks, overseas and OF COURSE…. JEWELRY…. I say let’s continue this conversation over dinner and that’s what we’re gonna do tonight instead in a quieter area.
as we go to my car, I thought that bitch got stolen and got happy for a second, because then I can go ahead and cop a new one and get a different color (that’s what insurance is for!) but I realized I parked on a different floor…. but on the way to my car, we found Duvals car, shit I didn’t even know he drove to the game earlier before I picked him up….

funny thing is as soon as we walked passed that smart car…. I said hold up and he already knew what I was gonna say…… haha

so I drop the homey off and head to the trap…. got court in the morning for a bullshit ass ticket I got in the lambo for exhaust? I don’t even have the car anymore… whatever though…
when I got home… I took a pic of my newly acquired and latest addition to my 1000% family…. Andy Warhol X Medicom 1000% Kubrick


y’all have a blessed day… and MAKE IT A GREAT DAY!

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