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man, I know this weekend update is coming late, but I’m running late smh
first time in my blog history that I am blogging 2 weekends in one!
cool! not really. I’m just busy as fuck… but this week I don’t have a lot of work, but still running around town like crazy

here we go. right into it…

shout out to Pro Skater Nyjah Huston who is getting NBA money right now! he copped a crazy very icee and heavy bracelet!

he just won street league to add to his many trophies… and even though the kid is only 17, he’s making paper like a grown ass 40 year old! he got a sick bracelet! heavy as fuck and with big stones! no pics why? because that’s his job to show you now.

Nyjah rides for Diamond Supply co. and reps it so heavy that he got custom rugs made for one of his whips… this is in his CLS63

that same day, he was asked by the Dodgers Organization to throw out the opening pitch at Dodger stadium, so he asked me to come out and I did and we had a fucking blast!

got there and it was VIP like a motherfucker from the jump!


$1000 dugout seats and field access? #thinkblue

and the dodgers gave Nyjah a sick ass blue dodger Rawlings glove!


so we got inside… Nyjah practiced a few pitches and then it was on….

now, I haven’t sat in the dugout seats since the late 70’s. (not kidding) maybe 1981… but I know for the dodgers, that is some boss ass shit! and when you pay that much money for baseball stadium seats, they let you live!!!!

downstairs they have this dugout club that is waaaaay iller than the chairmans room at staples and they have a full cafeteria filled with hot food… GOURMET SHIT! I was like damn! carvery swag and all that! full bar and guess what? besides the liquor, everything is comped! and they had a full dessert bar. shit was crazy


we all grubbed heavy on all types of food and shit…. had cakes and pies after lol

on field, they had a VIP menu and again, all the food was comped! I’m talking grilled cheese, sandwiches, 4 cheese nachos, beverages… just pay for the liquor! crazy

I was sitting a few seats away from Larry King


posted up with the sick new polka dot supras on my feets!

we got our asses kicked, but oh well… I had a good ass time, thank you Nyjah for your business, thank you Yvonne and the dodger organization for your hospitality and VIP treatment!

got home and crashed…
woke up early and me and wifey decided to drive down to San Diego for no reason at all… just got a nice suite at the Hard Rock and the weather was cool, definitely not warm. but fuck it. different scenery and some room service and some shopping is all I wanted to do.


got there and we hit up seersucker again for a quick lunch

went over to Armory SD real quick to give my man Cros1 a shout out

Cros1 got a little boutique in downtown that carries graf supplies, gear and hip hop culture shit and if you want to get your wig cut, you can get a fade there too because he has a couple barbers cutting up….
Cros1 is a big deal in the B-Boy hip hop community…. props and salute to you my G!

then relaxed back at the hotel while watching man on a ledge on on demand (what a mistake. this movie is lame AF)

went over to the horton mall and got some things… I actually found a dope pair of vans and some ill skinny pants…
my boy Lil Jon was djing at the hotel pool party, but I was in no mood to hang out down there and I was also in such a chill mood….

so we had Nobu for dinner

got in a great meal….

then the server overheard that we were having a baby, so they laced us

called it an early night, but man. I WILL NEVER STAY AT THE HARD ROCK HOTEL ON A WEEKEND EVER AGAIN! smh, nothing but teens or youngins actin a fool til 4am and I know that’s how I was, but damn…. I’m only staying there on a week night from now on. damn

got up and of course we did the room service breakfast
as I was eating breakfast, I see my sister’s mug on the front page of

later, we headed downstairs to Mary Janes for a little snack/lunch

the food was pretty good!

after that, we headed out to Fashion Valley Mall to check out some stores…. nothing really to cop. Hermes was closed so that sucked… shook there and back to the gaslamp.

get a text from my boy Steve Aoki that he’s djing intervention at the hard rock, so I walk downstairs from our suite and right onto stage with him and his crazy ass and he KILLED that crowd. so crazy how big he’s gotten. damn… I remember blogging his early DJ career and now it’s official, he’s an international celebrity dj. congrats fam


this crazy son of a bitch did a 30 foot jump off the top of the stage, the ROOF of the stage! smh…
anyways, shit got to crazy so my old ass left…

watched some NBA playoffs and took a nap, then we headed over to Flemings to get dinner because that’s so easy to do… was gonna try Bice’ and then head over to this sunday night club with my boy Susu, but I got burnt out…

san diego is cool, but I feel like these girls styles are stuck in the late 90’s to circa 2003 smh

