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thats what I’m going to name this weekend wrap up!
I mean, break my heart weekend (weakened) smh…..

but let’s start with Friday….

and let’s start with some work

I have to mention…. I did not have my s95 camera all weekend…. so it’s all iphone 4 pics
nothing major


nobody is really ordering shamballa type bracelets anymore…. but they’re ordering these. (well those who have the $ for it are) and this is a 5 row prong set heavy gold bead bracelet made with VS diamonds…
this is pretty much as good as it gets, white on white and real diamonds, real gold. not some kiosk shit you are seeing on a lotta “entertainers” smh
this was actually a gift from 1 friend to another

and then….
my boy Sean Kingston’s grills were done….

he got his 7 bottom teeth molded and done….
why 7? he lost part of the 8th tooth from that jet ski accident that he almost lost his life from, thats why. god bless him and much love again to Sean….

went up to the studio to link up with Justin Bieber…..
the kid is a class act at 17. I’m sure everyone thinks that he is a bratty punk, but honestly JB has been nothing but cool as a polar bear everytime we’ve talked. much love to my bro Kenny who was also there and shout out to Alfredo….. so JB got his shines on…. you’ll have to wait for him to show it, I said I wouldn’t post any pics…. but the grill is CLEAN!

you know what isn’t clean? lol
Ryan Good (part of Biebers camp) got himself a solid gold cap and wanted me to beat the cap up and make it look dull, not shiny…. so we ran it through some machines… I threw a little bit of a satin finish on it and…..

he got his hillbilly swag on now! haha

After leaving the studio…..
Bieber showed me a lot of love and put me up on his instagram

I appreciate it lil homey…..

checked his IG 2 days later….

Bieber has a fan base like nothing I have ever seen before, not with anyone I’ve ever dealt with EVER…. and I know a LOT of famous people. but the only person I can think of that has fans like this would be MJ or Gaga. crazy. and I appreciate the love JB and his whole camp and fans have showed me.


left there and headed to the Diamond Supply Co. release of their new footwear line

this is their first footwear line period…. they’ve done a few collabs that were very successful, but this is their own actual shoe line…. and they had a party to celebrate the release….

along with the shoes…. they also released:


backpacks… for back to school….. or in my case. back to grind!
Diamond Supply Co. > Jansport (real talk) very comfortable!

and then….. for the cooler weather coming

these are always a must for me from Oct to March…. I love beenies

later on in the evening, it got really crowded in there and then the punk ass bitch ass LAPD stopped the party at 10:30pm…
but I was long gone by then….

again, much love to my boys and the entire Diamond Supply familia.
they have been killing it so crazy this year!

on Saturday, basic grind time shit…. some more jewelry being made in progress….
but I had to get ready to see what this KAWS show was all about!
KAWS is currently at Honor Fraser Gallery showing his “HOLD THE LINE” exhibit….
and I was chatting with a friend who was with Brian(KAWS) on wednesday night and she was chatting back and forth with me to him and him to me…. and he said he has 8 foot companions for sale at the show!!!!!!! I couldn’t wait to see them…. then my boy Eddie Cruz posted a pic of them on friday! I was like OMG and I never use that bullshit ass gay acronym, but OMFG!!!! lol….

so I get there early… right at the opening…. parked illegally… walk in and BANG! DAMN! sigh…..

I just got so sad….. I asked the manager of the gallery and she told me that the entire show was already sold out.
the thing is, I have been following KAWS since around 2001 and knew about him even earlier because of Eddie Cruz and I didn’t really have a few thousand dollars to just throw around back then…. so by the time I got money to just spend on art, I was already deep in gold and I just kept it to his sculptures and toys….

the show was small…. like 4 rooms, maybe 4.5 rooms…. so here’s some pics


 just an FYI… the small 20″ diameter tondos(circles) were selling for $14,500 and again, his whole show was sold out.

I remember when his smaller pieces were selling for $2,000…. not anymore…. crazy.

but not as crazy as this:

so I see Kaws there, we chop it up for a minute…. he’s actually with my boy Stavros and I ask him… so what was the price on the 8 footers? he said $130,000 for the regular and $160,000 for the dissected (damn) and I remember his 6 foot Chum was hitting for like $75,000 a year ago…. he has a grey dissected 8 foot companion for $160,000, but If I came home with that in my tiny ass place… um someone would be very mad lol

shout out to my boy Dr. Darren Romanelli… who I’ve known since 2003…. when I worked for NIKE…. we were supposed to do a collab back in the day then with Methamphibian… but never did…. then we were gonna do something with the jewelry, but I think we might get it in soon! always good seeing you fam.

back about Nike. they released the air mag and I don’t really care about it. I think it’s great because it’s for Michael J Fox, but they’re milking that for him…. but again it’s for a good cause. everyone was all hyped about the 1st pair selling for like $75,000 or so and cats were like, yo Ben’s ebay record is gonna be crushed…. I was like okay, well it’s a charity beating another charity auction… but nobody has beat my $329,000 auction yet….. and then I find out from my friends inside the business that. MY AUCTION WAS NOT DEFEATED! the shoes were auctioned off live for $37,000 and technically beat my s0lerebel AF1’s, but that wasn’t on ebay so too bad #AMC! I still got it.
them shoes are lame, most of these cats thirstin over these weren’t even born when the 1st back to the future came out…. and of course the obvious…. no auto laces. shoe is lame, anyone wearing these aren’t stunting… the hype already died down big time. they went from ending auctions at $10,000 to now them averaging $2,600 which some Yeezy’s or Jordans go for… but much love to Michael J Fox, I used to be a big fan of the dude when I was growing up….

lastly, people hit me up all the time asking me “how do you do it Ben?” and I tell them 99 out of 42 times, “I don’t know, If I knew, I would be doing other shit right now”…. the thing is, I really don’t know how I do things, I just do them. most of the time in no special specific way or order, I just do it and if people dissected how I did things, I think they wouldn’t like how I operate most of the time, but then again, at the end of the day; I GET THE JOB DONE! don’t worry about how unorthodox I do things, how I get shit done, just worry about the fact that the end result is it gets done. period. done well. the process in between can be ugly, but don’t ask questions…. don’t worry. I deliver and I don’t concentrate on a formula.

but I love all you guys who read this blog. I appreciate everyone who comes up to me and reads this on a regular.

OH YEAH! I got an email from my big homey Mister Cartoon who is in Thailand right now tattooing and him and Hunter were like; you should compile a list of your favorite restaurants in LA, sorta like how you did your top 100 movies list….. so I think I’m gonna do that and break it down to types of food…. sounds like a good plan! thanks Hunter, thanks Toons!

p.s. a funny joke I read from my boy DJ DON CANNON’s IG last night
A guy goes to the bank and says he wants to borrow $200 for 6 months. the Loan officer asks him, “what collateral do you have?”, guy says “I have a rolls royce. Here are the keys, you can keep it until the loan is paid off.” 6 months later the guy comes back and pays off the $200 loan, plus $10 for interest. Loan officer says “Here are your keys. If you don’t mind me asking, why would a man with a Rolls Royce need $200?” Guy says “I had to go overseas for 6 months, where else could I store a Rolls Royce safely for $10?”
yeahh buddy…. my kind of shit lol

everyone enjoy your week….
I’ll be posting things this week and hopefully the restaurant list.



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