KAWS XX Hennessy

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a lotta cats are posting their pics of their new quickstrike bottles of the Hennessy x KAWS collab,

but are they posting the pics of them with their KAWS art?

or their 4fters?

or 1000%’s?

some close ups


thank you Coltrane! thank you Jane!

thank you team Epiphany!

too bad, i’ll have to wait to cop some other bottles… this one is being kept in the collection!

so I want to post some jewels too…

we made a solid gold piggy bank…

with diamond eyeballs

I don’t know if it was the angle or lighting, but I couldn’t get the writing of “Rich Little Piggy” out too well, but it’s lasered on there perfectly!

not made for anyone in particular. just a store piece, something clean and simple…. sort of a korean thing with how we give these to kids on their 1st birthday.

should have some cool shit to show you guys soon.


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