lettin that bitch breathe…

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“I use to give a fuck, now I give a fuck less. What do I think of success?… it sucks, too much stress. I guess I blew up quick ’cause friends I grew up with see me as a premie but I’m not and my nuts big. I don’t know what the fuss is, my career is illustrious, my rep is impeccable; I’m not to be fucked with…. with,
shit, let that bitch breathe!”

that’s how I’m feelin….

but late last night on some positive love shit. I was bumpin Prince and listening to a classic joint and was like damn Prince was spittin!

“Until the end of time, I’ll be for there for you. You own my heart & mind, I truly adore you. If one day God struck me blind, your beauty I’d still see. Love is too weak to define, Just what you mean to me…”
“I’ll give you my time, I’ll give you my mind, I’ll give you my body, I’ll give you my time… Until the end of time”

and then…. on that same mixtape I had, some more shit hit me thinking damn what if all women thought like this?
(but this particular R&B song fucks me up because I was there when Missy was writing this intro and hook inside my car and then studio!) first verse:
you’re soo incredible…. ever since the day we became, we became so personal. Everyday that I spend with you, it gets unforgettable, everything that I did with you, I don’t regret at all…. I love everything about you…..
TAKE AWAY, the gold and platinum chains (and I’m gonna love you baby), cuz I’m gonna love you anywayyy(I ain’t in it for the cheddar) I’m not in it for, for the love of cash(you might go broke, but I) because if you go broke, I gotta make it last….


cash is cool…. but if you ain’t got love in your life, you’re empty. meanwhile, no disrespect to my hustlers out there gettin it. LOVE can be to your moms, daughter or son, not just your significant other. just sayin

man, this license plate used to mean so much to me in 1997, now I could honestly give a fuck less about it. (shout out to my brother Nic Adler for finding this pic! wow)

oh well….. let me get back to lettin this bitch breathe

p.s. am I sounding real emo? lol, like I said, I could give a fuck less! ugggggggggh!

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