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Now this is where they really take it to the next level (next thing may be toothbrushes or other daily essentials). L-R-G has stayed on top of the game with their accessories whether it be camera cases for the IPHONE or random collabs (i.e. monster cable to casio to tmobile sidekicks to suzuki to dyson vacuum cleaner to….. etc etc) and now they are making their own line of equipment and accessories from laptop cases to phone/media cases to wallets to back packs to duffle bags to watches to portable speakers to flash drives to the TAKEOVER! I got a few things last month and I’ve been meaning to post them, but I wanted to test drive everything first…. and WOW, this shit gets my stamp of approval x 1000!

so anyways…. lets start off with this crazy ass X-Mini capsule speaker…

this shit is crazy! I know it’s been blogged last week or so and many of you saw it at agenda, I’m very proud of you fucks, but my 1st hands on experience with it was yesterday with my blackberry and WOW, this shit is VERY LOUD! it’s perfect, I mean ideal to travel with instead of using any other speaker system and perfect for your hotel room. It charges by using any usb port and plugs in with a universal stereo plug which fits into an ipod or any mp3 player, phones, laptops, psp’s, etc… but you can screw it open to make the woofer/tweeter breathe better and it actually puts out a decent amount of bass! This is definitely coming with me to Vegas for S.L.A.T.E.

NEXT UP…. L-R-G has done the collabs with Casio with their G-Shock line, did a very rare Frogman edition even and it’s hitting for almost $1,000 on ebay, but they started their own line of watches and these shits are fresh and of course I grabbed the murder all black one. it’s got a 44mm case and I think I’m gonna have to flood this bitch out with black diamonds just for the cause! the design is super clean and to keep it funky, I’m gonna wear this watch often! I took some pics, but remember, I’m not a photographer, I’m just using a point and shoot…. peep game


and you already know, L-R-G’s presentation with everything is no joke… they set the precedent and bar to all that shit with fashion/streetwear etc…. especially with the messages (like inside the jean tag on the zipper “denim like you’ve never seen before bird” lol) check out their boxes


L-R-G has been making promo bags and backpacks for the last decade….. but this past fall, they started their real shit and I got myself an ill Military style black duffle bag, I actually got another style too that I blogged earlier when I posted up the media/phone cases…. but this shit goes hard!


and lastly a gift from my fam Joy….. something for the Stoners!

nothing new, but classic fresh for those who puff…. 1 pocket to hold ur trees,1 to hold your lighter, area for your pipe and even a pipe cleaner…. not L-R-G, but it was something I felt I needed to blog thanks Joy!

tired as hell…. finished 2 photoshoots today and a short interview for the city of Los Angeles and Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa…. I gotta link up with some fam later…. but for now I gotta finish these jewelry orders, one being for Robin McGraw…. Dr. Phil’s wife. and many other folks doing last min. valentines gifts

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