Monday, we shook back to LA early. like 9am early to avoid any traffic or any fuckery….
got on the block and same ole shit… my wolf gang lil homies doing gay shit and getting that cheddar


I posted a video of these cats acting foolish in the back of their store on my viddy profile. (btw, I love viddy. I just need to record more videos, dope app for sure!)

NOW, GOD BLESS ALL THE SOLDIERS WHO DIED FOR THIS COUNTRY AND WITH MEMORIAL DAY COMES A VERY SPECIAL PIECE OF JEWELRY I MADE FOR A HARDBODY SOLDIER, A MARINE WHO IS CURRENTLY IN THE MIDDLE EAST…. he spent his hard earned money on a very meaningful piece of ice from us…. he gave us the artwork and we of course put it to life!


the artwork and then the mold we made…. and then piece came out incredible and icee and very heavy much love Justin, salute and stay up homey! on tuesday, I got a nice little gift, some Yeezy 2’s and I won’t say anymore about them because it’s supra all day and I’m not tripping like these other cats are about these what I will say is that my boys from Boxed water also left me a nice shipment of h20 when I came home

if you know, then you know last wednesday was the 1 year anniversary of my best friend Jonas’s passing…. I went out to see the fam and chopped it up with our fellow team scumbag brother Kevion… our circle was tight small, but our love and family was pretty big (understand me?)

Kev laced me with some ill memorial tees


I’m pretty sure you can buy the baseball tee on the right, but the one on the left was only for fam/friends….

FINALLY, FINALLY got to eat at short order with Kevion and his little brother (crazy how fast these kids grow!)

the food is top notch swag for a burger joint. loved it and the milk shakes are great and they got liquor

thank you kevion, you made me feel a lot better and let’s not let too much time pass again… one love bro

on the same night, I had drinks and apps with my friend Tina aka Bag Snob (HUGE blogger) who invited her friend Hillary who is the founder of and they are probably one of the most powerful fashion websites on the planet. period. those 2 together? fawkk lol… how many people can you say you know personally that have a handbag of THEIR OWN coming out under the Hermes brand?????? damn…. and she’s asian! korean and chinese! killing it!!!!! so we talked about all types of shit and how we could network and things and I’m excited to always build my network of grinders out there bigger and stronger

bag snob brought out her $50,000 Hermes exotic orange ostrich skin birkin bag like me bringing out some vans smh….

so dope. damn…. I have to step up my wifes bag game heavy!

so thursday I drove up to Camarillo, CA to sit down and finish my watch design for my official watch being released under NEFF. this collab is going to be so awesome. I am so excited for this. I’m more hyped about this over anything else I got going on this year. not the birth of my son, but even more hyped than my reality series show…. gonna have full page ads coming out and billboards and a short tour of in stores to promote…. FYI the price point of 3 of my watches will be around $40 to $45 dollar which is amazing because I’ve never had anything in even the $1000 range for my fans and followers… these will sell out, so stay tuned! now the gold colored ones made of steel will be in the $100 range, but just hold tight, more info coming soon for sure.

I finished the design which is good and we’re set for a holiday release this year for 1 or 2 of my designs and then next year full blow right around end of summer time!

posted with my boy Tal who works over there now at NEFF at the NEFF headquarters in the head honcho; Shauns office. much love y’all!
btw, painting was done by the homey Mad Steez

after I shook there…. I stopped off in Calabasas right quick to visit my boy Scott Dissick who has some cars for sale…
checked out this new fisker karma on 24″s and his G55 which is in excellent cond.

the price is right too!

Friday, I didn’t do shit but stay in traffic… went over to check out some more whips over at CNC motors and found a couple, but nothing I’m crazy about. I have to wait but inside 45 days I will have a new car so until then…. sigh….

