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Woke up this morn in the terrible/beautiful County of Orange and headed to the best place to get fresh gear on earth: L-R-G
lol. had to grab some earlys so I can look right on camera and rep my bro’s company and excited they finally got boxers and socks…. as my man Wale said it best, he always has fun @ L-R-G and they make high quality gear! shout outs to Jesse, Lee, Tyrone, Albie, Rich, Zach, Nick, 57even, Defarky, Millie, Whispy’s and Shea! good seeing y’all today!
this jacket was crazy! it had a james bond, quantum of solace type steelo (comes out fall 2009)

had to grab as much new ’09 denim as I could…. there’s more coming 2moro or thurs…
but I love L-R-G’s denim over anyone else’s brand out there!

and say WORDDD? K-TOWN’S ROCKING SKINNY JEANS NOW? yeh mane… L-R-G made them just enough to say no homo and I can still fit $20k in the pockets easy! lol

So after I leave L-R-G, I get a call from my homey Wale… who’s doin it big right now in hip hop and in music! His mixtape was buzzing crazy last year and he’s signed to Interscope with a lotta heat! peep out his website here: and of course his myspace here:

Wale is one of the few guys I have actually linked on my blog roll call…. He’s from D.C. and I got MAD LOVE FOR D.C. and B-More and the NOVA area…. anyways, my man hit me up today to get a grill made, so of course I shot up to the studio where he was laying a track down and chopped it up with my dude and figured out what to make… he’s gonna do a bottom 8 invisibly set So stay tuned…. and yo fam, have a safe trip back to the nation’s capital aka Chocolate City. y’all was blazing that cali SLOW BURN today in the lab…. CHEA!

While I was at the studio, I met a friend of Wale’s who’s also in a band and from D.C. and his band is buzzing heavy too as well! they’re called TV on the Radio… much love Dave! Nice to meet you and see you soon. How that Benz feel on your wrist?

I’m gonna eat some sashimi and relax and catch up on dexter and figure out if I need to freshen up on LOST since the season premiere is coming up….. also gotta really lock down a plan for my b-day party.

god bless!

p.s. today was a busy ass day… lot of orders, repairs and running around! JimmyBoi, I got you, Let me see the pics and we’ll make the new L2H chains bro…. and shout out to Tre, nice meeting you brodie… Dan Stay up, always a pleasure and you know who, stay out of neiman marcus!

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