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So yesterday the rain didn’t stop me or lots of people from coming to see my boy Estevan Oriol sell out whatever allotment of books he had there for sale and to autograph…. Lots of heavy hitters in attendance and CNN (not dubbCNN, but the real CNN larry king CNN) showed up to cover the event…. Joe Hahn, Bennie Boom, Danny Boy, Skinhead Rob, Joy Bryant, Nick Diamond, Rachel Sterling and many more showed up…
Me and Homicide got there early, but by the time I finished shooting some pics, all the books were sold out! damn… I love SURU, such a great location, I will be carrying my diamond IF G-Shocks there very soon….. but the night was all about the Homey Esteven Oriol and it was a great vibe. His pop’s legendary photog Eriberto Oriol was there too…. Soul Assassins always show up to support their fam’s events which I love (LOYALTY). So after flicking pics, me and Homicide cleaned up on their stock of Be@rbricks…. oh yes SURU is an official retail seller of Medicom/Be@rbricks… I had to get me some of those fresh ass Estevan Oriol x SURU tees.

Mad Love!
here’s some pics early on…

yuletide spirit! Suru’s new window display…

of course artwork/photos taken from Estevan’s LA woman….
the entire store was revamped to cater to this event. the store doesn’t look like this normally. much love to my homey Noel + Joe for showin mad love to my big homey E.

my lil sister Kim K has a feature in the book, reppin LA and FSAS gear…

Estevans dad Eriberto in action!

Estevan x Suru tees on the conveyor belt… so fresh

a few of the estevan oriol collection line tees on display for sale as well! GO BUY ONE NOW!

attendees early…. CNN news in the cut

oh yeah…. their be@rbrick display, all for sale…

Estevan & Homicide…

OG Soul Assassins… Danny Boy (dizzisit, but of House of Pain fam) + Steve – O

2 koreans + a brother…. = 3 bad ass DJ’s. me, craig & Joe

of course @djhomicide1 is on twitter smh

Estevan reppin his Wifey tee… with the homey Justene Jaro on it

me and my patna Skinhead Rob

Estevan and Super Model/Actress Joy Bryant

me and Homicide had to shake, but we missed out on seeing some of the homey’s because we’re die hard Laker’s fans so we had to catch the game at the crib… stopped to get some Dr. Pepper + Sunflower seeds and watch our LakeShow whoop on the Timberwolves…

when we got home… had to break out our come ups!
400% be@rbrick game is gettin vicious!

don’t know what I’mma get into tonight…. just trying to catch up on all these orders for xmas for IFandCo…. but I’m mad I missed out on hanging with Pauly D, the Situation + Snookie @ playhouse last night…

peace y’all…. stay warm!

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