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this post is not about US or ME, because that would be way too obvious….

but this week has been Korean week!
from Miami and Hawaii….

let’s just get it on without any extras….


this kid I met in Vegas almost a year ago and lives in Miami hit me up a couple weeks ago to get something custom made…. he had a very decent set up jewelry wise when I met him, so I was impressed (reverse racism lol) He wanted to get something made in yellow gold and so we hooked him up with our trademarked medium sized 14k and VS diamond Dog Tags…. over 12 carats total and everything iced out from top to bottom to sides…..
on the back, we did special laser engraving with his daughters name in Korean…..
thanks for your business. Ang Yong


this cat above wanted a black and white diamond G-Shock 6900 and wanted an affordable black diamond pinky ring so we hooked him up with a nice size center stone rock and PVD’d the fuck out of it! much love to koreans in Hawaii gettin it in!

and to keep it korean…. my homey IZ gave me this tee and I won’t even say where it’s from… if you’re korean then you know and it’s obvious…..

this is our “Goodfellas” I can watch this movie 1000x easy….

now you mighta seen a similar chain to this one we just made, key word “SIMILAR”


only thing is… the dude who you mighta seen a similar chain to the one above and sings that black and yellow song got one that isn’t real lol…..
this one right here???? defffff! chain is very ill…. doesn’t even need a charm.
we made this for our homey NBA player, Nick Young who has been fuckin with us for a while now since he was at USC….
chain is heavy, 14k and 30″ and a 1 of 1…. with that satin finish yellow gold!
he’s not korean, but he copped from some koreans haha

I’m currently in the Bay Area until tomorrow and then I shake out to Las Vegas til ?????

but before I left, I took Nic finally to Marios… shit, it’s been a good minute since I hit up Marios…. but everyone there still remembers me and it’s always busy….

I been having dreams about this…. nobody can see their Jalea and Lomo Saltado!

and this is definitely in my top 3 soft drinks in life, it’s just not readily available… but real talk, marios has the best peruvian food in the west coast hands down

aite, y’all… I’m curently rockin from an IPAD, so I won’t be doing too much writing as it’s not easy to write a lot on this thing.

oh YEH! last night I watched Lincoln Lawyer and that shit is awesome! I mean, limitless was really dope too, but damn, this shit to me was just so colddddd! way to fuck the justice system…. and it’s all in LA! go see that shit… shout out to my lil homey Ya Boy aka YB who got a song on the soundtrack and also plays during the end credits….


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