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deep as a puddle…
I will definitely do an update soon with all the amazing occurances that have happened in the last couple weeks…. this is time off and much needed. I have a great team behind me at my store and my cousins can help you while I’m handling biz with my newborn, London.

so meanwhile, I did a huge feature on the Coveteur’s site. they asked and that was an honor… I was very grateful. I’m so small time to most of the people they have already featured in the past. but Hypebeast copy and pasted the article and I love the hater comments… I laugh at them, but what makes me feel weird is losers who don’t know me, say things they hear off other haters when they do google searches for anything negative and after searching the 15th + page, they finally see things and rumors like, Hey I don’t own my store, my cousins do. really? he doesn’t own any of the jewelry or cars. does that even make sense? I do lease vehicles, but the last few whips and most of my crazy cars I owned. get shit right. I mean even get it a little right. don’t be completely totally off dipshit. got the title to my bentley, already stated that here a couple months ago, owned the R8 outright… owned my big exotics in 2004-2006 because I had an exotic/luxury rental business that I owned. back to IF and Co. nobody else posts on here. no ghost writers, no front man, no ghosts or fronting period. it’s 4 main guys left and 3 of us are partners. I am one of the co-founders. this is my site. nobody else has access to it.

I read the silly ass comments, I don’t even know who or how got my info or put that out there, but they’re off. I don’t make that much per year, but I’m worth more than that. all that needs to be said. I’ve been around a long time now. Been in LA, NYC and SF longer than most celebs or rappers or entertainers have and I’ve somehow remained relevant in my respected fields. I never really followed anyone, I did my own thing and trends happened. fact.
now as for college ball?
I posted pics from when I played NCAA football and basketball, so I thought I’d refresh this dummy ladeep’s comment as to knowing me and knowing my friends? I have like 5 friends in life and 1,000,000 acquaintances. real shit

whoa! click on that pic, that must be a TOTAL COINCIDENCE! no way! there must have been a Brandon Yang who played basketball the same years I went to San Francisco State University! OMG, he wore #42 too????? the same # I wore since my freshman year in high school when I was all city and all conference? matter of fact, that # is tattoo’d on me. yeah, must be a coincidence, I lie too much right?
I’ll exaggerate to make some stories sound good, but my life is crazy. period
my nick name was Yang all time about 1994, then it was Baller because my assistant coach Brian Fogel (who coached at Cal and played ball at SMC(teammates with steve kerr) and Sonoma State gave me that name “Baller” and it stuck….
you now look so fucking stupid to have made up that entire post/comment to try to tarnish what doesn’t matter to some fucking losers. lol

oh and gangster? in a gang? which one? I grew up in a crip hood. no surprise there. but you said car club and then I thought, wait? what car club lets people borrow cars, cars worth over $100,000 to over $250,000? like everyday? for years? nobody. I pull up to places all over LA often in my cars. I know what it costs to rent a phantom or flying spur speed or M5 or R8, it’d be over $40,000 a month on some of those cars….
back to the gang and the clubs…
I’m a member of the notorious Cocky Ridaz. and we’re the most respected and deepest motorcycle crew in LA and if you run around south central and the west side, then you’ve seen the big red C’s all over the place…..

people confuse us for a gang because we act like hooligans and 90% of my crew are felons, but they all good peoples. they all got my back too.
you got me all the way confused dude. but a lot of people do. I just so happen to be at home chillin, so I have some time to straighten out a clown like yourself. in fact you can call up beverly hills rolls royce or platinum motorsport and ask them if I ever purchased any cars. I don’t pay them to lie for me, if I was broke, how could I?

go hide behind that name or other names you nerd.

I got a legacy to pass down to my son now.


p.s. I have been respected in the streets of LA for years. decades now. I grew up in the streets, FYI I HAVE NEVER BEEN ROBBED IN MY LIFE…. you see me with 1/2 a mill in ice and no security. when dudes get robbed out here, 75% of these guys or people tied to them hit us up to help them out…. I got love and the streets show love back. ok, I gotta go return my day date II which I would never sell because I don’t own and wear everyday smh lol


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