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so tuesday night, the young gunners…. aka Sean Kingston and Justin took me to a hockey game….
I doubt Sean could name one single hockey player in NHL history, but Justin is a Canadian and knows his shit… only problem is… 1. hes a Toronto Maple Leafs(hometown) fan and 2. he walked into staples center wearing a Chicago Blackhawks(only because he likes the colors) hat lol….

so I get the call way late, was supposed to meet them at the house to drop off Sean’s brand new chain that I made him…. and a small chain for Justin, but it’s all wavy…. I’m always down for going to any game, especially when I know we’re going to be treated like Kings haha pun intended

we get there and I hop into the Batmobile and we do drive on through the VIP tunnel players entrance….

no tickets, no credentials, nada…. just only the vice president of the entire staples center there welcoming us and walking us in…. no big deal. lol…. we got walked into the founders room and chilled at the only reserved table in the room… they brought us crazy food, whatever we wanted… drinks, snacks… enough bottled water to supply EDC and we sat and chilled for a minute… no photo ops were needed by JB at all…

then the owner of the LA Kings came over and he was cool as an igloo. was super kind and his daughter was really nice too…. the players wives came by our table and I got a little networking on and they all were mesmerized by the ice that we all had on

the owners and execs of the Kings and Staples center gave us some hats and jerseys and were just extra kind, of course because of Biebs and Sean Kingston too…. I was there with JB’s childhood buddy and best friend Ryan who is also a really nice cool cat.

we sat in the owners seats; right on the glass…. section 105

there was a jackass who kept yelling and cursing, but he got taken care of, otherwise, nobody heckled Justin…. but Justin himself threw MAYBE 200 M&M’S at me throughout the game! at first, I stood up like an idiot and looked behind me as if someone was throwing shit at Justin but had bad aim… he even fooled Sean…. anways, always playing jokes and games…
but that’s cool… because when he turns 18, I’m gonna put him in the camel clutch for all the pranks and harassment he’s given me (all BS aside and I mean this from the heart, when I first met Justin, he was a super cool kid, I’m sure most of you think he’s a little shit and a jerk or whatever, but step outside and put yourself in his shoes… he’s the most famous star out there, then add being the most powerful on any social media network, crazy super rich and all those combined? and only 17??? I’ve never met a more balanced kid at even their mid 20’s….. and all my readers know that I know super stars. JB is a good kid. been solid since day 1 to me)

here’s some pics


don’t trip…. JB had a super official security guard watching over him and us

and remember Justin’s sick new caddy?

I got some close ups….


the doors open up like a Rolls Royce Drop Head Phantom convertible….

he got JB logos on each side too

and he got the super super bright HID headlamps

JB’s been so fucking cool and copped a few pieces of custom jewelry already…

so I’m giving him this later today…..

it tells the time…. and will keep his wrist on froze…

a gift is a gift though right?

oh speaking of gifts…

thanks again to the LA Kings owners and Staples Center team for all the Kings Memorabilia and again for the super duper hospitality!

let me squeeze this in….
I lost my camera a few days ago… so all the pics are being used via my phone
but I made this custom Virgin Mary charm with a diamond bezel for my boy J at

super clean!
I’m gonna have to make a few more of these

I been running myself ragged! for real. the busiest 3 months of my life and being busy in this recession is a blessing! I have a shit load of orders to finish and then we got the holiday rush coming, so I need to keep it solo dolo with the wifey for a week or so and just let my team handle the rest for now.

god bless


thanks to Justin again for all the followers lol

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