Saturday, I went over to the Topanga Mall in woodland hills and damn that mall is pretty nice too! bought my wife a bunch of things and found a few things for myself, but more dope little things for the house… I will def check that spot out again…. had a delicious lunch there at the Neiman Marcus cafe… checked out some new rolex’s and found out damn….. ROLEX HAS MADE AN OFFICIAL PRICE INCREASE! 8%-12% up! SO DAMN, you have about 2 to 4 days max to buy one at the current price, but by the 8th they should be set in stone with that higher price increase

headed over to the grove after to just walk around… and then after got an early dinner at Robata Jinya and we haven’t had that in months. BUT damn, that shit was great!!!! so good! missed it man… speaking of missing things….

got some really shitty news.
found out that we lost another brother….
my boy Chris aka Lewda aka Lewds Crooks
from the Crooks n Castles fam
 so sad…. I just was with dude a week ago and we talked a couple days prior to his death. so young and such a great person. I’m sick inside still. damn

here’s a great pic of me and Chris and Dennis at the Crooks booth at Agenda show early this year….
you will be missed brother. I always make sure to tell my loved ones that I love them, don’t care if it sounds gay to you young ass dumb fucks, but make sure you tell your family and friends how you feel because that last hand shake or huge could really be the last time you see or touch them. life is too short


that fucked up my night as it should and really messed up my head still… had to shake it for a temporary moment as I had to fly to vegas real quick for the JCK jewelry convention…. this is a convention where you have to wear a suit. always better to be over dressed than under dressed as you are dealing with folks and deals in the 5 figure to 7 figure range….

(had to change shoes after like 5 hours because my feets were killing me!!!)

so was up early Sunday around 7am getting ready and then headed over to the Mandalay Bay to get it in after a quick breakfast with my cousin Steve….
the convention was bigger than Magic or other conventions that I’ve been to and the crazy part about all of it is that there is over a billion dollar of merchandise in that building. that is mind blowing… upstairs in the luxury sections there were booths that had 40 to 60 million dollars of loose stones in their display cases!!!!!! one booth had 20 carat each VS1 I color matching earrings!!!! even at I color that’s over a million dollars cash in each ear!!! it wasn’t a place where you break out your camera, so I don’t have pics, but I was there to find some loose small melee diamonds and some new machines for our store and just be seen…. had lunch at the Noodle shop inside mandalay and it fell off, that place used to be good. now? just not so much… it was ok though, better than the snack shop food court food…

took a quick break to play $25-$50 hands of black jack to lose a few hundred dollars just so I could sit down and kill some time… then went back into the show…. after the show, me and my cousin steve fucked around playing roulette and slots and watched the Celtics/Heat game and then headed over to Michael Mina’s Strip Steak restaurant to get our Waygu on…. it was pretty official….

Celtics won a close one so we were happy. I shoulda bet them to win because they were getting 2 points at home and I was so mad I didn’t…. crazy to see Lebron foul out and have the most dumbfounded looking face on lol…

shoot to the airport to catch our late ass 11pm flight back home… and I can’t tell you, when we landed at LAX, I was so happy to be home man. damn

slept in for about 9 hours and recharged and woke up from a phone call from my brother Pusha T who was concerned about the whole Chris situation…. on the whole other end. my boy Drake shouted out Chris so that was big… this whole beef between them is dumb as fuck. part of me wants to talk to Wayne or Drake about it, but whatever… Pusha don’t subliminally talk shit about cats…. that wasn’t directed to them and if the shoe fits then maybe they should be mad. but they all my dudes. just sucks. but that Exodus video that Pusha put out is hard as fuck! and that’s just what is really going on outside Pusha’s door in his neighborhood… no actors.

speaking of videos, I just shot a cameo today for Far East Movement’s new video “Turn Up the Love” and had a bunch of running around to do….

tomorrow I have to rep for my uncle Ice T for his new movie the “Art of Rap” and then jump on stage with my fam Far East and LMFAO at staples ceneter

everyone have a blessed day. damn that’s about 10 + days of blogging there….

I will post the new vintage frames x IFANCO collab probably tomorrow!
some new Supra shit and announce my collab with Jugrnaut in chicago soon too!


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