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was a smart motherfucker…..

even myself when getting into the game, I knew gold was such a crazy thing, but I never really knew knew… you see the shit in pirate movies and such, but never really does it click in until you are actually trading it or buying it heavy due to your profession (jeweler)

when I saw the movie “the Count of Monte Cristo” the count finds the hidden treasure and there’s just ridiculous amounts of gold there….. so much, he buys castles and everything you can imagine… when you add that money up now just what was in a couple wagons worth, we’re talking maybe a billion for real!

when they showed the inside of 1, just 1! of Sadaam Hussein’s hideouts before he was killed…. they showed the inside and he had maybe 500,000 bricks of solid gold, I mean huge big bricks… we’re talking yes BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN GOLD! and again, that was just 1 of his many trap houses!!!! can you imagine what duke was really worth? he could be maybe one of the only cats who was touching a Trillion!!!!! the government had to take him down. smh

so my cousin told me the year I was born… gold was $35 an oz! that was right after president nixon ended the trading of gold at the price of $35 an oz! smh… damn

so peep game….

so what do you think is inside these plastic cylinders?


about 200 racks worth of gold american eagle coins. $50 coins and on top of just them being 1 oz. each, there’s always a premium…. and remember, while your dollar is sitting underneath your mattress(where it’s stronger than any bank these days) it’s still loses value and these coins just raise up and up and up…. but the catch is, fuck a euro, fuck a GBP, gold is worth the same in Dubai, Monte Carlo, Africa…. Tokyo or Australia…. this is real worldwide currency.

so as the world becomes a shittier place to live in, economy wise, gold will remain to skyrocket…. basically the more fucked up our country gets, the better gold gets…. the better our country gets, the more gold will drop or finally stabilize… but it will never drop below like $1,300 or so even if it somehow plummets. crazy shit huh? but now the government will be taxing gold I’m sure pretty soon… auditing jewelers and others, so it’s just tougher and tougher for someone to make a fair dollar. just like back in the day when check or credit card scams were so easy to do. the government will always catch up to any hustle….. but remember, THIS HUSTLE IS LEGIT! #legal

that’s the last 10 years… I got into the game late 2005! I should have put about 60% of my life savings and just drove an escalade and chilled out until today… then cashed out and kicked it… THE LAST THING YOU WANT TO DO IF YOU GET SOME BIG MONEY IS BUY A HOUSE! the smarter thing to do would be to lease a car or buy a used low mileage car. even buying a few rolex’s is cool… but buying a house is just straight up dumb like 2 + 2 = 7.

I just have it embedded inside my brain that I will always stay liquid over having any digital money. fuck that…. like Floyd Mayweather has 200+ million in various banks…. but he got like 20 million cash sitting somewhere lol…. so again, I stay liquid…. and then I’ll freeze that liquid like my name was Norin Radd or Bobby Drake!

speaking of Rolexs….
I got a couple for sale
hit me if you’re interested… fair price
new with box and cards/papers. all legit

this is a stainless Daytona 2009 model and hard as hell to get! holla

I wish I knew King Midas… because I’d put on the ski mask and bump him over the head with a crown royal velvet bag filled with gold coins!

keep grinding
stay shining


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