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I swear this shit is crazy… Business is almost at the best I’ve ever seen it since we started this IF brand. Baby on the way and is healthy… our new home is great and cozy and I literally have everything I want and a great wife.


my best friend Jonas isn’t around to enjoy all this with me. shit is crazy. it’s been almost a year since his passing and besides his immediate family, I think me and his other bro Kevion are still in shock. I think about my guy every day. like damn, anytime I do something fresh or see something cool or just do anything good or even bad, I hit my dude up. No matter what shit is going on in either of our crazy lives, we always send out a text or something to send a sign out that we alright… but I felt it the moment I got the call super early in the morning. I knew my boy was gone. the shit that is killing me now is that I miss a few people in my life and I think about my boy every single day when I get a free moment or whenever I see random shit. 47’s pop up everywhere and I think once I went to see the Weeknd that shit hit me even harder since me and Jonas were on that House of Balloons tape heavy…

just letting y’all know that I still got heat coming, we are busy… I should feel blessed that my life is really good and has been amazing for the past few years and to most it’s been amazing for this whole decade, but I want more from life and it’s coming along…. but you always want to share shit with your partner in crime. I have such a small circle of “friends” and a pretty large network of connects, but we go in seasons as the game changes. that’s just the game… but whenever I get overwhelmed and get off balanced, I hit my dude up and sometimes I’ll have to say sorry or he’ll say sorry… every time either me or Jonas ever apologized to each other which wasn’t often. we’d always reply to each other “friends have nothing to be sorry about” the line from chingoo one of our favorite movies…. shit’s crazy. my guy had so much to live for and as corny as it may sound, you gotta seize the day. you gotta take advantage. and somehow find that happy medium where you save some for yourself. because these people will take everything from you if you let them. but nothing worse than not being able to properly say goodbye to a loved one. always let your friends know how you feel about them, even if it sounds light or in passing… if you mean it, say that shit. let them know.

so back to work

I’ll post up Dwade’s new rose gold chain soon, my boy Q got a sick rose gold heavy 45 carat VS rose gold bracelet… and an army cat in the middle east got some dope shit too. I passed on the Aston Martin Rapide. I actually drove it for a while and was really disappointed… speaking of disappointment. the Dictator was a fucking let down. Borat killed that and even Bruno was much better even though it was very homo, it was still way funnier. this had a few moments, but I don’t know if I’d even enjoy this on dvd or stream….. speaking of more disappointments? my lakers need to step it up, but really I have to be real and know that these cats are a wrap for this season…. I feel worse for the Bulls… BUT I will be there at the Game on Friday, sitting on the floor, feet on the wood and I will be wearing some Nike’s for the first time in 8 years. fucking crazy huh? let by gones be by gones…..

aite y’all…

god bless. got to see my mom today and that made me feel great…
saw her for mothers day too and Tory Burch featured her and my sister on her website on the front page which was kinda dope….

We built the nursery already for our son… and the room is looking really fly. I have to thank Tracy Fong who runs the illest baby furniture site there is on the planet! I’ll link y’all soon.


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