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yep, finally more of a lifestyle blog… my christmas blog isn’t gonna be anything much but a big long shout out thank you to so many people! AND A WHOLE LOTTA PICS!!!! this is almost a week late, but better late than never…
“they say time is money, we’ll spend it together”


not a bad way to start out the new year huh?
Hublot Big Bang Evolution with perfectly machine set VS diamonds all over, total of 5 carats

next up some more jewels (only a select few made it, because I really have about 60 more pics to post in this blog alone!)


now that is 1 super detailed ass 3-D sunflower! made for a girl and damn… shit came out hard!

and another piece for the same client…


but this is for his son and this shit is HARD! fully 3-D giraffe piece made with yellow gold (we matted it) and black diamonds for the spots

a clean ass custom designed VA for my boy’s girl

a black gold with white diamond wedding band from a wife to her husband

of course we made some 18k jewelry….

they look the same, but damn these are much heavier!

some custom made in house swag diamond hoops….
we french pave’d these (french prong)
these came out really nice!

and for my moms?????


we had to ice out her cartier frames! I couldn’t get a good pic in her shop, but they’re piff!

how about a swag champ accessory for an xmas gift?

yeah buddy…. that blue…. the 55 goyard duffle. ugghhhh

so last week before I left for the bay, I got in the studio with my boy HIT BOY (Surf Club, produced the smash hit “Niggas in Paris”) and he was making a couple beats for my YP out of the southside of Chicago….. the beat they chose that night was fucking magnificent for real! but the studio was really old and super vintage feeling, so I took pics of course


shit made me want to get back into the music game!

and the next night right before me and Nic left to the Bay, I hit up the Roxy to see my brother Nic Adler and finally see my lil homies ODD FUTURE do their x-mas show! and shit went a little too crazy, but I won’t get into that…. I will get into some pics


thanks Nic for the love and the VIP table! STILL THE BEST TABLE IN THE HOUSE!
“in damage done” from lennon to lou and now tyler to you lol…. JK!

so then at the crack of dawn we shot up to the bay in the CTS-V and MAN! that shit moves! but the only problem is we had to stop for gas 2 times on the way up! but that shit drives smooth like my M5 and it didn’t even feel like I was doing 100mph at all

so we got there and checked into the only 4 star hotel in the area…. smfh. that shit was a legitimate 2.7 star, I really can’t even call it a 3 star.

this was the highlight of their room service, I’ve had better desserts at jack in the box and I’m not kidding…. paid $129 a night and I’ve stayed at better hotels for less and I’m embarrassed to post pics of the room…..

woke up and this made it even worse

and so I’m like wtf? how or why is it so cold in the bay? I’ve lived there for 5 years and it never got THAT cold…..
so Nic says, lets take a drive! lets take some pics!!!!
shittttttttt damn

so we did

and then, we made our own poster for the asian version of Twilight


after that, we headed into the city of pleasanton and went to the Stoneridge Mall, I needed a basic sweater…. but after an hour, I couldn’t find shit! but I did get stopped 6 times to take pics with some cats who knew who I was…. was nothing weird to me and I’m used to it now, but that’s weird to me that I’m used to it lol….

my ass took a quick nap and then it was on!
Nic’s family always has the best family christmas gatherings…. my fam is all spread apart and since my pops passed my moms went to hawaii and I had such a good time last xmas, I wanted to make it a routine thing!

she has a big family…. and that’s not even 1/2 of the presents!


a gift from nic’s parents…. and we were gonna put this on our wedding registry, but damn! haha, this is the most swag toaster oven (shit you get excited about when you get my age)

we drank and kicked it all night, but no magic mic….
woke up early to my favorite part of xmas day!


MAN! I love me some longanisa! and I only have it once or twice a year max! that with some fried egg and garlic rice? lol…. even the bottle of maggi at their home is magnum sized!

we drove home the next morning and didn’t waste anytime…. we get on the 5 and after about 45 min in, we hit a gang of traffic! and i’m thinking isn’t everyone at the mall shopping? smh…. fuck me. I almost had 3 anxiety attacks because 1. I hate driving longer than 1 hour and 2. I hate traffic when there aren’t bathrooms readily available or hospitals or food or gas lol…. we had to stop 4 times for gas! damn….

finally got home and then me and Nic had our own gift exchange (just a small one)


for her….



for me…. actually shit I’ll use even though I don’t rock much Louis these days

and then…… a whole bunch of more xmas gifts from friends

thank you Rusty for the 30 + iphone4 cases! and the macbook pro sleeves!
much love to Speck products again!

now for some kicks….


thank you Q Worldstar for the fresh kicks!


thank you Javiar and Coltrane for the fly Heineken x Android Homme kicks! talk about presentation! sheesh!


thank you Jason aka Renee Renee! for the fresh ass Marc Jacobs Native rain boots! too fly!!!!!!

and the best kicks I save for last….


NOW YOU’RE TALKING MY LANGUAGE! this is my type of shit…. classic, black, leather, OG shit… I love these joints and thank you Eddie, James and KB for the UNDFTD gear! mad love for all the love shown in the last 17 years for real! so crazy, looking forward to our collab in 2012!

I really wish I could post all the jewelry gifts we made, but some didn’t want them shown and some I couldn’t take because I was soooo busy we had to rush them shits out!

but what gift could fuck with this?

NOTHING! haha, removable belt clip son!

oh yeah!

thank you IMAX for the black card… now I don’t ever have to pay to see an IMAX movie at any IMAX theater in america…. and you know I watch a lot of movies! this shit is amazing! thank you so much!
thank you Complex mag for the gift card, much love to the whole staff!

thanks for reading this dry ass blog!
mad love!

I have had maybe the best year of my life, no joke. the best year of my entire life! and I can’t wait to bring in 2012! everyone please be safe…. I decided to stay in town and I’m just gonna bring it in with some friends and get a big ass suite somewhere nice and chill and eat comfort food and drink rose’!

SEE YOU IN 2012!

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