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so the homey Proh from Far East Movement hooked me and my girl up with tickets to see La Roux last weekend in downtown LA…. FM is on the same label as La Roux, so he hooked it up VIP styles…
the show was dope, short and sweet but ole girl got the hipster shuffle down crazy! it was also the 1st time I’ve seen an artist bring a cup of tea onto stage and drink it in the middle of a show smh lol…

thank Proh!
had a good time, then headed over to BCD for some spicy soon tofu



so we saw papparazzi chasing after that girl from Eclipse…. I gave about less than finger fuck…
walked to Valet…..


after as said… headed west to k-town to get some grub


had some friends from out of town come visit and where do they wanna go? the grove/farmers market (NO WAY? smh) it was stupid hot!

I complained about the weekend… but I think Apolo’s complaining more lol

had a photoshoot yesterday in the outskirts of koreatown… at MacArthur Park; yes the home of notorious gang MS13 and my running grounds as a child/teen…. I haven’t physically been in that park for almost 23 years or so.
I miss the days of the Mean Streaks, uni and ultra wides…. RTD, real hip hop and of course the Radio Tron which was right across the street!


this is such a dope monument of what really this area means to a lot of people…. shit it’s been a long time since 1982 when they shot Breakin’ here and stuff.

After bumping Rakaa’s Crown of Thorns track “Mean Streak” where he shouts me out with all the OG old school hip hop shit, It put me in a rude mood…. reminiscing of the good old golden days (RIP SINE ONE, RIP ROB ONE, RIP GEO)

after the photoshoot was done…. had the photog from Norway shoot a quick pic with his fancy camera


so anyways…. my girls family had family come into town too, so we hit some sight seeing shit; hit the americana and Venice Beach…. It’s been a while since I walked down Venice Beach… Venice Beach has meant so many different things to me, from body builders to hard core street basketball (white men can’t jump) to pit bulls and of course my days of working with NIKE and the nike blue house (thanks Bee, fuck the swoosh though)

right before we all linked up…
I stopped by my old barber who I haven’t seen in over 25 years in koreatown

so we strolled down the boardwalk for a lil bit (pics are on my personal facebook, but here’s a few joints)


man…. when I was a freshman in high school, me and my cousin went to see an early screening of Child’s Play and shit was no joke and scared the hell out of us…. Actually Nic’s cousin is lightweight traumatized from Chucky and when I called homey over, she got shook…. and I felt bad, but she later took a pic with him too lol

I was supposed to go to the OC Fair today, but my fat ass has gained a nice belly, so I need to chill the fuck out and the last thing I need to do is see Deep Fried Twinkies and Oreos and a long list of other shit I can’t eat.

two fingers!
(I hate motherfuckers who say Deuces if it ain’t related to drive by shootings or gangster shit!… Oh I also can’t stand people who use the term “whatevs” THROAT CHOP TO YOU MONKEY MOUTHS!)

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